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  • Should have stopped after 2.

    Seasons 1 and 2 are pretty good and enjoyable, seasons 3 and 4 are abysmal.

    During 1 and 2 -the show wasn't 'realistic' per se but it was 'grounded'; with 3 and 4 came slow motion matrix gun play and long drawn out fire fights.

    In 3 and 4 they wrote their characters to exude 'convenient' ineptitude, stupidity and incompetence - like "intelligence" officers wondering off unarmed in hostile territory for no apparent reason or Stockholm syndrome that takes minutes to develop.

    Also why did they insist on showing us how bad ass red troop is by portraying irregular combatants like Al qaeda as some super bad asses themselves just so red troop could come in beat them like they are 'The chosen ones' or something?

    They sort of made police SWAT (SO15/19) and blue troop 'red shirts'.
  • Great Show!

    I love it. Not perfect but kept me interested. Didn't like the inaccurate version of american SF they used. Not even the rank insignias were american. And I didn't like the way they made the Colombian Army look. But the action was good and I love the fact the troop wasn't untouchable and perfect.
  • I Love Ultimate Force!

    So what if the acting is a bit crap! it has everything you need in a show to keep your interest.. Action, Tension and some awful cheesy jokes!

    The show in my opinion from what is known of the SAS and what people are allowed to know is very accurate and portrays the work the SAS carry out.. Sure its cheesy and over dramatic sometimes, but if it wasn't then it wouldn't make a very good show would it!?

    I've heard there will be no season 5, although i wish there was, it could be seen as a good thing as i'm a firm believer in not lettin shows become stale from to many series, and from what i saw in a few episodes in series 4, this may well have been what would happen.

    So remember the good points of ultimate force and the reasons why you watched the show before you slate it.. remember we're not americans!
  • The sad thing about Ultimate Force is that it started off not to bad but became a disaster fairly quickly.

    Ultimate Force a British action/drama which centers around a group of SAS commandos from red troop initially was a bad show, in fact it was unique. The idea and the presentation made the show one of the best of its genres and a trend setter for Military themed shows. I still think that this show had alot more character than The Unit does.

    Sadly the show turned into a one hell of a mess pretty quickly. I was noticing little things that where a probably and evidence of the shows various problems. The production values that the first series had where quite impressive and the second series had some of this to. However after the 'killing off' at the start of the 3rd series it was obvious that the show had lost it. Most of the characters who had made the show what it was left and the new ones well...they where simply awful. The acting (even though it wasn't stellar to begin with) really was terrible in every sense of the word and the outlandish plots and characters destroyed any credibility that it might still have had.

    Alot of the villains or enemies of the troop that where featured in the first and second series' where not to be seen in the last two of Ultimate Force. This also was a major factor as to why this show even started, but you can't build on a foundation of just sand can you?

    If you are still unsure go ahead and check the show out, fans of action will surely enjoy Ultimate Force.
  • Entertaining,yet I'd only recommend it to action fans.

    Ultimate Force is about an SAS unit known as Red Troop,commanded by the hero-of-the-day,Henno.They travel across the world,kicking all sorts of bad guy butt.
    Ultimate Force is far from that military drama you might expect.It's just a dumb action show ,with the SAS shoehorned in.It glamourises what the SAS do,sometimes to a cringeworthy place.The show also has little story and some very poor acting.I certainly doubt that the British Specal Forces are aloud of macho,pretty people that don't seem to take their work seriously.The show also seems to go through every clishe in the book.Aswell as some unconvincing locations,Red Troop are supposed to be travelling to far off countries,such as Zimbabwe and Columbia,but it all looks very British.
    But despite it's many flaws,Ultimate Force is an entertaining show with cool action scenes.Some episodes are very enjoyable,others are just awful.
  • Nice sci-fi!

    It seems that the one Jamie that everyone seems to talk about is Jamie Draven.. well there was also another Jamie on the show.. Jamie Bamber.

    Playing the 'Rupert' Dotsy he was superb. He's only been in the biz a short while but already he's clocked up an impressive resume.. from Hornblower as Archie Kennedy through to such plays as the Scarlet Pimpernel and in Poirot.

    He's not only a talented actor but also very intelligent (and cute of course). (He went to Cambridge and has a 1st Class MA Honors in Modern Languages.. well he can speak three of them). If you ever have chance to see him in a stage production then go.. You'll not regret it. I've just seen Dr Faustus and believe me it was amazing, so much so I had to see it twice.

    Jamie's stage presence and acting ability is overwhelming. Not only that.. he's a nice guy to. It's hard to think that the two can go hand in hand nowadays. Or maybe I'm just a cynic.

    At the moment you can catch him in Battlestar Galactica (the new one) as Apollo. He is at ease with characters from sci-fi to drama productions.

    Just one last thing, if you ever get the chance to see him or meet him, don't pass up the chance. You won't be disappointed.
  • A good action show

    All this show is really is a fast paced action show that shows the missons and tasks of an S.A.S squad.

    It shows the training and backfire and traitors and shooting things you would expect in a s.a.s team lol

    it has 4 series so far and the next one is in the makin.

    What it consists on:

    it consists of gun fights, planning, proplems, the solving of problems, bloood, traitors, allies, passing into enemy terriotry (yes, rescent events), bravery, fights of team member ....etc. u name it, well apart from humor u wouldnt expect it

    its my fave action adventure show, well worth a watch
    btw its british
  • the best tv film out {apart from LOST & prision break} they best make a season 5

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  • One of my favourite English TV series

    Ultimate force is one of my favourite TV series from England. Most of the TV series I watch come from America, meaning that I have to wait a long time to watch them. With Ultimate Force I get to watch it when it's first aired.

    I think that the series has been getting gradually worse every season as the writers seem to be running out of storys. Ross Kemp is amazing in his role as Sergeant Henno Garvie, the tough leader of Red Troop. The introduction of a female SAS soldier in season 3 added more depth to the show, however the writers use the fact that there is a female SAS soldier to often in the storylines. For anyone who has never seen the show its defintely worth giving it a try. The first to seasons are pretty good but the third let the side down.
  • The quality of the show disappeared along with half the cast.

    Gone downhill already more like. I never thought I'd see the day when I didn't like Ultimate Force. Ultimate Force was a great show. The first two seasons were great, must see viewing for me and my family every week and it was a shame when the series ended which was all too soon with there being only 6 episodes a series.

    That would be my only bad thing to say about the first two series. They were funny, had great actors and great performances, and good story lines. Ok, so it wasn\'t terribly original but made well enough that you didn\'t care about that.

    Then the third series started and you could just tell it wasn\'t going to be as good. Half the cast were killed off in the first two minutes without you even seeing them and then they brought in other new people and it wasn't half as compelling or interesting. It seemed like they just made a third series for the sake of it.

    I don\'t know what happened or why everybody left but it just wasn\'t the same. I couldn\'t warm to the new characters at all and was seriously disapointed with this series.

    But in my opinion the first 2 series are still great. Shame about the third.