Ultimate Force

ITV (ended 2008)


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  • Entertaining,yet I'd only recommend it to action fans.

    Ultimate Force is about an SAS unit known as Red Troop,commanded by the hero-of-the-day,Henno.They travel across the world,kicking all sorts of bad guy butt.
    Ultimate Force is far from that military drama you might expect.It's just a dumb action show ,with the SAS shoehorned in.It glamourises what the SAS do,sometimes to a cringeworthy place.The show also has little story and some very poor acting.I certainly doubt that the British Specal Forces are aloud of macho,pretty people that don't seem to take their work seriously.The show also seems to go through every clishe in the book.Aswell as some unconvincing locations,Red Troop are supposed to be travelling to far off countries,such as Zimbabwe and Columbia,but it all looks very British.
    But despite it's many flaws,Ultimate Force is an entertaining show with cool action scenes.Some episodes are very enjoyable,others are just awful.