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  • Season 1
    • Episode #9 Final Episode
      The big night has finally come and its time to crown the Ultimate Hustler. The episode starts with Dame shouting out to the three finalists via hologram and asks them to prepare for their big business pitch that night at the Black Door eliminations. At dinner, Damon asks Tichanda for her pitch and she has problems with her computer. Brian helps her out- to no avail- and starts pitching an idea for her television show called “America Presents” that explores the lifestyle of a diverse cross section of people. At first, Dame is bored, but when Tichanda shows him her presentation on her computer, he livens up and shows some interest. When Dame asks her how he can make money from it, she’s not really sure. Next, Brian pitches his idea for a line of luxury departments and impresses Dash with his presentation. Dame likes the idea, but dislikes the size of profit margin. When Dashawn pitched his plan for a line of automobile surveillance equipment, Dame was interested but like Tichanda, Dashawn didn’t have a clear idea of how he could make money. Dame was not impressed with Dashawns overall lack of knowledge of the finances. Dame Dash and “106 & Park” host Big Tigger hit the stage and welcome everyone to the show. Dame shouts out the rest of the “Ultimate Hustler” cast sitting in the front row and then threw to New York radio personality Angie Martinez, who grills Tichanda, Brian and Dashawn backstage. When the finalists came out to the front, Dame and Tigger talk to them for a bit and then throw to a few memorable moments from the season like, Ray arguing with Jen, Brian winning the “Money Flip Relay” and Seven dissing Dame. After the video clips, Grafh, joined by DJ Clark Kent, spit a quick rhyme from his song “Pimp By Blood” to a hyped up crowd. At the end of the day Brian gets picked.moreless
    • Episode #9
      Episode #9
      Episode 9
      Dash announces their assignment is for each hustler to his assistant for the day at his Manhattan office. Right away Ray becomes uncomfortable because his goal isn’t to be an assistant. “Running and answering phones really isn’t my cup of tea or what I’m into” Ray says. “I have my own office and I have someone else to do that for me”. The next day at Damon’s office the hustlers meet with Dame’s real assistants, Jasmine and Texana who give them all the information they need to know to ensure that everything stays organized. They collectively decide which role each will take on for the day by drawing names from a hat. Tichanda is the personal assistant, Dashawn is the executive assistant, Ray is responsible for making runs and Brian is tasked with answering the phones. Brian quickly finds out that answering the phone isn’t as easy as it seems when tons of calls floods into him with urgent messages for Damon. When he calls Damon to tell him all of these people is calling for him, Damon says he’s too slow. Tichanda order’s Damon’s lunch from a burger restaurant and when he sees it, he flips out and says he doesn’t want it. As Tichanda scrambles to order something different, Damon yells out that he does in fact want the Burger, but it is just as Ray comes in his office chewing it. Ray then goes on a hunt for magazines and has a problem when he can’t find “Varsity Daily”. Little did he know it was a magazine that didn’t exist. The correct magazine title is “Variety Daily” but Dashawn had written it down wrong. Dame then askes if he was given the wrong information as pay-back for his less then honest dealings with the rest of the hustlers before. When it came down to elimination time, Texanna asks Ray how do you think it is being an assistant, Ray says “Its nothing”. Texanna takes that as a threat. Ray gets eliminated because he didn’t trust him. There are three hustlers left Brian, Dashawn and Tichanda.moreless
    • Episode #8
      Episode #8
      Episode 8
      In episode eight this mission is a “Money flip relay” in which Dame intends to test the hustlers’ ability to double their money individually. Each hustler gets a four hour block of time in which to take a stack of money and at least double it. When his or her four hours passes, they hand the stack onto the next hustler, who must do the same thing. Ray gets the E-mail message about the new time slots that the hustlers must pick. Instead of pulling the group together to choose which times each will take, he decides to pick his time and the others too. Dashawn is stuck with the first slot, and has the least amount of time to devise his plan. Dashawn has little luck with his street team promotion for local business idea. It was rough, but when a friend comes through to help him, he is able to flip the money to $850.00. Dashawn then passes the money off to Ray who decides to sell promotional items from a friend’s record label on consignment to record store he had relationships with. Ray was able to add $915.00 to the stack. Kira’s up next, but she was at a disadvantage since she isn’t from New York and doesn’t know a lot of people. She decides to sell clothing she got from designers to local boutiques. The owners however seems to be more interested in getting on television than actually doing business with her. Out of desperation, Kira decides to make a stop and buys a bunch of umbrellas, the rain stopped. Unfortunately Kira was unable to make any money and loss -$18 dollars, because she brought the umbrellas. Out of frustration, Kira began to head back to the house. The next person to get the money is Brian who has a friend that is a clothing designer. Brian introduces his friend to people he knew in the retail business and sells tons of clothes. A strong $1,847 later Brian passes his flipped cash to Tishanda whose plan is to auction off autographed gear. Getting off to a late start, she hits another road bump when her models don’t show up. She tries to sell off the goods and makes a little bit of money $258 from CD’s and DVD’s she had. That night at black door eliminations, Dame gets right to the point and questions Ray integrity. Because Ray had help from his friend label company and sold promotional items, Dame felt that Ray cheated. In the end, Kira is eliminated for not being able to hustle since she has made no money.moreless
    • Episode #7
      Episode #7
      Episode 7
      In this episode, Damon gives the teams a project for his America Magazine. The Syndicate and the Cakeaholics must create a fashion spread that looks good and reflects Dame’s image. Tishanda is especially happy because of her love for the fashion industry. Both teams had to find models, pick out clothes, locations and meet a tough deadline. In a preliminary meeting with the hustlers, Dash reminds Jen that she is walking on thin ice. He also tells Ray that there will be models coming to the house and that he shouldn’t try to get any phone numbers. It’s all business. That night, Ray hangs out on the stoop of the hustler’s house drinking with all his friends. When he least expects it, Dame pops up and catches him off guard. When Dash asks him what he’s up to, Ray pulls out a note pad and shows Dame that he’s been coming up with ideas for the upcoming photo shoot. Some of the Hustler’s are upstairs sleeping so Dame decides to play a practical joke on them. Going from room to room, Dame and Biggs sneak up on the sleeping hustlers and take pictures with a Teddy Bear next to them. “We wait to see who passes out first,” Dame explains. “When you pass out, we put a little “body bear” next to you and we take a bunch of pictures. That makes you a body”. Dame tried to sneak up on Dashawn, but he wakes up before Dame could put the “body bear” on him. Though he didn’t catch Dashawn with the “body bear” he did get pictures of Tishanda, Jen and Kira as they slept. The next day at the shoot, hustlers set up their shoots and aside form a few minor issues, the complete their task. It was them up to Dame to decide which spread he liked best. While they wait for the big night, Ray decides to start a modeling agency for Dame. Using Dame’s name he invites a young woman to the house and breaks the hustler code number 208; “No fraternizing on the job or you will get a charge.” That night, Dame takes a look at the pictures from the photo shoot. He hates the images that The Syndicate uses. The suit on the model doesn’t fit right and in another picture, the model is wearing an ascot; something that Dame was adamantly against the day before. “Is that a ascot?” Dame asks. “If I’m not mistaken, I ran around the office saying that I don’t wear ascots and I don’t wear turtle necks. Have y’all not been paying attention?” As far as the Cakeaholics pictures, Dame is luke warm, but it still is better the the Syndicates. Jen is eliminated at the end. So far 5 hustlers remain Tishanda, Brian, Ray, Dashawn and Kira.moreless
    • Episode #6
      Episode #6
      Episode 6
      Dame kicks of the episode with a new task for the hustlers. He sends them into the streets on a mission to deliver packages. Armed with Bicycles, cameras, Dash Mobile cell phones and a Jeep commander as a mobile headquarter the hustlers head to reach their customers and take a photo to prove they made a successful delivery. With nothing but a clue, “I put the jazz into 125th St,” the teams have to figure out where to deliver the packages. On 2 teams, Shola, Ray, and Jen are The Cakeaholics, guess it’s the legendary “Cotton Club” and Brian on the Syndicate team with Kira and Dashawn guessed it was “Jimmy Jazz” in Harlem. When Shola, Ray and the Cakeaholics get to the “Cotton Club”, the manager had no idea about the package. Another message comes over the Dash Mobile phone saying that is was the “Jimmy Jazz” club. The Second clue told the teams to race to Sean John’s office next. Shola makes it. When she gets back downstairs to meet Ray, she realizes that Jen gave her the wrong bag. When Shola goes back downstairs to get it, to her surprise Brian gets up there. When Shola and Brian ask Diddy to make the decision Sean says “He Came and filled the void” so he gives it to Brian. After they are all done with the destinations they go back to the house. At dinner, Shola and Jen get into an argument over which one of them should be eliminated and Shola says that Jen is getting special treatment from Dame because she is white. Damon then turns to his partner Biggs to make the cut, and he chooses Shola to go home. With the Cakeaholics down one member, Brian gets traded from the Syndicates.moreless
    • Episode #5
      Episode #5
      Episode 5
      Dame talks to them about the new film that he is working on. The members are all tasked to a short film that tells the story of an old school gangster named Nicky Barnes. Jazz, who once was a friend of Nicky and is a long time friend of Damon, meets with the hustlers to help guide on their film storyline. The teams hit the streets of Harlem to scout locations and to gather information on Nicky Barnes. As the night goes on, Ashley and Ray begin to show their feelings that they are developing for each other. On the day of the filming, The Cakeaholics make their way to set and Ray jumps on action. After the show wraps, Shola and Jen discusses Ray’s behavior during the film shoot. Shola gets bothered by Ray hanging out on the stoop with his friends while her and Jen are inside working on their film. When plans for The Syndicate to shoot at a restaurant fall through, they decided to create a set back at the house. Later that night, Damon checks in via his hologram and asks everyone to show him their dog tags. Again, Jen is not wearing hers. Dame tells everyone to leave the room and has each cast member come down one at a time. Each member is given thirty seconds to pitch him on how they would advance his company. When it’s Jen’s turn to come down, she’s wearing her dog tag. “How are going to forget your chain” Dame asks Jen. “You give me no choice, pack up, you gotta go.” Jen is obviously crushed by her elimination, but while she’s getting up to leave, Dame says “I’m just playing, I’m Joking, I’m joking.” That night the Cakeaholics and The Syndicates meet with Damon Dash and his partners to watch the finished films. Dame doesn’t like the Cakeaholics film but loves the Syndicates film. That night at dinner, Ashley agrees that she is the weakest player and she is eliminated.moreless
    • Episode #4
      Episode #4
      Episode 4
      In episode 4 they start off with the first mission. The first mission is that they have to hustle products for “Dash Cash” and the winners pick team mates from the Kingdome basketball game to be on their own team. At this first of the day Damon tells them that only 2 teams will be remaining, so the three teams work hard to not get eliminated. The Syndicates hustle Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, The Cakeaholics hustle water balloons, and The Thoroughbreads hustle Hair Cut’s and Shape Ups. Damon still reminds the teams that the last place winners will pick up garbage in the park and be eliminated. While the three teams are on the street hustling, a strange woman finds “Dash Cash” by a garbage can and gives it to Laurence, Brian and Kira. Laurence says that he will give it back to her, but never did. While Kira gives the money back to the lady because of her honesty. At the end of the mission, The Syndicates get $1178.00, The Cakeaholics get $1561.00, and the Thoroughbreads get only $1093.00 dollars, so they lost and have to pick up trash in the park. In the middle of the show the teams go to the black room to eat and discuss things. Damon Dash brings out the strange woman that was in the park and tells everyone that she worked for him, and he wanted to test them on their cheating and honest abilities. Chris was up against Jennifer, and Damon thought that Jennifer worked the hardest so Chris got eliminated. When Chris is gone, Jennifer is on the Syndicates. Damon didn’t want to get rid of Kira because she did the right thing by giving the tickets back so he kept her. She is now on the Cakeaholics. At the end of the show Laurence felt guilty about keeping the tickets and lying to Damon Dash about what he said, so he eliminated himself. Now only two teams are left.moreless
    • Episode #3
      Episode #3
      Episode 3
      The start of this episode is the first mission. The first mission is for the three groups to sell tickets to a show for their artists. The Cakeaholics for Grafh, The Syndicates for Rell, and The Thoroubreads for M.O.P, have to hustle tickets and put up posters so that people will come to a bar to watch M.O.P, Grafh, and Rell. While everyone works trying to sell tickets on the street, Alphonzo flirts with two girls, he almost ruined his team. After while “Seven” makes fun of Damon Dash in the car. In the middle of the show, everyone goes to the “Black Room”, and discuss the problems going on with the team. He talks to Alphonzo and “Seven” in the room. Meanwhile Alphonzo’s team mates tell him how he backed up the whole team. “Seven’s” teammates also told her how she is too conceded. Damon Dash thinks about how he should eliminate Alphonzo or Seven, but instead he leaves the room with his famous phrase, “Remember, Life is the Dash”. The 2nd mission is to organize the show for their artists. When M.O.P wants things they want it. He made it difficult for Kira by telling her to get two strippers and a limo. In the middle of their shows Grafh and Rell do a great job, but M.O.P’s microphones aren’t working. But they work it out. At the end Alphonzo and Seven are eliminatedmoreless
    • Episode #2
      Episode #2
      Episode 2
      After the three wannabe hustlers got cut, Jermel H. Age 27, Will L. Age 27, and Aaron J. Age 23; Damon’s hustlers step up their game. Now Swizz Beatz, DJ Clark Kent, “Big Face” Gary and Tone “Big Nose” Hooker pay the gang a visit. Dame gives them a task to do to start out the second episode, he tells them to produce hit singles in a studio by Grafh, M.O.P, and the R&B Singer Rell. They are split into three teams, “The Cakeaholics”, “The Thoroughbreads”, and “The Syndicates”. While they were in the studio the group started working with M.O.P. Well that’s all that Alphonzo T. becomes a “Groupie”, he wanted to hang around with M.O.P then work with his teem. Meanwhile Damon Dash calls them in the living room to hear their records but The Thoroughbreads and The Cakeaholics didn’t have a record to give and while The Syndicates won. At the end Damon found out that Kwame N. and Swizz Beatz got into a dice game in the studio. Damon said that it was work time and not playtime so eliminated Kwame with his famous phrase “I see you want to get paper, but you’re not getting it here, Goodbye”.moreless
    • Episode #1
      Episode #1
      Episode 1
      Damon Dash introduced the 16 people to Harlem and how it influenced him. The house that they are in it crowded with the latest surveillance technology, Damon promised to keep an eye on the kids. He explains to them what it took for him to achieve his success. He also explains the reason why he made the show, because he wants to know the best hustler and make moguls out of up coming younger people.moreless