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BET (ended 2006)


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Ultimate Hustler

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New York City is the Backdrop for this reality series that test the buissness acumen and street creditability of 16 contestants as they fight to become BET’S Ultimate Hustler. The series but men and women thorough a hip-hop “mogul in training” program led by the mogul himself, Damon Dash. The Prize: The winner will receive a “Mogul Pak” that will include the opportunity develop the winning travel with Damon Dash as he sets around the world to promote his empire. Also they will win a Jeep Commander and a myriad of electronic gadgets. That one winner will also work within the Dash Empire on his/her winning concept.
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  • When it is revealed that the writers of "Family Guy" are going to use the Muslim prophet Character in a joking matter, the nation decides to "Bury it's head in the sand" and maybe the terrorists won't attack.moreless

    When it is revealed that the writers of "Family Guy" are going to use the Muslim prophet Character in a joking matter, the nation decides to "Bury it's head in the sand" and maybe the terrorists won't attack. he leaves on a quest to get the episode pulled with him in tow they leave. But when he learns that he wishes to get the series cancelled he tries to stop him. And fails to be continued next week.moreless
  • Awesome show, pretty good concept.

    Ok, this show is as I said "Awesome" but that isn't saying it doesn't have flaws. Like some things that they say is pretty stupid, or chessy or whatever, whatever, whatever. I love how "6" talks about how they got hardly any real electronics but Dash is popping up in a halogram. xD

    By watching this show, I think it acctually raises peoples self-esteem. I always thought I would be able to get nowhere but when I watch a episode and watch the task that they have to complete I get all hyped and I'm like "That is such a ill idea!"

    In closing, this show is good and should be watched. I hope they make another season.moreless
  • The Best Voted Off Show Ever!

    This show is awesome. It is so amazing and intense, when you watch this show it definitely makes you wanna go out and be a hustler yourself. It teaches you key points about being a hustler and shows you how you can make money for themselves. Anyone who says that the show is not original needs to watch the most recent episode and ask them that same question again. Because it is not a show out now that can top the originalty of this show. Damon Dash is the best. So in closing life is the Dash!moreless
  • Why Kira got sent home - when the choice was between Kira and Ashley

    I'm a 41 year old single parent of 4 children - I watch this show faithfully every week - I'm a college graduate and work for the government - I get my hustle on every day, to feed my children and to raise them in a neighborhood that they can feel safe in. Damon Dash, I like what he's doing for these young people - But the last episode I saw where you let the little young darkskinned sister go, I thought was wrong - I believe her name was Kira, well she basically was saying that the white girl was going to stay, because she was white - I believe Kira worked as hard as Ashley(the white girl) - Not playing a race card, because this show doesn't pay my bills - But like I said I got a college degree, a lot of motivation and I'm very intelligent - And I've seen white girls come straight out of high school and walk right over me and I showed myself to be as intelligent if not more intelligent - I've seen white girls come in to a position at a lower level than me and do the same work that I do - that I was told I couldn't do until I got to the next level - I could go on and on - Because I've been doing this for over 10 years now - I believe that Damon Dash should contact that little young sister and tell her where she messed up at, if it truly was not because he had to make a decision between the young african american sister and the white girl - Or is that why he let his boy Bigg make that decisionmoreless
  • I think I might love this show. Finally, a reality show about hiphop that entertains and sheds light on the entertainment industry without overhyping things.

    This show is like Making the Band meets the Apprentice, only Damon Dash outshines Puffy and the Donald any day. I'm so tired of the cracked out kids on the Real World and frankly, the Apprentice cast puts me to sleep bore! I've never seen characters like these and I find it refreshing. Who woulda known. I'm sticking around.