Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy

FOX (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • And The Winner Is… (Part 5 of 5)
      The final continues with Kid Muscle still in Kevin Mask's hold. The judges give the shoot symbol (that means they think the Olap Assault is an unbeatable move). Kevin Mask twists Kid Muscle's arms so hard that they break. Kid falls to the mat, helpless.
      All of a sudden, Meat arrives on the scene, telling Kid to get up. Jeager, Ricardo, Barrierfreeman, and Hollywood Bowl all exhort Kid to get up, too. After some crucial wrestler-trainer talking, Kid pops his arms back into their sockets, and goes back into the fray against Kevin.

      Kevin, seeing this decides to toss Kid up and try to impale him on his golden spike. Kid's impact destroys the spike. Kid Muscle is now glowing a bright blue. It's speculated upon that this may be the ultimate level of Ultimate Muscle. Kevin, not wanting to deal with a fully-charged foe, begins to twist his arms, which Dik Dik recalls as the symbol that he's about to go into his finishing move...the Big Ben Bash.

      Kevin gets Kid in said hold, but Kid remembers some advice Meat gave him. "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Kid makes lemonade from the lemon by dislocating his own arm to escape the hold. Then he puts Kevin in a hold of his own...the Kinniku-buster. He realizes it probably won't work, so he twists it around to where his legs pin Kevin's arms and he holds Kevin's legs. (It's really cool, you have to see it. No description can do it justice.) He yells out the name of this new attack as he crashes down: "MUSCLE GRAVITY!"

      The new attack succeeds in disabling Kevin. Kid Muscle is congratulated by everyone, even Kevin Mask. Next, Lord Flash is revealed as Warsman, who says he began training Kevin to repay a debt to his father.

      To end the episode (and possibly the series), Kid Muscle lets out a nice big fart and is engulfed in a bowl of cow & rice.moreless
    • Don't Give Up (Part 4 of 5)
      Kid Muscle launches the Muscle Millennium, throwing everything he has at Kevin Mask. Kevin, however, uses his Maelstrom Power to successfully reverse the attack and send the Kid slamming down to the mat. Kevin Mask declares the match is over, since he has reversed every single attack that Kid Muscle has. Kid Muscle is ready to give up too, but Roxanne steps in and yells that he needs to keep going. Then, Hollywood Bowl, Barrier-Free Man, the injured Jeager, and even Ricardo arrive at the match to cheer Kid Muscle on, and make sure he doesn't quit. Filled with new strength, the Kid unleashes the power of Ultimate Muscle and throws more attacks at Kevin, then uses the Kinniku Buster to hopefully end the match. His hopes are dashed when Kevin Mask reverses the attack, putting Kid Muscle out of the match again. Lord Flash then tells Kevin Mask it is finally time to end the match, so Kevin Mask calls up his Maelstrom Power again and locks Kid Muscle in the submission hold that even Lord Flash could not execute - the Olap Stretch. Is this the end for Kid Muscle?moreless
    • Honor Thy Family (Part 3 of 5)
      SMAASSSHH! Kevin Mask is bashed into a Meatlock Drop that takes him to the turnbuckles.

      "The Kid's like a thoroughbred racehorse-- he comes from a long line of champions, so winnin's in his blood" Terry Kenyon says. Everyone cheers as Kevin Mask and Kid Muscle hang in midair, stuck in the turnbuckle by Kevin Mask's mask spike.

      The nurse from the hospital walks into Meat's room, announcing the new bedpan is ready... but Meat is no longer in bed.
      "Doctor! Doctor! The patient is missing!" the nurse exclaims.
      "Impossible!" replies the doctor. He's broken nearly every bone in his body! He couldn't waltz out of here! Where could he be??"

      "Checkmate!" we hear Meat exclaim as an equine form jumps past the camera, and we see Meat and Dik Dik van Dik on the back of Checkmate's Knight form. "Y'gotta go faster! He doesn't know it yet, but the Kid needs me!"

      Kevin Mask's mask becomes unstuck in the turnbuckle, and he falls to the mat. Jacqueline gasps.
      "What is the matter Jacqueline? Isn't this what you wished for, a brutal, bloody, Bone crushing match," Lord Flash asks, "Don't tell me of all the people that you're having a change of heart. I didn't even know that you had a heart."
      "No, you're right. This is exactly what I wanted to see-- this is what everyone in the stadium secretly wanted to see-- pure excitement." replies Jacqueline.
      "If that's what you really believe, why do you look so concerned? This is what happens in the Chojin Crown. The combatants are beaten, battered, and bruised. Without this pain and suffering, there can be no Glory. I thought you'd celebrate this and not cringe and cower like some fainthearted schoolgirl. I had respect for you when you were as hard as nails, but I fear you've grown weak and soft."
      Kevin Mask crawls to the ring ropes and rights himself by clinging to them. "Get that maddening McMadd out of my SIGHT!" Kevin sneers as he catches sight of Jacqueline.
      "Hey, that's no way to talk to a lady! Besides, she's rooting for me, which makes her a fan... and we've got to respect our fans, for without them, this wouldn't be a sport. This wouldn't be the Chojin Crown... this would just be a back-alley brawl!" Kid Muscle chides Kevin.
      "Pathetic. You're just trying to get a date with her. Let's see you sweet talk her with your ankles in your mouth!" Kevin tosses Kid Muscle towards the outside of the ring, then grabs his arms in a leg-lock and his legs in an arm-lock. "Royal Stretch!"
      "That's it, Kevin!" cheers Lord Flash as Kevin is engulfed with Maelstrom Power. "stretch him! stretch him to the breaking point!"
      "Kid! Your mask! It's coming apart!" Roxanne yells to Kid Muscle. Kid Muscle yells in pain and anger, then flexes his muscles, breaking the ring ropes and Kevin Mask's hold. Kid grabs Kevin's ankles and begins pushing Kevin's feet away from each other, but Kevin Mask breaks the hold and each land facing each other, drawing comparisons to King Muscle vs. Robin Mask from the commentators. Both Kid and Kevin have their eerie power flowing off of them in billowing clouds, Kid's Ultimate Muscle glowing blue, and Kevin Mask glowing gold... but Kevin falls to his knees, his Maelstrom ebbing away. Lord Flash reminds Kevin of his father's defeat at the hands of King Muscle, encouraging Kevin to get up and win. Kid tackles Kevin, but Kevin grabs Kid Muscle in a Shoulder-lock, taking him up into the air for a Tornado Fisherman's Suplex. Kevin then gets on the shoulders of Kid Muscle and puts his head into a leg-lock.
      "You're finished, Kid Muscle!" Kevin sneers.
      "Good work, Kevin. Now switch to tactic ten, Storm Elbow. Your father's probably watching this match right now," Lord Flash says. "Show him how strong you really are."
      "This is for you, father," Kevin says as he begins to pummel Kid Muscle's skull, with Kid trying to protect his head with his hands.
      Terry Kenyon pipes up "The Kid's trying to protect himself with his hands, but hear that awful crunching noise? I think Kevin's so sure of himself that he's eatin' an' beatin' at the same time."

      Meat clings with his legs to the back of Dik Dik and cradles a Laptop with T.V. connection in his broken arms. Dik Dik is running thru a forest, with Checkmate resting in the background. "I'm havin' Deja-Vu all over again!" Meat thinks. "That's the very same move that Warsman used to almost knock out King Muscle in the 21st Chojin Crown. He's the only Chojin who's ever done it! My suspicions about Flash were right!" Meat yells to Dik Dik as they pass a train. "Giddy up, Van Dik, we've gotta get there before it's too late!"

      "That's it, Kevin." Lord Flash applauds. "Keep up a steady beat while beating! Excellent. Your form is perfect."
      Kid Muscle looks to El-Nino, who is eating... but that gives Kid an idea... He raises his arms from his head, and then begins to attempt to punch Kevin Mask at the bottom of his armor.
      El-Nino yells "Kid, No! Don't reach up, you idiot!"
      "You sealed your own doom" Kevin says as he grabs Kid Muscle's arms in a standing triangle hold. "Strategic blunder, Muscle. My elbow storm must've scrambled what was left of your puny brain."
      Jacqueline gasps as Kid Muscle takes to his knees.
      "I'm not finished with you, yet. Your family is responsible for tarnishing the unsoiled reputation of my family. I won't be through with you until the Clensing Fire Of Revenge restores the Mask family to the glory that was once ours!"
      "Don't just lay there and take it! Fight Back, Kid Muscle!" Roxanne calls.
      "It's hard to fight back when you're fighting for consciousness!" replies Kid Muscle.
      "Yes, this match does need something more. The Chojin Crown deserves a crowning achievement. So I will do something that no Chojin in the history of wrestling has ever done before-- I'll be the first and last to rip off the Mask of the Kinniku Kings and EXPOSE Kid Muscle's weak, defeated face to the world." Kevin says as he grips Kid Muscle's chin.
      "Do it quickly, Kevin!" Lord Flash advises.
      Roxanne yells encouragement "If you can't wrestle anymore, who'll protect us if the dMp comes back? You can't let this happen, Kid Muscle. You've got to win this for the honor of your family, you've got to win because we need you to keep the world safe, and you've got to win because deep down, you're not a quitter! I know you can do it, Kid. You won the Ultimate Muscle challenge by mastering the power of Ultimate Muscle. Where is it now?"

      Kid Muscle flashes back in his mind to three of his previous opponents. "Look at you. Where's your power of Ultimate Muscle now? Has it abandoned you, or are you too weak to use it?" asks Hanzou.
      "I'm Not Weak!" replies Kid Muscle. "No, you're a scurvy coward" chimes in Bone Cold, "They never should've wasted the power of Ultimate Muscle on a lily livered loser like you!"
      "Watch it, Bone Cold!" snaps Kid Muscle.
      "I don't know, fellas, remember that Kid kicked our cans pretty good, so I wouldn't count him out, today." Forkolossus tells his accompanyment.
      "Thanks for the vote of confidence, Fork."
      "If he beat us, he could beat anyone" Hanzou states.
      "Only a fool would believe in Kid Coward now. Even if he had a power, it's gone now, and he's going to be the Ultimate Loser!" chides Bone Cold as the trio fades into the blue background of Kid's Mind.

      "There can be only one mask in this ring, and it's Kevin Mask!" Kevin yells as he pulls up a portion of Kid Muscle's mask. Jacqueline looks away, only to be chided by her father for seeming to show favorites. Kid Muscle bites down hard on the edge of his mask, then loses his toothy grip, screaming in terror.
      "He doesn't have fish lips!" exclaims Doc.
      Kid then high kicks with a boot to Kevin Mask's cracked helm.
      El-Nino yells "Don't just sit there! Thresh him!" Kid Muscle then puts Kevin into a Thresh Suplex, El-Nino's signature move. "I'm glad I made Kid practice that move. Nobody expected the son of a King to use the move of a peasant."
      Kevin grabs Kid Muscle from behind in a German Suplex, only to have Kid slip out of it and put Kevin into a Reverse German Suplex.
      "Kevin" calls Lord Flash.
      "Lord Flash?" moans Kevin.
      "Listen to me, Kevin. A long time ago, your father tried to teach me a few of his deadliest techniques. Unfortunately, one of them proved so unbelievably difficult that even I could not learn it; as you know, that's O.L.A.P. It's power is why I begged of you to learn it. The other secret technique, the one that Robin Mask helped me learn thirty eight years ago is in the pages of this book."
      "LIAR! How DARE you claim my father taught you any of his secret techniques? It's Impossible! He never taught anyone outside of the family!"
      "No, comrade, you're mistaken. He did teach someone outside of the family."
      "You're right. My father did teach one other! He was a famous Chojin wrestler, and the closest thing to a friend my father ever had... but if you claim my father taught you, Lord Flash, you must be that famous wrester in Disguise!"
      "Perhaps, Kevin, perhaps. But I will tell you this much: Your father's techniques made me much stronger than I would have been without them, and that's why I've insisted on you learning a technique I could never master-- O.L.A.P. Your father and I both believe in you, Kevin. you can do it!" Lord Flash tells Kevin. "You can do it, Kevin. You can do what your father and I failed to do-- you can defeat the Kinniku family with this technique-- the Secret of Secrets!"
      "Lord Flash, thank you for believing in me!" Kevin Mask weeps at Lord Flash.
      "No! Believe in Yourself, Kevin! Make our dreams come true!"
      Kid sees the tears, and thinks that it's time for the Muscle Millennium, and asks El-Nino if it's Harvest Time.
      "No it's not harvest time! It's time for patience!"
      "What? I gotta wait? I hate waiting!"
      Kevin charges towards Kid, then kicks Kid in the knee.
      "That Doesn't Count!" Kid says as he hops around. "El-Nino distracted me!"
      Kid Muscle uses a Clip-kick, knocking Kevin down, then begins kicking Kevin Mask right in the cranium. Stepping back, he gives a good kick to the head of Kevin's helm... and gets his foot stuck in the cracked "X" in the mask. Kid takes to the canvas.
      "Ow, My Foot!"
      "You will never shatter my dreams, Kid Muscle. It is you who will be destroyed, and I'll rebuild my family's glorious dynasty on the ruins of your defeat!" Kevin stands up, throwing Kid Muscle out of his mask, tackles Kid, and puts him into a shoulder-lock before launching Kid into the air in a suplex.
      "I'm going to snap your string of championships as easy as a string of fake pearls!" The crowd begins cheering wildly.
      "Kevin, you might've thought I was out cold, but I'm just getting warmed up." Kid tells Kevin as his Power of Ultimate Muscle blooms on his forehead.
      "The Mark!" Kevin gasps.
      Kid Muscle slides into Kevin's knees, and Kevin begins running away, but turns on Kid and kicks him into the ropes with a heel to the head. Kevin and Kid take turns pummeling each other. Kid wonders why El-Nino hasn't called for the Muscle Millennium, and decides that there is no way to counter his move... Kid grabs up Kevin Mask, tossing him up in the air, as El-Nino gasps "Kid! No!", Kid Muscle calls out "Muscle Millennium!!"moreless
    • Lifting the Mask (Part 2 of 5)
      Kevin Mask is outraged that his mask has been scarred twice, and El Nino tells the Kid that it is one of the worst things he could have done. Kid Muscle doesn't listen and continues his assault on Kevin, who is simply biding his time through the punches to land a perfect attack. Meat is falling out of his hospital bed as the Kid attempts the Kinniku Driver and the Kinniku Buster, two of his family's best moves, both of which Kevin easily reverses. Kid Muscle is beginning to get tired, but Kevin shows now signs of giving in as he launches into th Mach Pulverizer, a devastating move that requires him to spin through the air like a drill. The Kid uses the Muscle Curtain, but Kevin breaks through and strikes the Kid, but is then deflected and sent flying toward Ramen Man. Lord Flash gets in the way and takes the blow, and Jacklynn McMadd says Lord Flash did it on purpose so that Kevin Mask wouldn't be disqualified for attacking another person; Lord Flash denies this and says he was just picking up the towel so that no one would think Kevin surrendered. The attack, however, knocked away a piece of Lord Flash's mask, and Meat believes that Lord Flash is a certain cruel Chojin from the past, the only Chojin that knew the move Kevin Mask had just used, this happening while Kevin Mask sets to work trying to remove Kid Muscle's mask, since the rules of the Kinniku family state that if a Kinniku's mask is removed, he shall never wrestle again. Will Kevin Mask succeed and disqualify Kid Muscle from the match?moreless
    • The Final Match (Part 1 of 5)
      And so it begins... the Final Math of the Chojin Championship, between the two greatest wrestling families in the world. Kid Muscle vs. Kevin Mask. Kevin Mask however does not look like he is able to fight considering he can barely stand, much to The Kid's delight. El Nino though is even more worried by the weakened Mask and instructs Kid not to attack Kevin but to run away. The bell tolls and the match begins but neither wrestler wants to make the first move. Finally Kevin attacks and The Kid runs as instructed, this does not go over well with the fans as they begin to pelt the Kid for his cowardly actions. The Kid has had enough and ignores the advice of his cornerman attack Kevin with a barrage of kicks and punches, Kevin mask dodges them and falls to the ground and begins to do a pommel horse on the ground creating a tornado that flips The Kid high into the air. Kevin then launches into the air grabbing The Kid and slamming him to the mat. Kevin puts Kid Muscle into all sorts of holds, until The Kid finally escapes only to be pummeled by Kevin Mask's fist and being knocked onto the ropes. El Nino explains to the Kid that his attacks will not work on the masked knight and that his only chance is to SUCK HIS THUMB! The Kid pulls himself out of the ropes only to be met by Kevin Mask, and as it looks like Kevin is about to land the final blow, The Kid sticks his thumb in his mouth forming the MUSCLE CURTAIN a Kinnikuman's ultimate defense. Kevin attempts attacking Kid only to the horror that nothing is able to penetrate the Kids stance. The tables now turned The Kid begins his offensive. Kicking The Knight in his one weakness, the scratch in his fathers mask. The force of the blasts leaving a second scratch intersecting the first, forming an X-shaped scar and infuriating Kevin. Will the enraged knight dethrone the Prince of wrestling? Or will the Kid shatter the mask and claim the Chojin Title?moreless
    • Like Father, Like Son
      The chojin finals are finally about to begin! Kevin Mask and Kid Muscle each prepare for the most important match of there lives. While the two wrestlers prepare, four of the mightiest wrestlers square off in a two on two exhibition match. King Muscle and Terryman vs. Ramanman and Buffalo man. In the end Terryman and the King win over their fellow muscle leaguers. As the match draws closer Kevin Mask sits in his room thinking about his father. The Kid's dad drops off a little gift for his son giving him his old battle uniform to where during the match. Soon the match is to begin and the kid enters in his father's old battle outfit to cheers. Then Kevin enters, drawing gasps from the audience, as he is wearing the scarred mask that his father lost to King Muscle in. He claims that he will make this mask of failure into a mask victory. Will the masked knight be able to defeat the kid and regain the family's heritage of champions? Or will the kid triumph over the masked one just as his father before him?moreless
    • Hola El Nino
      Hola El Nino
      Episode 20
      Meat and Turbinske are taken out by paramedics, and people cheer for Meat's heroism as Kevin goes off with Lord Flash to train for the final against the Kid. Kid Muscle is frightened (yet again) and has only two weeks before the match, so he goes into hiding. He overhears his father, King Muscle, talking with Roxanne's mother, and hearing how King Muscle was also a coward when it came to facing Robin Mask in the Chojin Crown Final. Kid Muscle decides not to do so and begins training, and Meat sends El Nino to become Kid Muscle's trainer. Meanwhile, Kevin begins training to withstand the Muscle Millennium by having Lord Flash swing a wrecking ball at him. Kevin is still wondering why Lord Flash understands him the best, with now only two days before the Chojin Crown Final. Who will take the Chojin Crown - the prince or the knight?moreless
    • Maelstrom Power
      Maelstrom Power
      Episode 19
      Kevin Mask and Turbinski continue their match. Kevin begins to get pummeled by Turbinski, as he gets suplexed on all five faces of the ring. Next, he begins to fall, but he's saved at the last minute by his foot, which tears into the mat and keeps him barely hanging on. Lord Flash and Kevin Mask regain their trust, and Kevin comes roaring back, as he evades the Comrade's next attack. Kevin is about to finish Turbinski when his antigravity device once again takes control. After Turbinski transforms into a fighter jet, Kevin kicks him in the torso, effectively disabling his Antigravity Fulcrum Thruster. After Kevin's Maelstrom Power (the "inner light") activates, he Big Ben Bashes Turbinski to the floor. Turbinski is down. Thought it was over? Wrong. Turbinski gets back up, but he can barely stand. LF decides it's time for Kevin to show Kid Muscle who's boss, so he orders him to use the forbidden hold. The forbidden hold, or the Olap Assault as it's called, breaks off Comrade Turbinski's arms, and causes Meat to freak out. Kevin Mask then throws Turbinski to the ground, and Meat tries to catch him, but ends up getting knocked out. Kid Muscle and Kevin almost shake hands, but Kid delivers an uppercut to his next opponent! As the tension grows between the two Chojins who will be able to outdo the other. Will it be the Prince or the Knight?moreless
    • Fear of Flying
      Fear of Flying
      Episode 18
      With Kid Muscle clinching the first of two spots in the Chojin Championship, Kevin Mask and Comrade Turbinske begin a face off to determine who will go on to face him! However this Semi- final match has a twist... it will be played on a five sided wring several stories in the air! As the match begins Kevin Mask catches the comrade off guard with a series of powerful and damaging slaps soon taking the comrade for a powerful smash to the mat. As it looks like the Comrade may loose already he pulls out a secret weapon! Using advanced technology to defy gravity he is able to stop the Masked Knight's attack in mid- air and turning it right back at him! The Comrade then changes into his helicopter form and begins his most powerful technique, driving the blades of his helicopter into Kevin's back! Will Comrade be able to grind out a win and move onto the Championship? Or does Kevin Mask have a trick or two up his sleeve?moreless
    • The Power of Friendship
      The episode starts with a continuation of the previous episode: Kid Muscle is still fighting with Ricardo. After fighting for a little bit, the power of Ultimate Muscle begins to falter, but thanks to Jeager and Roxanne's encouragement, the mark on Kid Muscle's forehead starts glowing brighter than ever, and he takes Ricardo - and the Electrolix - out with the Muscle Millenium. Flash to Kevin Mask and Comrade Turbinski. The two arrive, and Jacqueline announces that they will face off in a "Sky-Ring Cube". What's that, you ask? It's a sky-high cube with a ring on each face. Kid Muscle, in the disguise of a professor, points out that if they step on any face but the top one, gravity will cause them to fall. Then he begins to think it's not such a bad thing if BOTH his opponents lose, because it means he'll automatically win the Chojin Crown. Next we see the two competitors ready to fight. Kevin Mask turns to his cornerman, Lord Flash. He points out LF's many slips of the tongue during Kevin's battles, such as "comrade" and "da", identify him as something other than an Englishman. Then the bell is sounded for the fight to begin.moreless
    • The Comeback Kid
      The Comeback Kid
      Episode 16
      The Kid collapses after getting shocked by the Electrolix, but somehow manages to stumble to his feet, which Ricardo responds to by striking the Kid's leg. The Kid's ankle is hurt, so Roxanne grabs the belt that had tied she and Jeager together during the Chojin preliminaries and puts it around the Kid's ankle, healing it. Kid Muscle, with Jeager's power within him, fights back against Ricardo, but Ricardo sends Kid Muscle into the Electrolix again; then, for even more punishment, Ricardo picks up Kid Muscle and throws him right back into the Electrolix for a fourth shocking. The Kid invokes an ancient power of the Muscle League and has Jeager with him at the match, fighting back against Ricardo. Ricardo claims the moves won't work against him because he is both dMP and Muscle League, but the masked wrestler in the audience claims Ricardo is all dMP after he saw Ricardo kill his master after his master claimed to reveal to the world Ricardo was from the dMP. Ricardo is enraged and fights back again, but he can't put Kid Muscle away, who, filled with Jeager's strength, invokes the power of Ultimate Muscle and is ready to end the match.moreless
    • Electrolix
      Episode 15
      Just as Ricardo is about to slam Kid Muscle right into the Electrolix, he pulls back and throws Kid Muscle over his head, to safety. As the match continues Ricardo is constantly pulling punches, not making any cheap moves, and making sure that the Kid doesn't hit the Electrolix (the big electric X). Ricardo's two dMP teammates, however, are getting angry, and so pull a towel out from under the Kid's feet, causing him to run into Ricardo and send Ricardo into the Electrolix. As Ricardo stands up, he hears his old master in the audience, telling him to stop hiding from who he really is. Ricardo is torn between his two selves, the Muscle League self and dMP self, and insists he is an upstanding member of the Muscle League, fighting the good fight. The match continues, and Ricardo's outfit is beginning to crack as the Kid applies the pressure, and Ricardo finally cracks under the pressure when he hears three of his fellow wrestlers that trained under his master saying that when Ricardo was told he was beginning to become corrupt under dark powers, he killed his master to try and hide it. Ricardo denies this, and finally gives in, becoming Ricardo, the Lord of Darkness, his dMP form. No longer the nice guy, he hurls Kid Muscle into the Electrolix, which results in an explosion.moreless
    • A Cold Reception
      A Cold Reception
      Episode 14
      It's the next day and all the remaining Chojin's are being presented in a parade which all of them try to escape. When that's over they all set to training Comrade Turbinski practices his transforming and stealth attacks, Kevin Mask runs with massive weights on his back (pushed on by his coach), Ricardo is being pulled by two cars one on each arm, or rather he was pulling them, and The Kid was... EATING cheered on by Wally and his mom and sister. The next day the Kid goes to the stadium but is not being introduced. Ikemon catches the Kid and explains that although it is the right address his match is being held outside in the cold and if that's not bad enough a giant X is in the middle of the ring and one touch will give off 10,000 volts of electricity to whoever touches it. Now with the match beginning can the Kid beat Ricardo, avenge Jeager and stay away from the X?moreless
    • The Face Of Evil
      The Face Of Evil
      Episode 13
      The Match between Jeager and Ricardo continues with Ricardo dominating the match. Using his bracelets he is able to pull the mat to form a point and manages to throw jeager in it. It looks like the match may be over until Jeager uses his most powerful attack the Red Reign of Baron witch makes a direct strike on Ricardo. Now Jeager is in control and is ready for another strike at his opponent. Brocken Jr. warns Jeager not to but in order to prove himself as his own wrestler Jeager attacks anyway. Ricardo dodges the attack and uses his triangle hold. Jeager manages to escape the grip and attempts his Red Reign of Baron attack again but Ricardo dodges it again, Jeager now understands he can't win. Brocken tries helping but Jeager has made his mind up. He breaks his helmet to let his hair fall free symbolizing his independence. Ricardo then takes Jeager into his deadliest attack, The Brazilian Nutcracker, a move so powerful it killed his former Muscle League master. Roxanne is now afraid for Jeager's life and wants Brocken to throw his flag, to forfeit the match, but he refuses saying that this is the path Jeager has taken. Ricardo launches into the air and is on his way down when Jaeger's flag is thrown into the ring! However the attack is already in progress so Ricardo finishes his attack landing on the mat and shattering Jeager's helmet. Ricardo wins the match and sends Jeager to the Intensive care. Before he goes The Kid promises to avenge Jeager when he battles Ricardo inthe next round. Will the Kid be able to break the Nutcracker and defeat Jeager or will this dMp member knock out another Chojin?moreless
    • The Beast Within
      The Beast Within
      Episode 12
      With Jeager and Ricardo's match about to begin, Kid Muscle can't seem to find Roxanne anywhere, so he goes into the change rooms to search for her. Suspicious that she likes Jeager, as they were partners in the Chojin Crown qualifying race, he goes into Jeager's change room and soon learns she is not there. Jeager says that he can't wait to face Kid Muscle in the Chojin Crown semifinals and will do so if he defeats Ricardo. The Kid eats some German meat then peeks in Ricardo's change room and sees Ricardo undergoing rigorous training, like crushing a steel barrel like a soda can. Roxanne, however, was on her way to talk to Jeager, but after spotting the Kid, decides not to. The match between Jeager and Ricardo then begins, and Jeager goes all out at the beginning, only finding himself in one of Ricardo's holds, agitating the arm that was recently broken during Jeager's match with Mars. Jeager fights back and delivers a massive assault, breaking Ricardo's helmet. Ricardo is revealed as a grey monster with horrific horns and a spike bracelet on his wrist, and realizes the horrific truth - Ricardo is pure evil, and suspected of being a member of the dMP.moreless
    • He Who Laughs Last
      He Who Laughs Last
      Episode 11
      The "new" Kevin Mask, as he calls himself, laughs as he reverses the hold and traps Blocks against the ropes, clutching until he shatters. Blocks only rebuilds himself again into the Kevin Mask clone, claiming that now that he has Kevin Mask's blueprints, he can turn into the clone any time he wants. The two continue combat, but Kevin Mask gains the upper hand and forces Blocks to revert to his original form. Kevin claims that fighting his clone awakened within him a side that has laid buried for a long time...the dMP within him. Kevin uses cheap and dirty tricks, using his full force to reduce Blocks to rubble again, who somehow gains the upper hand and turns into a steamroller, about to roll over Kevin Mask. Kevin Mask pounds a black brick in the wheels, and as Blocks cries out, Kevin claims that he saw Blocks' weakness the whole time and only wanted to drag the match out longer. The weakness is the black brick, the key brick, the only one that is alive, that all other bricks build around it in order to keep a form. As Blocks reverts to his normal form again, Kevin Mask kicks out the black brick, sticks it on Blocks' head, and does the Big Ben Bash, smashing the black brick and ending the match, reducing Blocks to rubble. Now that the black division semifinal is set with Kevin Mask pitted against Comrade Turbinski, the second and final quarterfinal match between Jeager and Ricardo is about to start. Who will advance to face Kid Muscle in the red division semifinal?moreless
    • Send In The Clones
      Send In The Clones
      Episode 10
      Blocks continues to apply the pressure to Kevin Mask, who appears to be beat, but, mustering up all of his strength, Kevin breaks free from the hold and is back in the match. Blocks reconstructs again into a large, twisting slide where he sends his head flying down like a cannon ball, and this knocks Kevin for a loop. Kevin fights back with moves of his own, and soon the match is under his control. That is, until Blocks deconstructs himself and the building blocks begin to encase Kevin's body. Soon, Kevin Mask is completely covered in blocks except for a small opening at the chest, where he dislocates all of his joints in order to squeeze through the narrow hole. As he escapes, the casing comes to life, as Blocks has become a clone. The two exchange blows, and when Kevin is about to smash Blocks' face in, Blocks grabs him in a hold and says that cloning Kevin gives him all of Kevin's moves, but allows him to keep his own Chojin power, which is higher than that of Kevin Mask. Blocks then traps Kevin in Kevin's signature hold against the ropes, and just as all is looking grim, Kevin begins to laugh. He says that Blocks is a clone of the old Kevin, but the new Kevin Mask will defeat him with the inner light.moreless
    • The Stealth Chojin
      The black division match between D-Struction and Comrade Turbinski begins with a bang as D-Struction quickly gains the upper hand over the Russian fighter jet. However, Comrade Turbinksi transforms into a jet and flies around the ring, unable to be detected as he occasionally strikes D-Struction with one of his wings. D-Struction twists together his prongs to use as radar to pick up on Turbinski, but the jet is undetectable. Running out of options, D-Struction rips one of the prongs off of his head and chews it into a powder, then spits the powder onto Turbinski's body so that he is visible. It soon becomes a face off as Turbinski dives and D-Struction winds up to end the match with his pronged assault, but realizes he only has two prongs left, allowing Turbinski to break off the other two with his propellor and knock D-Struction out of the tournament, advancing Turbinski to the black division semifinals. The next black division matches starts right away as Kevin Mask has to face Blocks, a wrestler made of what appear to be Lego bricks, and Kevin dons his father's combat armor, looking much healthier than when he faced Chichini Man. Kevin Mask soon gains the upper hand, but Blocks converts into the shape of a large book and puts the squeeze on Kevin. Can Kevin Mask escape this hold and win before it's too late?moreless
    • Tackle That Twosome!
      As the old man gains control of Barrier-Free Man again, the crowd is beginning to favor Kid Muscle instead after it is revealed that the old man really doesn't care about the senior citizens, but rather about having fame among young women. Terry Kenyon does some websurfing (using Doc as a plugin) and looks up the old man half of Barrier-Free Man, revealing him as an old-time wrestler named Chijo Man. Chijo Man was a champion, but was kicked out of wrestling because he used dirty tricks to win his matches. Then, all of his beaten opponents rallied together and sealed him into a tree, where he dwelt for two hundred years until Nils (the blue half of Barrier-Free Man) allowed him to enter his body. As Chijo Man locks Kid Muscle into the Lion's Mouth hold, Nils cries and the dampness allows Kid Muscle to slip out. The Kid then calls upon the power of Ultimate Muscle, and delivers ferocious moves, causing Barrier-Free Man to revert back to Nils. Chijo Man tries to escape, but Nils holds him there and tells the Kid to throw everything at them to make them pay for the atrocities they have committed. The Kid executes the Muscle Millennium, ending the match and advancing him to the red division semifinals and the loss causes Chijo Man to see the light so Nils lets the old man back onto his arm so that they can get a fresh start as good citizens. Meanwhile, the first black division quarterfinal is about to start between D-Struction and the mysterious Russian fighter jet (can't remember his name). Who will win this vicious battle?moreless
    • Biting the Hand That Needs Him
      Kid Muscle is rendered helpless as the old man form of Barrier-Free Man is slapping him silly. The senior citizens cheer on, and the Kid realizes that all of his body but his waist are numb, so he uses his waste to knock Barrier-Free Man into the air and then kick him out of the ring. Barrier-Free Man is helped into the ring by Roxanne and friends, which makes Kid Muscle angry as he faces the old man again. The old man traps the Kid in a submission hold, then becomes his blue, powerful form again, but the Kid realizes his feet aren't stuck into this form and does a turn around, delivering a massive barrage of kicks to Barrier-Free Man, sending him reeling. Barrier-Free Man becomes old again, and the old man form gets mad at the blue form, and the two begin to fight each other. The blue Barrier-Free Man explains that how he worked at a senior's home, working for the old folks and trying to remove the painful barriers from their lives. He decided to become a wrestler to spread the good word, but he wasn't good, so he went into the forest and met the old man stuck to a tree branch. The old man became part of his body, going into his arm, and so Barrier-Free Man is stuck like this today. The old man says that Barrier-Free Man is a failure, and is pounding the blue buddy into his midsection to gain control and defeat Kid Muscle. Can the Kid beat this menace?moreless
    • Double Trouble
      Double Trouble
      Episode 6
      After defeating Hollywood bowl, the kid moves on to his mysterious second round opponent, Barrier Freeman, half man- half older man, who is wrestling to help society become more seniorfriendly ( a sort of senior avenger). He has bought half the seats and given them to seniors to see him destroy kid muscle. With the crowd against the kid, barrier freeman manhandles the kid. Will the kid be able to turn this match around before he's knocked out of the tournament and is there something less nice about this senior?moreless
    • The Inner Light
      The Inner Light
      Episode 5
      In the black division it is Kevin Masks turn to fight against Chichini man, the Korean dragon, but Kevin doesn't show! When Kevin's coach goes to find him. He finds that after intense training Kevin Mask had fainted in the sauna! Now Kevin Mask is being mutilated by the Korean dragon and it appears that his Chojin championship is coming to an end, when a light (a lot like ultimate muscle emanates from his body! Will this light lead to Kevin masks victory over this powerful foe?moreless
    • The Final Flush
      The Final Flush
      Episode 4
      After being beaten up pretty badly by Hollywood it looks as though this super toilet will get his revenge until Kid's sumo racing buddy, Satoshi, comes giving kid a snack of cow and rice. The kid uses his bowl to plug up Hollywoods bowl and it's a whole new match. Will the Kid be able to beat a toilet and advance to the next round of the Chojin?moreless
    • Kid Goes Hollywood
      As wrestlers get ready for the second fight of the first round the kid is getting ready to battle his biggest foe ever, Hollywood Bowl, a Hollywood directing-toilet! With his ability to lure his opponents into advantageous positions (with his bowls smell) he is determined to get revenge on the kid after King muscle defeated his father many years ago. Will the kid be able to get over his weakness in overly enjoying bodily functions and defeat this toilet menace?moreless
    • Finally The Finals!
      In red arena is Photo-Pat VS D-Struction, in the black arena is Ricardo the bomber [from Brazil] VS Slyscraper [with Terry Kenyon coaching him]. Slyscraper uses the Body Scraper on Ricardo. The next time he uses that move, Ricardo dodges and tells Terry that he would've won the "Falling Girl Rescue" if he didn't save that kid from drowning. Ricardo starts to make a comeback as he traps Slyscraper in a full nelson and dives head-first upside-down causing the shockwave to severely damage Slyscraper and win Ricardo the matches.

      Meanwhile, neither Photo-Pat or D-Struction have made a move. Dik Dik Van Dik, Wally Tusket, and Checkmate were impersonating Mac Metaphor, Doc Nakano, Roxanne, Trixie, and Kiki until they were beaten up by them.

      Back in the red arena, Kid Muscle's opponent is Hollywood Bowl [a man wearing a toilet for an upper body], the son of Mr. Pee [a urinal]. Meat explains that Mr. Pee was a strong opponent for King Muscle back in the day and how he almost flushed King Muscle in the finals, but King Muscle clogged him out causing King Muscle to win. Hollywood Bowl recalls his father's wish [on the night Hollywood's father died of old age] for him to defeat Kid Muscle. Kid Muscle notices that Hollywood Bowl is not paying attention since he's paying attention to his fans and the episode ends with Kid Muscle charging toward him.moreless
    • The Chojin Crown Resumes
      This episode starts off with the Muscle League training at Kid Muscle's place and wondering when the Chojin Crown will begin again. All except Kid Muscle who is, of course, still asleep. They are interrupted however, by Kevin Mask. Kevin insults the Muscle League and Jeager takes offense. The two then collide in the ring - until Kid Muscle shows up and breaks up the fight. Soon after, a helicopter carrying a beautiful red-haired woman appears and she asks the Kid for directions to the arena. Kid of course, being both lovestruck and incredibly stupid, gives her the wrong directions. Soon after, the announcement is given that the Ichiman Chojin Crown will resume - in a few moments! It seems Ichiman and his father Vance McMadd "accidentally" didn't send Kid Muscle the invitation and if he doesn't make it in time - he's out of the tournament! So thus Kid begins a long and completely ridiculous treck to the arena. As Kid is on his way, Ichiman explains that the tournament slots will all be filled by a game of human pinball. All of the Chojin Wrestlers are inside pinballs and all will be put into the machine and their opponents decided by who lands in which slot. The Chojins are then added into the machine (except Kid Muscle who has yet to arrive) and the placing begins. Kevin Mask manipulates his ball to land in the lowest rung of the tournament, meaning that to win he'll have to fight more people than anyone else - something that has only been done by his father, Robin Mask, and King Muscle. The Kid arrives but it is too late for him to get into his pinball and into the machine, so Kid enters the hard way - with no pinball to protect him! Kid successfully places in the tournament, much to Ichiman's displeasure. However, as the first round matches begin, Kid Muscle sneaks away and finds the beautiful red-haired woman from before. Just then, Ichiman busts in and, in a an angry fit, reveals that the woman is in-fact his sister, Jacklyn McMadd. Jackie then makes her brother even angrier when she asks out Kid Muscle. As the two arena's are set up the first two matches of the Ichiman Chojin Crown begin.moreless
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