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Favorite Spiderman Villains and Guest Villains

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    Hiya there, Spiderfans tell me your opinions about your favorite Spiderman villains and guest villains on this series.

    My favorite Spiderman villains on this show would be Carnage, Venom, The Beetle. and Ultimate Green Goblin.

    I also like to add Doctor Doom traditional foe of the Fantastic Four. He will always be my favorite Megalmaniac villain. Like I said before he's not the original Spiderman villain like The Beetle. He is however part of Spidey's life no matter how many times he appears or fought in his original comics. I decided to put Doom's character aside from the guest villains.

    The guest villains I like so far in this series would be Taskmaster, Nightmare, and Mesmero.

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