Ultimate Force

Season 4 Episode 5

Slow Bomb

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 01, 2008 on ITV

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  • A well written episode that should have been outstanding, let down by the cut-shots and special effects.

    Although I loved this series I really feel that the shooting of this last episode let the writing of it, and season 4 down. The special effects were not a patch on other episodes, making both the scenes of ross kemp on a motorcycle and then hanging from a crane in central london unbelievable - the cut of shots from him being clipped onto he crane arm with a cable and then not made it so obvious, that all illusion that he could actually be at that height was lost. The quality of the green screen was also poor, with the overlighting of the background showing a clear outline around the preshot and the computer imposed.

    But I also have to say that the plot line and acting in this episode were brilliant, and at times very emotive especially the insight we are given into Henno Garvie's childhood. This story picked up and did credit to the well chosen 21st century issue of unstable nuclear control, and the shows writers should be proud.
  • One of the best episode of serise 4

    This is why i sit down and watch ultimate force beacuse its funny and got lots of action. I think Ross Kemp was amazing in this episode either with his witty lines and made me on the either the edge of my sit or holding my side with laugh well done Ross Kemp.