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"Run Pig Run" - Official Discussion

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    [1]Sep 17, 2012
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    Discuss the episode here! Sorry I'm late posting this, but I'm sure no one's racing to the computer to hop on TV.com, everyone's favorite TV discussion site, and post their thoughts about the most thrilling new installment of everyone's favorite cartoon on television right now, the second the credits start rolling.Wink

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    [2]Sep 17, 2012
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    Lol, no worries, it's usually the same 2 or 3 of us posting anyway.

    For the episode, Loki is back to get his revenge on spiderman. Unfortunately it's swineman. Otoh, it does seem a little bit nice continuity wise that Thor shows up and gave parker a pep talk about humility after Thor was a frog for most of the episode the last time. I was kinda hoping the team would use their magic weapons, but I guess not...

    I have to admit seeing Parker and Coulson telling Flash to get out was kinda funny and lol with Coulson in his Rambo like appearance.

    I kinda find it hard to imagine the executioner without serving the enchantress like in Avengers, but I guess it's to fit the episode...

    Overall, 7.5/10. It was ok action wise, but not a big fan of the spiderpig gag.
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    [3]Sep 19, 2012
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    A fun episode to watch when Loki got his revenge on Spiderman. Loki disguise himself as a hot dog person and loan Spiderman a hot dog to trick him. Spidey ate the hot dog and turn himself into a pig. You know his spider sense did warn him about the danger, but he decided to ignore it and ate the hot dog anyway. Spidey or should I say Spider-Ham had another problem ! He's also hunted by Skurge The Executioner and couple hunters to hunt him down for sport. They try to chase him through the park, his school, and Helicarrier so they could kill him for supper. This is the first time I see Skurge talk in this series. He never talked in any of the Avengers episodes series. Spider-ham had help with Thor, his Spider friends, and Agent Colson to help him through this from the hunters who are chasing him. Spidey had to wait until sundown before this is over. His friends will try to hold the hunters off as long as they can until Spidey gets his original body back. Spidey wanted to confront Loki alone because he thinks Spider-Ham is a coward when his friends are trying to protect him. Spidey didn't like Loki mocking him and he didn't want his friends to take the burden to help him anymore. At the end Spidey came real close to his death when the sun came down just in time. Skurge axe came close by killing Spider-Ham. Loki wasn't happy and Spidey got his original body back and punch him out. It was a good fun episode to watch that will be remember in this series history.

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