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  • Wasted Potential

    I mean it has some good episodes but mostly disappointing ones.
  • A disgrace to Spider-Man

    This show is pure shit...
  • Decent Show for Kids I guess

    There have been many better Spider-Man cartoons. Even the 60s series is better when you factor in the time period it was created in. In fact, this series is unrecognizably Spider-Man in any way. It's very childish and silly. If this series was made in the 80s, I would give it a pass for being bad because it's a kids show, but now an era where kids shows are suppose to entertain adults too. Examples: Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gravity Falls, etc. The only good thing I can say about this series is it easily has the best animation of any Spider-Man show. If you combine this series' animation, with Spectacular Spider-Man's writing and 90's Spider-Man voice actor, that would be the greatest superhero cartoon of all-time.
  • The best!

    The best Spider-Man series ever!
  • Ultimate Everything

    This show is amazing. The cute cartoons and well-played characters keep you entertained. I LOVE it!!
  • I feel cheated but I also like it

    This is nothing like any other Spiderman show I have seen. Some people think that it good some think it is bad. I`m going to start with what I like about the show. I like the art the design is nice. Along with the colors they used to make the show look nice and clear. I also like that they had the black spiderman suit for the time they had it, it was cool. Some of those shorts they do in between the show are funny 2 out of 5 are funny. Things I didn`t like most jokes fall flat. This new spiderman isn`t serious at all. They don`t go into the backstory at all. They introduce Venom in the 3rd episode and made is backstory completely bland. They could have pulled a Spectacular Spiderman where they show us how crazy his life is show us cool fights and show us the villians back stories they did the villians right. Here I also hate the team they get in the way. I like when they bring in cameos more often then not Iron Man was done right Thor was done good. LIke I said that black spiderman suit it`s in here not with Peter wearing it but they did it right. The things I like over weigh the things I don`t. But like I said I feel cheated because it`s not like any other spiderman show we`ve seen.


    I don`t like the show by any stretch of the imagination. The worst part of the series is that it`s not Spiderman. In this he`s not serious, he`s not the science geek, and Uncle Ben was made less than a cameo. They didn`t go into his death and he never acts like this effected him being Spiderman. This may have Spiderman`s name but none of its heart. That's why I lowered my rating.

  • I love this show

    I really love Spider-Man show. It was a funny show. I like the show where Spider-Man teams up with 4 Teenage heroes: White Tiger, Nova, Power Man and Iron Fist. But I really love that show. It was great. The animation is great. The music is terrific. But I most find it excellent. I gave it Positive review and I rate this show 10 out of 10.
  • Great for kids, not aimed at adults

    My son (7 years old) LOVES this show. It's a fun little show and great for introducing kids to the Marvel Universe. Is it "in-continuity"? No. Is it dark, serious, and deep? No. But it's for kids!! Let them enjoy it!
  • Ultimate garbage

    They made peter parker an cheap rip off of deadpool!!!!!!What else i need to say.
  • Kind of does`nt feel like the other spidermans

    This show is`nt 100% original. First of all, it feels like the Avengers 2.0, only it`s with younger heros who try to have a normal life outside of fighting crime. Also, the shows ideas of random gags reminds me of something. When this shows Spiderman makes jokes or does a random cartoon moment, it feels like Family Guy, so it makes the serious moments feel more akward. The show can also feel too uptight. Nick Fury is one of those Big Brither privacy invaders who has to know what his heros are doing 24/7. I`d rather watch a Shadow the Hedgehog adventure than this show. (But itsnot the worst show I`ve watched
  • Based on the kids comic Ultimate Spiderman not the adult comic

    This show is based on the Ultimate Spiderman comic that is released for kids. It has no continuances and leaves out the adult theme. My 9 year old has a subscription to it and it is honestly more closely to the comic than any other comic based show out there. Don't expect it to be like other Spiderman shows because it was made for kids. A comic book made for kids, Huh. Go figure. Judging it from that standard I think it is perfect. If you want an adult cartoon about spiderman you will have to look somewhere else.
  • I can see why they did it, I think they went too far

    I'm relatively new to Spider-man stuff, this was the first Spider-man series I've watched, but I watched it have read reviews telling me to keep away.

    I can't help but the feel is action and pacing are cast aside for sequences that remind me of Teen Titans, except not used so sparingly. Not to mention the constant breaking of the 4th wall, it comes across as rather silly.

    And because it has plenty of characters to deal with on the hero side, the alter-egos and acquaintances are rather shallow characters.

    Having gone back and watched the Spectualar Spider-man to compare, there's no doubt that Spectacular is a much better series.

    But I do like that they're giving us the sense of a much wider universe by incorporating SHIELD, the Hulk, Thor, etc. (although perhaps it would've made more sense to set up more of Spider-man's rogues gallery before adding Living Laser, Loki or Mesmero to the mix)
  • Inferior storytelling...

    I can tolerate the times when Spiderman breaks the fourth wall, and honestly, the animation in this show is top-notch. However, Ultimate Spiderman spends too many episodes making Spidey fit into a crime-fighting team, and the nature of Spidey's power-ups are so simplistic - either he is given new equipment to play with, or he is exhorted by Nick Fury or Agent Coulson to be more grown-up in the way he makes his choices. The latter part is not believable since Nick Fury and SHIELD essentially reduced to taking care of teenagers, something normally done by parents, friends and school. There really isn't a lot of meaningful believable character development going on in this show.

    Spectacular Spiderman, on the other hand, had to contend with a lot of issues: the constant money problems at home and Spidey's attempts to help Aunt May keep the household finances afloat, balancing his time crime-fighting and his social life as Peter Parker, the ways his school friends and Aunt May helps him keep his head straight amidst the various difficulties in his life. The show even takes the time to go through, not just Peter Parker's the character development, but also the character development of the people important in his life, including his enemies in this show.

    Both Spectacular and Ultimate Spiderman have a lot of funny moments, but Ultimate Spiderman comes across as more shallow in terms of storytelling despite its better animation.
  • A fun Spider-man show? Sign me up!

    It's good, don't listen to the haters. They are just mad that the low rated Spectacular Spider-man got canceled. And that show was good, this one is good too.

    Only complaint is it's on Disney XD (So many irritating commercials). And they have done a terrible job on DVD releases. Full Season Please.
  • The Worst SpiderMan Show Yet

    My favorite superhero is spiderman since i was a child and i would always fascinate like who would win at fight out of Captain America or SpiderMan I always thought spider looking inside this show they have spider idolizing Cap as his hero I mean Stan didn't even create SpiderMan with a favorite Superhero it just makes me mad when I watched the episode Not A toy witch introduces Captain America in to the series for the first time spiderman and his hole group of bitches get handled by Captain America I bet Money Spiderman Is one of the strongest characters in Marvel I'd rather have Greg Weisman's Spectacular Spiderman Back witch I loved I would wake up at 9 am in the morning on a Saturday to watch that and the show was really good If I could decide the show would be replaced by Spectacular Spiderman and the only reason I rated 5.5 is because the great animation the battle scenes oh and I forgot to mention this show is Goffy as hell Peter Parker's a nerd the creators really missed me with this one But I Love SpiderMan and The Animation and the battle scenes.
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man got canceled and THIS replaced it?

    Ultimate Spider-Man is too childish for my liking. It annoys me how Peter breaks the 4th wall a lot in this show. well, it's Disney, so I wouldn't blame them for making it childish. I won't say anything else because I haven't seen a full episode, I saw half of one, and it was not impressive.
  • why marvel why

    After spectacular spiderman cancelled and when I heard ultimate spiderman is going to replace it I was excited and now its just the opposite. The story line is too childish and almost predictable. Even the ssm was for kids and the story line was good and definitely not predictable .

    So far the only two episodes that were good was the one about the goblin.

    I expected better from marvel.
  • Ultimate in its own right

    It's always been fun to see comics I've read throughout my life transformed into tv shows and movies, and this one is fun as well. Everything is changed in this, and when I say everything, I mean everything. This doesn't necessarily mean bad though. This show plays on Disney XD. Disney XD, what really was to be expected? This is a channel meant for little kids, if they had wanted to make a good show about Spiderman that followed the plot line, they very easily would have. It's not that hard with Spiderman. As mentioned earlier though, this is definitely made for little kids though, while we may not think breaking the fourth wall is funny or Spiderman-like, it's a goofy way that Spiderman can communicate to the younger audience that it's targeted at. A lot of kiddies like that. The whole superhero team is easily thrown in there because being on a team and working together is an theme that kid shows try to teach kids. While a Spiderman show that showcased everything that actually happens would have been great to have, I like to think in it's own way it's ultimate. I've noticed most episodes have a general theme or message that they are trying to get across, like most kid shows that are targeted at age group. It's not quite educational, but it can teach kids a few things along the way. All in all I definitely would've rather watched this, than any sort of show with a message when I was a kid. It's goofy, fun, and it has Spidey. I'll continue watching, won't be the best Spiderman show I've ever seen by far, but it isn't too bad, especially if your a seven year old watching cartoons.
  • Great show!

    Not sure what all the fuss it about. It's the same old cheeky spiderman but with more interesting characters widening the marvel universe. Great fun to watch even if it is a bit childish, but that's to expect from spiderman!
  • Meh, It's Alright

    I have to say after Spectacular Spiderman was cancelled, I was expecting something to fill the hole... but then we get Ultimate Spider-Man... I'm quite disappointed in this show, the Spectacular Franchise focused on great plot points, fantastic character development, and ACTUAL funny dialogue and quips coming from Spidey. However, on the other hand; the Ultimate Franchise focused more on jokes, that just aren't funny to me. Well, love it or hate it; this show isn't the worst thing in the world like how some people put it. It's not very good, but I'd give it a watch. Otherwise, the only good thing I can think of is the animation was pretty well done; some people have complained about the animation in Spectacular Spider-Man; but this truly shows "Never judge a book by it's cover."

    And that's my review~

    5 out of 10
  • i dig it

    i'm a pretty long time fanboy and marvel is my bread and butter....i luv this show and the cutaway scenes r 1 of the things i really enjoy...i think the name they choose was poor...if the wanted 2 do an ultimate spider-man then they should've tied it into the avengers show as both do have the sam jacksonised nick fury from the ultimate comics and peters parents were involved with the same attempt 2 recreate the supersoldier serum that produced the hulk, giant man/ antman, ect, ect...this family guy meets marvel thing would've gone better with a deadpool show....and that would've been great but spider-man is the more well known property....lets face it he's on the underroos he gets the cartoon...but i'm happy 2 see this innovation at all...it makes me laugh and it makes 4 good tv...if i wanted it 2 b like the comics i'll just pull out my collection and start readin
  • Ultimate Disaster!

    Okay, that's it! This is what happens you try and create something based on something which is good and doesn't need anything else to be perfect.. you either come up with something way better, or you get this.

    Don't get me wrong, I kinda like a couple of things in the series, but compared to other Spider-Man series this is a complete joke. They totally ignore most things that happened in the original comic books, and they just put things in it that don't even make sense!

    I had great expectations for this series, especially because Disney decided to cancel "The Spectacular Spider-Man" just when it was getting good, but it seems to me that everything that i was hoping this series to be, is not going to be.

    I'll start with the good things in it. The voice-cast is good, the animation is fluid and the action sequences are brutal. Plus, I also love the fact that Stan Lee and his wife, Misty Lee are voicing Stan the Janitor and Aunt May (it's a bonus for us hardcore fans). But that's pretty much it. As for the bad things, well let's start with this... the series is loosely based on Ultimate Spider-Man, but it's so loosely based that they even decided to create lame super villains known as the Frightful Four. I mean, where are the REAL super-villains that we see Spidey fighting against?! Oh, and did I mention that this time he's being trained by S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to serve with Luke Cage, the White Tiger, Nova and the Iron Fist in a super hero team? I mean, why does Spidey need sidekicks for? (Spider-Man became famous because back in the 60's he was the only super hero who was a teenager and wasn't a sidekick like Robin or Superboy. He definitely doesn't need to team up with other heroes to fight crime). Okay, sure, if he teamed up with Captain America or Iron Man, or even the Fantastic Four, I would love that to happen. But this, I think it was a really bad idea...

    But the worst part is the fact that they are portraying Spidey as an immature teenager, something he never was (sure he cracked a few jokes, but that's his way to deal with all that stress and pressure, while fighting). Plus, they are making him break the 4th wall (something that he doesn't do either in the comics or on any other animated series... who they think he is, Deadpool?!). Like I stated before, the only one who breaks the 4th wall is Deadpool, and he's not even slated to appear on this series.

    My rating for this one is a lame 4.5 because this is not Spider-Man, in fact, this whole series is a serious insult to Spider-Man. You don't call a series Ultimate Spider-Man, if it doesn't have anything to do with the comic book in question, or with the character. As Stan Lee would say: Nuff said.
  • This is Ultimate?

    I was heart broken when the cancelled Spectacular Spiderman. That show hit the mark on many of the key elements within the spiderman Mythos. I've collected all the ultimate Spiderman Comics (in hardcover no less) and I can say that it truely was a freash take on the spiderman subject. Saddly, a cartoon adeptaion of the same name doesn't live upto it's roots, Comic or the Spetacular series. The spectaular Spiderman, its crude drawing and awsome catchy intro, followed more closely to the ultimate spiderman story then this show. "one more thing" Having spiderman join a team (been done. i.e. New Avengers "Cough", "Cough") this early in his life and at his age, Really the wrong direction. "one more thing" in the comic version of ultimate spiderman, peter dies excatly 1 year after becoming spiderman. Honestly I don't know why they cancelled Spectacular Spiderman for this.
  • I like it, but I can easily see its flaws.

    I was excited to hear a new Spiderman cartoon was on its way. Then, about a week or two before its premier, I read that he was going to be teamed up with teen versions of White Tiger, PowerMan, Iron Fist, and Nova. I was iffy on that idea, but I kept my hopes high, thinking that they may be trying to execute in a style similar to Cartoon Network's DC hit "Teen Titans", and to an extent, I was right. The show does bear similar qualities to that of Teen Titans, such as humorous cutaways where the characters are in a chibi art style. HOWEVER, what prevents this show from being as good as Teen Titans is its inability to balance the humor with the action and, occasionally, its episode plots. Firstly, "Ultimate Spiderman" features (very frequent) aside moments where Spidey talks to the audience during a situation, mostly to crack a bad joke or do "instant replays" of a certain event two or three times in a row, which ultimately throws off the vibe and excitement of the battle going on. The asides are good on an occasion, like maybe once or twice every 5 episodes or so, but abuse of it really brings the overall quality of the show down. Secondly, the episode plots can be rather iffy at times. The show, I noticed, tends to use either comicbook plots the majority of people either never heard of, or have heard of but weren't interested in it, such as the episode where Thor is transformed into a frog. Another factor that brings the show down further is that fact that the show has a frequent tendency to stray too far from the original comic. Such as Venom coming from Spidey's own DNA, or the Super Adaptoid being an experiment of S.H.E.I.L.D rather than a product of the Tinkerer. The show is supposed to be based off the Ultimate Spiderman comic book, yet from the very beginning of the series, they strayed far from that which it was based off of. This is a very bad move, considering that the majority of the show's viewers will be fans of the original series. Also, on a side note, the show also uses gimmicks in episode plots where Spidey has to don the "Iron Spider Armor" or use the "Spider-Cycle". Clearly, the only purpose this serves is to sell a line of toys to the younger viewers.

    I dont really like this show but for some reason watch it every week. Dont know why they cancelled spectacular spiderman, that was a good show.
  • I don't hate this show

    I have been heard alot of negative review for this show, however hear are my thoughts on this show. I think that Blockbuster Buster was right. This show is trying so hard to be like "Teen Titans". I too find that spider-man's "talking to the fourth wall" stihck too be annoying and it does rub people off the wrong way. But if you take away the forced comedy and make characters like white tiger and nova likeable, then this show would be awesome.
  • Thanks for getting my hopes up for nothing

    Um...no. This is not Spider-Man. This is not Peter Parker. In the first episode, Peter said he would catch a nap in between classes. This isn't the Peter Parker I grew up with. This is what would happen if Peter became popular or something. Just so bad. It's not funny...at all. There was like 1 good joke and the rest was just trash. It gets on your nerves if you're not like 5. If your kid watches this, take him to see The Amazing Spider-Man (PG-13) to show him the REAL Peter Parker. Just...just no. Also, that team of heroes shouldn't be working with Spider-Man. Spider-Man works alone, that's why I love him because he's better on his own and not with some lame team whose even more annoying than "Peter" himself.
  • On its own merits

    I've been keeping up on this and its just not very good. I keep seeing a lot of reasons why but most of it is fanboy stuff. So I'm going to try to judge it on its own merits. It does try to be original by bringing in a new cast of lesser known super heros. Spider-Man learning to work on a team instead of just being own his own does have some potential too. All the guest stares and guest villian do take away from it as a spider-man cartoon but for the sake of making it harmonious with universe why not. Parker, MJ and Harry are even pretty close to their ultimate depictions. Harry getting venom is an interesting idea in itself. So why did I give this a 1.5? Because it's painful to watch. Its like watching a stand up comedian crash and burn and thus far thats all it's been. Just a stand up comedian who is kind of a jerk tell bad jokes. Not a lot of substance there. I get that Parker had to grow into the great hero he became but he wasn't exactly starting from scratch. So lemme know when that happens... if that happens.

    Also who the *** gave him a bike?
  • Where's Peter... I can't... I can't see him...

    Wow... This was impressive. I am honestly floored by how much they missed Peter Parker's character. It's like they were aiming backwards, and subsequently shot Uncle Ben again twice in the head.

    Gone is the selfless Parker and in his place is the unfunny, selfish, short-sighted, arrogant prick Parker. To be fair, many of the other characters, IE: Norman Osborn, are in they're finest form. But when the MC from which all other hinge on is an abomination, it doesn't help.
  • funny!

    the shows not in the league of "serious cartoon"..... but the humour is loveable and too osm to miss!!
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