Ultimate Spider-Man

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Apr 15, 2012 on Disney XD

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  • I'm still up in the air about this show.

    When I watched the pilot episode a few weeks back, I wondered how long it would take for my opinion of the show to form and then set in stone. After Doomed, I had the feeling that this episode would solidify my disdain for the show. So naturally my expectations were fairly low.

    Which is why when the episode finished and I realised that I had sort of enjoyed myself, it was a wee bit shocking. While I wouldn't say that this has single-handedly turned the show into something I would look forward too every week, I would even have trouble labeling this as "good". However, I must admit that I found the plot mildly interesting and the fourth wall jokes didn't irritate me as much as the have the past few weeks, mainly because the were shorter than usual.

    In other words I found the show tolerable for once.

    I stated in a previous review that with what little screen time they had, MJ and Harry managed to garnered my interest and I had hoped that the writers would flesh out the friendship between. (Which was one of the best things about the USM comic) While I did get my wish and I like a decent chunk of what I saw, the conflict was a little forced in some respects. In any case, I still was glad that it happened. In regards to the main plot, which introduced the symbiote into the fold, but oddly enough does not feature Spidey's arch foe of the title, was a vast step up from previous weeks. The plot actually felt like at least some effort went into the plotting and didn't feel like an excuse for jokes. It had some sinister moments and teased even more of Doc which I'm starting to warm to the shows approach for him. So my judgement has been postponed for the moment with this passable effort.

    That being said, a lot of the odd ball humour felt thrown in and some of the characterization did not land as well as I would have hoped. Plus I would have liked it if they had dropped out Peter's team mates entirely and focused on his relationship with his friends rather than them standing in the back round.
  • Can't pick a style

    Don't get me wrong there is something about this show that makes me laugh and some that leave me puzzled, This episode made it all to clear, that the puzzled was far more then the laughter. Now I did laugh, but the show hasn't found whether it is going to be dark and for teens or kid friendly. Most of the show is kid friendly and comic, but about 3 minutes is questionable, and just makes me confused. One minute it fun cartoon then the next it's so dark it reminds you of The Dark Knight.

    If you are confused by this rant, don't worry, this is the feeling you get when you watch this episode.