Ultimate Force

Season 2 Episode 2

Mad Dogs

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 25, 2003 on ITV

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  • some wars do not require a rifle

    This seems to be the reality for some people in the field of less then open warfare. This also shows that even though there aren\\\'t explosives, that the mentality of non-war applies. Troops are still thrown in the thick of things and sometimes giving your life, or throwing it away is an alternative. Becoming the shield for your troops and do that what you vowed to do is a good thing, but it does feel a little bitter if it doesn\\\'t bring death, but to be cast out of the game, and can he who makes that choice realise that?

    Seem valid question, and this episode doesn\\\'t answer them completely, but it shows you decently enough that these are some of the thoughts that plague us all.