Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy - Season 1

FOX (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Sleep Fighter
    Sleep Fighter
    Episode 51
    At the end of the last episode, Kid Muscle was down after suffering Baron Maxamillion's devastating finisher - the Baron Wasteland. The episode begins with Kid still unconscious and his friends doubting his victory, when suddenly, much to the chagrin of the Baron, Kid comes to his feet. As excited as everyone is that Kid Muscle is standing again, Meat informs everyone that Kid Muscle may be standing - but he is sound asleep on his feet as a result of all the punishment that Maxamillion has inflicted!

    Meat is of course disheartened as the Baron begins to assault the dozing hero, but King Muscle informs everyone that he and Kid Muscle used to share a bed together and that, because both kicked in their sleep, they developed a system of "Sleep Fighting". Meat finds this hard to believe at first, but then Kid starts blocking all of the Baron's hits. Unaffected by the Kid's "sleep fighting", Baron Maxamillion tosses him into the air and prepares to put the Kid away with the Honor Drop, a move that greatly resembles Checkmate's Piledriver Stallion Checkmate notices this too, and yells to the sleeping Kid Muscle to think back to their match and disable the Honor Drop the same way he got out of the Piledriver Stallion Kid responds and delivers a headbutt to Maxamillion's knee just like he did to Checkmate in their previous encounter. After escaping the move, Meat and King Muscle joke that Kid Muscle fights better asleep that awake. Baron Maxamillion, however, is not impressed and states that no amount of sleep fighting can save Kid Muscle from - the Baron Wasteland!

    As Maxamillion approaches, planning on finishing off the Kid, Jeager invokes the power of the Skull of Mystery and tosses it to the still sleeping Kid and Kid Muscle is able to ward off the Baron with the Red Rain of Pain. Kid's friends, fans, and Roxanne, all begin to chant the Kid's name and show their support. Meanwhile, the Kid is in a deep dream in which he is confronted by Ninja Ned and Grand Chancellor Minch. The three of them are on a boat in the middle of a lake and Ned and Minch remind Kid Muscle of all the support his friends and his fans all around the world are showing for him. They even show that past rivals are routing for him (some of which include Hydrozoa, Sunshine, and Mars). With this support, the Kid finally awakens and finds himself in the middle of an all-out war with Baron Maxamillion. Everyone, especially Roxanne and King Muscle, are happy to see the Kid up again. Wasting no time, he immediately envokes the power of Ultimate Muscle - but Maxamillion won't have that. He immediately strikes the Kid down before he can use Ultimate Muscle. He then informs Kid that he won't give him the chance to summon the power of Ultimate Muscle. But the support of Kid Muscle's friends is too much for the Baron to overcome and Kid Muscle ultimately calls upon Ultimate Muscle. After a series of moves, Kid nails a Kinniko-Driver and hurts the Baron badly despite his attempts to deny his injuries. The Baron then freaks out and tries Baron Wasteland again, but Kid Muscle frees himself. The Baron then thrusts Kid Muscle back down to the ring where he bounces up and flies all the way up to where Roxanne is currently being held. He looks at Roxanne and smiles - because in his hand - he has the ring rope! Though the Baron believes he did this to save himself, Kid Muscle informs him that he grabbed the ropes so he could hit his ultimate move - THE MUSCLE MILLENNIUM! Kid fires into the Baron and blasts him out of the ring, through solid rock, and launches the Baron right out the side of Mount Fuji! The Kid then returns to the ring and is declared the winner.
    Of course, Maxamillion had a back-up plan as he detonates explosives within the Poison Six-Pack's Jester Head, and sends Roxanne flying through the air and over the edge of Mount Fuji. Kid Muscle rushes to her and just barely manages to catch her. But there is no one to catch him. He is then caught by all of his friends working together. Kid Muscle, having saved Roxanne asked for a kiss as a reward. Then, to the shock of Kid and everyone else, she agrees. The Kid leans in for a kiss, but at the last second, Roxanne substitutes Doc instead. The Kid yells at Roxanne for forcing him to kiss the balding announcer, but she tells the Kid that she loves - and does not get to finish the sentence because the rest of the Jester Head explodes.

    Meanwhile, on a road exiting Mount Fuji, we see Kevin Mask (who no one watching had noticed was gone up until now) on his motorcycle and he scoffs that "Next time, Kid Muscle might not be so lucky as to have Kevin Mask on his side..." Possibly suggesting a showdown between the two in the finals of the Ichiman Chojin Crown.moreless
  • Kid Muscle Max'd Out
    With Baron Maximillion and Kid Muscle ready to square off, Kid Muscle laughs at the boniness of the Baron's body, as he is the skinniest wrestler anyone has ever seen. The Baron says that strength isn't the only way to win a battle, and Kid Muscle soon learns this as he charges toward the Baron and misses every time. Maximillion is too fast for him, and zips around the ring, striking Kid Muscle repeatedly. Meat comes up with a strategy for Kid Muscle, saying that he should grab onto the Baron when he gets close. Kid Muscle does this, and grabs onto the Baron's leg, stopping him from attacking. The Kid then says he only wishes the Baron was a real competitor, and Maximillion fulfills his wish by growing into a large wrestler in black armor, with huge hair. Now the same size as the Kid, the new Baron tosses Kid Muscle around the ring like a rag doll. As the Baron's about to finish him off for good, King Muscle shows up on the scene, looking pumped up. Everyone is shocked to see the veteran, who is soon embarrassed when his suit falls off, revealing he is very old and flabby, wearing just a big yellow diaper. King Muscle then tries to wake up Kid Muscle, using cow and rice, other food, and finally Roxanne's hand in marriage as a way to snap the Kid out of his trance. The Kid hears this, and Roxanne is disgusted when Kid Muscle jumps to his feet excitedly at the chance to be her fiancee. King Muscle then gives the Kid a sticker that has a wedding cake with Roxanne and the Kid on it, and the Kid sticks it to his forehead. With this motivation, Kid Muscle calls upon the power of Ultimate Muscle, and squares off against the Baron, evenly matched. Seeing that he is in trouble, the Baron transforms once again, his hair growing even larger, his armor turning red, and he grows twice as large as Kid Muscle. He has become Mad Maximillion. The Kid, determined, won't give up against Mad Max, as long as it means he can marry Roxanne. The Kid and Mad Max get ready to square off for the final showdown.moreless
  • The Final Grudge Match
    The final match of the Poison Six Pack between Kid Muscle and Kevin Mask vs. Jagg-Ed and Baron Maximillion to decide the fate of Roxanne is about to begin. Kevin Mask decides to go first, facing off against Jagg-Ed. The two begin their battle, and Kevin Mask soon takes charge of things, smacking Jagg-Ed around with his fists and doing all sorts of moves. Jagg-Ed finally musters a saw-blade attack by detaching both of his arms and hurling them like spinning blades at Kevin Mask, but Kevin is too quick and dodges them. Then, with Jagg-Ed weakened badly by Kevin Mask's barrage of attacks, Kevin goes in to finish Jagg-Ed off. Unfortunately, the time for Kevin Mask being in the ring, and with twenty seconds left, Kevin grabs Jagg-Ed and goes for a Mile-High Pile Driver. He leaps into the air, and comes down, taking Jagg-Ed out of the match. With Jagg-Ed beaten, only Baron Maximillion remains. However, everyone is disappointed to hear that Kevin Mask was one second too late with his attack, so he is disqualified. Therefore, it is down to Kid Muscle against Baron Maximillion, who appears to be very scrawny. Can Kid Muscle win against the bony billionaire?moreless
  • On Poison Pond
    On Poison Pond
    Episode 48
    After Mr. French Knocked Wally Tusket In To The Lake And Drip Ooze Into It, Wally's Mom Reminds Him Of The Time She Taught Him How To Move Through The Cold Water. Wally Remembers And Uses His Strength To Move Through The Lake And Returns To The Ring. Mr. French Uses His Tongue-Whip Attacks On Him, Even If It Involves Knocking Wally's Mom And His Sister Dorothy Into The Lake. Dik Dik Van Dik Wants To Tag In, But Mr. French Tells Him That If Wally Leaves, He And Monsieur Cheeks Will Beat Up Dik Dik. The Others Try An Attempt To Rescue Them, But No Success. Wally Finally Dives In To Rescue Him Despite Mr. French's Warning. When Wally Rescues Mom And Dorothy, Checkmate Appears And Weakens The Two Wrestlers [With Monsieur Cheeks' Wristbands Broken] With His Knight And Rook Mode. Checkmate Says That It May Be Illegal For Another Wrestler To Help, But They Didn't Say Anything About Friends And Then Checkmate Leaps Back To The Cliff. When Mr. French Leaps Toward Dik Dik Van Dik, Wally Appears Out Of A Burst Of Water And Slams Mr. French Into The Mat Defeating Him. Monsieur Cheeks Attacks Dik Dik Van Dik, But Dik Dik Attacks With His Antler Fist Followed By The Savannah Heat Attack And Defeats Monsieur Cheeks Once And For All. Kiki Is Free, The Next Match Featuring Kid Muscle And Kevin Mask VS Jagg-Ed And Baron Max-A-Million To Determine Roxanne's Fate Will Be Held In The Crater On Mt. Fuji.moreless
  • Cheek to Cheek
    Cheek to Cheek
    Episode 47
    Wally and Dik Dik vs. Mr French (A frog) and Moisseur Cheeks (A butt). They fight to rescue Kiki who is in the jester head and the odds aren't good.
  • Tag! You're It!
    Tag! You're It!
    Episode 46
    The Tag-Team Match Between Terry Kenyon And Jeager VS Dazz-Ling And The Protector Of The Poison Six-Pack Continue. Kid Muscle Uses The Stink Bug On A Fishing Pole To Snap Terry Kenyon Out Of Dazz-Ling's Illusion And Terry Saves Jeager From The Protector And They Agree To Work As A Team. Terry Kenyon Deflects Dazz-Ling's Illusion Beam At The Protector Trapping Him In An Illusion. Jeager's Attack On The Protector's Vulnerable Spot Causes The Protector To Shut Down. Dazz-Ling Creates A Hole In The Ring Causing Them To Fall Hanging On To The Branches Over A Deep Pit. Jeager Swings Terry Kenyon Upward And He Grabs Dazz-Ling. From A High Altitude, Terry Kenyon Slams Dazz-Ling Face First Onto The Wrestling Mat Defeating Them And Freeing Trixie. The French-Accent Kid Muscle Imposter Said He'll Fight Next Along With Another Poison Six-Pack Member In A Match Against Dik Dik Van Dik And Wally Tusket [While Making Fun Of Them] At A Big Lake To Determine Kiki's Fate And The Six-Pack's Transport Depart. Minutes Later At The Lake, The Wrestling Ring Is On The Tongue Of A Frog Statue Which Surfaces. The Two Six-Pack Members Reveal Their True Forms, Mr. French [A Frog Man] And Monsieur Cheeks [A "Butt-Head"] And The Match Begins [With Wally Tusket's Mom And Little Sister Spectating].moreless
  • The Poison Six-Pack
    The Poison Six-Pack
    Episode 45
    A Group Of Evil Wrestlers Called The Poison Six-Pack, Who Are Disguised As Evil Kid Muscle Clones, Crash The Ikemen Chojin Crown Banquet, Attacked Ikemen McMadd, And Kidnapped Roxanne, Trixie, And Kiki And Then Escape In Their Flying Transport That Looks Like A Jester's Head. To Get Them Back, Kid Muscle, Jeager, Kevin Mask, Terry "The Grand" Kenyon, Dik Dik Van Dik, Wally Tusket, And Checkmate Must Battle The Six-Pack, In Their True Forms, In A Tag-Team Match Located In The Redwood Forest To Free The Girls Who Are Dressed Up In Jungle Outfits. Terry "The Grand Kenyon And Jeager Are Pitted Up Against The First 2 Poison Six-Pack Members, Dazz-Ling [An Illusionist Who's From Jamacia Like Mr. Peel The Banana] And The Protecter [A One-Eyed Armored Character] To Determine Trixie's Fate. Can Terry And Jeager Work Together To Defeat Their Opponents And Free Trixie?moreless
  • Three Feet Heat
    Three Feet Heat
    Episode 44
    After Terry "The Grand" Kenyon Loses To Jeager In The Catch The Falling Person Game, The Next Challenge To Qualify For The Finals Is The Three-Legged Obstacle Race Where A Chojin A Paired Up With A Non-Chojin And Have To Finish In The Top 12. Kid Muscle Gets Stuck With A Sumo Wrestler Named Sasaki. Can Kid Muscle Get To The Top 12 In Order To Qualify For The Finals.moreless
  • Rock, Paper, Chojin
    Rock, Paper, Chojin
    Episode 43
    The Kid, now with a spot in the Chojin Crown, must compete in several tests until one Chojin will prevail. The first grueling task is a best out of 3 rock, paper, scissors and made you look competition, this Dik Dik Van Dik lost(he's a naturally curious creature). Followed by a heat where 3 wrestlers race to the finish line to save a falling person, this Wally lost. Will the Kid be able to survive and advance?moreless
  • The Prince and the Pauper
    There is only one spot in left in the Chojin Crown tournament and The Kid has his eye on it (to get Roxanne's eyes on him), but first he will have to get past El Nino "The Wrestler of the People"! Will The Kid be able to overcome El Nino's hurricane-like attacks and go on to the Chojin Crown or will El Nino finally fulfill his mothers final wishes and get his face on a tee-shirt?moreless
  • The Chojin Crown
    The Chojin Crown
    Episode 41
    When the Chojin Crown tournament becomes a tournament once more, all Muscle League Fighters must return to their home countries to fight for a position in the tournament. All fighters return- except Kid Muscle. When Kid overhears Roxanne and her mother talking about how they love guys with bulging muscles fighting in a tournament for honor and the cheers of millions of fans, he runs off to join the Tournament for the Chojin Crown.moreless
  • The Ultimate Victor
    The Ultimate Victor
    Episode 40
    After a long battle with Bone Cold, Kid Muscle finally pulls together and calls upon the power of Ultimate Muscle. With one final Muscle Millennium move, he takes out Bone Cold and claims his third victory of the Ultimate Muscle Challenge. However, when he can't light the torch, he sees Bone Cold and his father Skullduggery make up their ways and become family again. Terry and Checkmate have also become friends, despite their differences, and now, having learned this, Kid lights the third flame and claims the true power of Ultimate Muscle!moreless
  • For Meat's Sake
    For Meat's Sake
    Episode 39
    Kid Muscle meets the third and final competitor in his Ultimate Muscle challenge, Bone Cold. Definitely the strongest and worst of the three Bone Cold only has one weakness, a secret Mitch knows then again Mitch also knows a secret about Meats but before he tells either secret Bone Cold shoots him Mitch and... breaks his hip! But with his last breath before he is transported to a bed he tells Meats he is his father. Now can The Kid beat Bone Cold and avenge Mitch or will Bone Cold win and be set free from jail?moreless
  • Bone Cold Day in Paradise
    With Hanzo defeated the Kid goes to face his new even greater foe "Bone Cold"! But when the fight takes place in such a warm beach what could go wrong...well Mitch could get kidnapped. Now the Kid must find the 3rd flame of the torch and complete his Ultimate Muscle training.moreless
  • Tatami or Not, Here I Come
    The Kid continues to battle for his life without his finisher attack to save him. And now Hanzo shows that the grass mat can't stop his Tatami puppet. Soon the Kid is beaten off the mat. He soon meets Ninja Ned in the spirit world who tells him with the loss of the old Kid a new stronger Ultimate Muscle is now inside him. With that the Kid wakes up and finds he has been saved by the Ninja's scarf. Now with the new Ultimate Muscle can the Kid stop the powerful Samurai?moreless
  • The Ninja Alliance
    The Ninja Alliance
    Episode 36
    As Ninja Ned falls down the bottomless pit his scarf flies up to The Kid, meaning only one thing Ninja Ned has selected The Kid to avenge him. So then The Kid knows what he must do...RUN! But when The Ninja's spirit comes to help him The Kid gets enough courage to go face Hanzo! Now with the strength and knowledge of The Ninja and a new grass mat, will The Kid be able to defeat the faceless Samurai?moreless
  • Hanzo vs. Ninja Ned
    Hanzo vs. Ninja Ned
    Episode 35
    After defeating Forkollossus the Kid is transported to his next enemy of the gruesome threesome, Hanzo the Horrible! Hearing this Hanzo's capture Ninja Ned tries to talk them out of giving him his freedom because of the horrible things he has done, taken the face of hundreds, when he is ignored Ninja Ned goes to battle Hanzo instead of the Kid! But when this legend is defeated will the Kid be able to beat Hanzo and avenge Ninja Ned?moreless
  • Checkmate Returns
    Checkmate Returns
    Episode 34
    The Kid is getting clobbered by the half-man, half-machine, Forkollossus! With Forkollossus playing with The Kids conscience, The Kid doesn't understand if he's right about ruining evil wrestlers life even if it is saving the world! And when the baddest of the dMp returns, Checkmate, it can only spell trouble for the Kid or maybe not!moreless
  • The Ultimate Challenge
    After defeating Eskara The Kid is summoned back to Muscle Planet to test his Ultimate Muscle power! He is weak and is bruised from his battles and so is given the chance to fight the Gruesome Threesome (a group of wrestlers who got there name from what their victims looked like) to find alternative ways to win other then getting beaten up. But his Muscular foes won't be easy to overcome.moreless
  • A Desperate Situation
    Kept alive by the spirit of Jaguer the Kid keeps fighting. But with the skull that connected him to Jaguer gone and the Kinniku-buster beaten the only way for the Kid to win to make up his own move! But can the Kid be that creative?
  • The Champion of Planet Earth
    After being manhandled by Mars the Kid, in order to make new moves to win, must use something he has never before... HIS BRAIN! The kid begins bombarding Mars with all sorts of unique moves before bulling off his biggest yet! The Kid's NEW signature move THE MUSCLE MILLENIUM giving The Kid the match, championship and right to guard the earth from further evil!moreless
  • Kinniku-busted
    Episode 30
    After being beaten up by Eskara the Kid formulates a plan to put the powerful foe in his trademark Kinnikubuster but when he does Eskara is able to slip out of it both times and take away the Kids' consciousness and when Kevin Mask steps forward Eskaras' identity is revealed to be Mars. He is the last of the dMp and after winning this tournament has decided to restart this evil wrestling organization! But will mind of Jaguar and the body of Kid Muscle he'll have to work for it!moreless
  • Eskara vs. Kid Muscle
    After a misunderstanding Kid Muscle thinks that Roxanne is in love with him. He decides to win the match against Eskara for her and then ask her to marry him, He even TRAINS for the match!
    He mostly manhandles Eskara until he realizes Roxanne was talking about her new dog! With his spark gone will the Kid be a match for the powerful Eskara?moreless
  • A Generation Xed
    A Generation Xed
    Episode 28
    Eskara takes home the win with overwhelming power but is there a special reason he is fighting in this tournament?
  • Fight for the Finals
    Jaguer and Eskara face off for a chance to battle Kid Muscle in the Finals. When Eskara adds concrete to the Ring to upset Jaguers teacher will Jaguer be able to defeat his classmate on his own?
  • The Kid vs. the Squid
    Kid Muscle takes on Hydrazoa for a chance at the finals but will Kid be able to pull off a miracle to defeat this high powered, fishy threat.
  • Ink or Swim
    Ink or Swim
    Episode 25
    Kid Muscle takes on Hydrazoa for a chance at the finals but will Kid be able to pull off a miracle to defeat this high powered, fishy threat.
  • Ultimate Courage
    Ultimate Courage
    Episode 24
    Kid muscle has the perfect chance to escape from his match but sees that his friends who fought to protect him now were the ones who needed that protection.
  • From Bad to Worse
    From Bad to Worse
    Episode 23
    The second match of A block between Terry Kenyon and Eskara is unbelievable.
  • Road Rage
    Road Rage
    Episode 22
    Rage's Traffic Sign attack pushes Kid Muscle into a crisis.
  • A Bad Sign
    A Bad Sign
    Episode 21
    Wally Tusket who is again taken into Hydrazoa's body and is squeezed by Big Bone Crash* finally stops moving.
  • Water Damage
    Water Damage
    Episode 20
    Knowing Dik Dik Van Dik's defeat, Wally Tusket who now is filled with fighting spirit starts fierce attack on Hydrazoa.
  • The Muscle League vs. the Muscle League
    The tag match between the first semester and second semester Hercules Factory students is to be held in two separate arenas.
  • Cutting the Slack
    Cutting the Slack
    Episode 18
    After defeating the DMP and restoring peace once again, Kid Muscle heads back to town and again sets about flirting with local girls.
  • Roxanne Rocks!
    Roxanne Rocks!
    Episode 17
    Roxanne is captured by the remaining members of the DMP in order to get Kid Muscle to battle them. But they got more than they barganed for when Kid Muscle will do anything to get Roxanne back!
  • The Final Move
    The Final Move
    Episode 16
    As Checkmate and Kid Muscle face each other within the ring, Checkmate's right knee suddenly swells up.
  • The Student Rebellion
    Kid Muscle and the Muscle League are horrified when Checkmate turns against Sunshine, in a showdown between master and apprentice.
  • Feeling No Pain
    Feeling No Pain
    Episode 14
    Checkmate is a triple threat against Kid Muscle, transforming from ruthless King, to beastly Knight to cold-hearted Castle.
  • Checkmate!
    Episode 13
    Evil Super Villain Sunshine's second Night Mare, Checkmate dazzles the arena but leaves Kid Muscle in a daze because this DMP villain doesn't feel pain.
  • Cold War
    Cold War
    Episode 12
    Terry "The Grand" Kenyon discovers that father knows best and relies on his family's signature attacks to defeat the first Night Mare, Tyrannoclaw.
  • The Hand That Bites You
    When Terry is kidnapped by one of Sunshines goons, he finds himself in a situation where he has to battle Tyrannoclaw.
  • Unmellow Yellow
    Unmellow Yellow
    Episode 10
    The Muscle League embark on a trip to Little Tokyo to challenge the "Sunshine Nightmare". While waiting Kid Muscle goes to the Sushi bar and meats Sunshine himself!!!
  • Fury of the Scorned Shoe
    It seems years ago, Shacodile has suffered a defeat from King Muscle. Because of this, Pumpinator, his grandson wants to defeat Kid Muscle, in sought of victory.
  • Trouble Afoot
    Trouble Afoot
    Episode 8
    Max Man (Pumpinator) is in the ring, ready to finish off Mantaro, when Kevin Mask interrupts and belittle him for being a coward and self centered, and tells him he will get more respect if he fights Mantaro when he is at full strength, rather than taking advantage of his weakened condition. Max Man agrees to a one hour rest for Mantaro. In the mean time Mantaro is laid out on 3 front row seats resting under a blanket, next to the beef guidon. Throughout the episode, Mantaro is seen sneaking the bowls to eat. Max Man, in his impatience decides to make short work of a Hercules Factory graduate while he waits for Mantaro to rest. He will fight number one, which is Gazelleman, but since the DMP already beat the hell out of him, he will take number two. Terry the Kid agrees, but Max Man notes that Sieuchin is number two, and Terry is number three. Sieuchin gets into the ring and begins to beat the hell out of Max Man. Meat notices that Max Man looks really familiar. After a few brutal moves, Sieuchin is about to lay a massive kick on Max Man when he asks for a break to catch his breath. Sieuchin, the nice guy that he is, agrees to give him a quick moment, but it turns out to be a ploy by Max Man, who begins a vicious attack on Sieuchin. Morphing into the shoe, Max Man demolishes Sieuchin, and eventually plants a nasty suplex on him, driving him head first into the canvas. Max Man claims victory, as Sieuchin is sticking feet up, head buried in the canvas. Sieuchin recovers and asks him if that was his best. Max Man then uses his most brutal move on Sieuchin to finish him off. He launches Sieuchin into the air, and in the shoe form, he drives Sieuchin into the matt, toe planted firmly in him mid section. Sieuchin is finished and is removed on a stretcher. As he is taken out of the arena, Sieuchin asks if Mantaro saw that last move. Meat and the other say that Mantaro is out cold and couldn't have seen it, but Sieuchin says that Mantaro has been awake the whole time, eating the rice bowls. Meat immediately yanks off the blanket and berates Mantaro for sitting around while Sieuchin got the crap kicked out of him, and for eating all the food too. Mantaro goes to Sieuchin's side and finds out that after the suplex, he was finished, but that he took the brunt of the most devastating move, so that Mantaro would realize what he had coming. As Sieuchin is carted off, his bandana falls to the ground. Mantaro picks this up, encouraged by Sieuchin's selflessness, he vows revenge. Max Man says he has thirty minutes left, but Mantaro refuses the extra time and immediately goes to the back to prepare for the match. The three girls (including Rinko) sneak into the back and get a glimpse of Mantaro condition himself. Meat catches the girls and gives them the boot. He then sees Mantaro and is very proud. Mantaro emerges from the back and walks down the aisle gloriously, with Sieuchin's headband on. He enters the ring and begins to beat the hell out of Max Man. Max Man takes the last blows with ease and it is explained that he is resistant to blows, because of his shoe like resilience. Mantaro then applies some submission holds to him. Meat realizes why Max Man is familiar, he is the grandson of Snigator. Flashbacks show Snigator in a couple of his forms, including the hand! Max Man breaks free and morphs into the Shoe and does some damage to Mantaro, including a nasty pile driver into the matt. Mantaro looks down for the count, and the episode ends as we see the translucent form of Snigator enveloping the ring!moreless
  • Call Waiting
    Call Waiting
    Episode 7
    After using his "Trouma Voice Dial", Dialbollic finally makes an error. But Kid Muscle's victory proves fleeting when Dialbollic unleashes a volley of electrical attacks to Kid Muscle.
  • Mask of Terror
    Mask of Terror
    Episode 6
    Trouble has got Kid Muscle's Line when he faces his first dMp challenger,Dialbolic. Roxanne might ring Kid Muscle's bells, but will she be enough tho inspire our reluctant hero to victory.
  • Dial Up Danger
    Dial Up Danger
    Episode 5
    The new generation of Muscle League wrestlers thought the Hercules Factory was tough. But the factory was a pillow compared to what the Muscle League will face when they square off with their first match with the dMp.
  • Like Father, Like Son
    It turns out that Kid Muscle faces a face that looks very much like his own! He's set to wrestle his own father, the legendary King Muscle, a challenge he first laughs off. But then he realizes that his father takes this match very seriously. Will Kid Muscle beat his father? And what does Mom have to say about all this?moreless
  • Making the Cut
    Making the Cut
    Episode 3
    Just as the new generation of wrestlers think their trails in the Hercules Factory are complete, they learn, in order to graduate they must face the legendary wrestlers they aspire to replace.
  • Generation-Next!
    Episode 2
    Kid Muscle remains reluctant to follow in his fathers footsteps. Together with the help of sons of other legendary wrestling Heroes, Kid Muscle is taken to the Hercules Factory, a school were future heroes are put through brutal training exercises. Only the most strongest and the most skillful will survive. Will Kid Muscle survive these grueling tests?moreless
  • A Legend Reborn
    A Legend Reborn
    Episode 1
    Years have passed since the efforts of King Muscle and his fellow Muscle League Vanquised the evil dMp wrestlers. But now a generation of dMp have thrown down the gauntlet-literally, in the form of a giant rock fist that has slammed into planet earth. The Muscle league put their faith in a new young leader, Kid Muscle.moreless