Ultimate Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 1

Great Power

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Apr 01, 2012 on Disney XD

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  • pleasantly Suprised

    I am a Spider-man purist and really didn't want to enjoy this but I watched it with my two year old and found it to be really fun and entertaining.
  • *Wink*

    Very rarely is a pilot an iron clad representation of a show, if you're lucky it will wet your appetite for bigger and better things or be the first sign of the apocalypse!

    To judge an entire show solely on the quality of it's entrance is not only unfair, but perhaps even a little vindictive. But that's almost exactly what I'm about to do.

    Ultimate Spider-Man paints Peter Parker/Spider-man in a nonchalant and a wee bit reckless manner, which in turn brings him to the attention of Nick Fury director S.H.E.I.L.D, who tries to pursued him to let S.H.E.I.L.D train him to become a power house superhero like Iron Man or Captain America.

    And in here lies my fundamental problem with the show; it completely misinterprets Peter Parker as a character and his motivation for doing what he does.

    All of Peter predisposed character traits from over 40 years in comics are lost in translation and the fourth wall jokes feel like they betray the character.

    Peter's core motivation to fight crime and to be the best he can be is that he could have stopped his Uncle's killer, but he chose not to. This is the way it is and always should be.

    This scenario not only dilutes the impact of Uncle Ben's death and the core foundation on which Spider-man lore is built, it also completely contradicts it's own episode title. Peter is meant to be the earnest and humble everyman hero, an orphan growing up in Queens, him and his Aunt struggling to makes ends meat, while trying to live by the code his uncle told him, "With great power, must also come great responsibility". This show's Peter doesn't seem to have this credos, which I find immensely frustrating. This, for me at least collimates when Nick Fury essentially asks Spidey to mentor his fellow group of young heroes, which not only makes no sense in terms of where writers were trying to forcibly steer Peter, but throws it out the window and just left me confused.

    On a positive note, Chi McBride was a great Nick Fury and MJ was surprising good with her minimal screen time. I actually found the animation great and they show promise.
  • welcome iron spider

    wow what can i say? there are elements that shouldn't work for me BUT THEY DO there is stuff that is funny that shouldn't be BUT IT IS!!! it is a hybrid of spiderman and iron man obviously AND IT COMEPLETELY ROCKS!!! perfect series lets see the momentum keep up.