Ultimate Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2012 on Disney XD

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  • "This is the part where I do something responsible, Doom might actually be a big deal! I should be the bigger man and call it off...ehh, maybe next life!"

    There is no way around it, this episode is riddled with irony. While I could jokingly go on and on about the title's succinct depiction of my opinion of this shows quality going forward, I won't. If only because it's fair to darn easy. I will instead draw attention to a specific moment (which is transcribed above) in which Spidey, a cutaway gag, contemplates being the voice of reason and being the role model for his teammates, he talks to the camera and considers it for a second when all of a sudden another Spider-man jumps down out of nowhere and squashes him and throws the idea out the window. He decides to engage in this idiotic and insubordinate rivalry with Nova as they both try to apprehend Dr. Doom, which to everyone's surprise(except the audience) goes horribly wrong. Waves upon waves of sitcom plot logic and characterization ensue and then there's this little thing where they almost cause nuclear fallout in New York and all Peter can jokingly say at the end is "Does it help if we're really sorry" after completely zoning out during Fury's well deserved ear-lashing.

    It's one thing to disregard character traits while trying to achieve a comedic tone, it's another entirely contort character to motive a plot so incomprehensibly cliched and insanely phoned in that you actually managed to dumb the character down even further.

    Thing is, I'm fairly certain the writers know that this is utterly unfaithful and detrimental, Tiger says several times that this plan is insane and stupid and yet it continues down it. I feel now that it's less about them not understanding the character, rather them just not caring weather their faithful or not.

    I'm going to fell bad if all I do in this review it rip into the show, if I have to pick something that I "liked"

    it would have to be the opening where Peter categorizes the table groupings in the school cafeteria as Silver Surfers (Skaters) and Hulks (Jocks).

    Next Week is titled "Venom"....wonder who the villain will be?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!