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  • Ultimate

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 26 - 11/10/13

    In the second part of the finale, Osborn has become the Goblin again, and has revived the old hellicarrier as the Hellcarrier. Now armed with a large surplus of Goblin serum, he has plans to turn everyone in New York into a Goblin paradise. Now Spiderman has to not only fight the Goblin, but his now goblin serum infused team mates.

  • Return of the Sinister Six

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 25 - 11/3/13

    In part 1 of the two part season finale, SHIELD still doesn't trust Norman Osborn, despite his work as Iron Patriot. However he just might get his chance when Doc Ock reforms the Sinister Six, with Scorpion replacing Beetle, and all six are outfitted with advanced Osborn equipment.

  • Sandman Returns

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 24 - 10/27/13

    Due to an accident in the lab, Sandman is released from his prison, but shows signs of rehabilitation. Spiderman decideds to help him out, but that might be harder than expected.

  • Second Chance Hero

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 22 - 10/20/13

    After being cured from the Goblin disease, Norman Osborn becomes the Iron Patriot. Suspicious that Norman isn't cured, Fury asks
    Spider-Man to bring him in to S.H.I.E.L.D, but Spider-Man feels like Norman has changed and wants to give him a second chance. Harry still doesn't trust Spider-Man.

  • Blade and the Howling Commandos

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 22 - 10/5/13

    When Spider-Man and the team are attacked by Dracula and his vampire family, Blade and the Howling Commandos need to help defeat the blood-thirsty vampires.

  • Game Over

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 20 - 9/29/13

    When Arcade threatens the world with missiles, Captain America is sent in to stop him.  Spider-man stows away on the plane and they join up with another hero.

  • The Parent Trap

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 19 - 7/28/13

    On a mission with Shield agents, Power Man and Spider-Man discover that the two Shield scientists creating a super solider serum are Luke's long lost parents and need to rescue them.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 18 - 7/21/13

    When Nova's previous team comes to earth to enlist his assistance, Spider-man learns a new side to his undisciplined friend.

  • Venom Bomb

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 17 - 7/14/13

    When Spider-man captures the Green Goblin and Shield imprisons him on the Heli-carrier, something is too easy about the capture. The ship is almost overrun with Venoms lead by a Goblin version and Dr. Octopus must help find a cure.

  • Ultimate Deadpool

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 16 - 7/7/13

    When Deadpool, a former teammate, returns to Shield to gather info on a villain, Spider-Man tags along with him on his mission to learn. Spidey learns that Deadpool is capable of going over the line.

  • Stan By Me

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 15 - 8/4/13

    Spiderman gets help defeating a villain from a most unlikely source, the janitor Stan Lee.

  • The Incredible Spider-Hulk

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 14 - 6/23/13

    Spider-Man and the Hulk must deal with new problems when their minds are switched.

  • Journey of the Iron Fist

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 13 - 6/16/13

    Spider-Man travels to K'un L'un when Iron Fist needs help and the Scorpion attempts to destroy them both.

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 12 - 6/9/13

    The team is turned into mini-versions of themselves when they accidentally touch an Asgard relic.

  • Swarm

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 11 - 6/9/13

    When Spider-Man upgrades his spider tracers with tech from Tony Stark's lab, he accidentally creates a nearly unstoppable enemy.

  • The Man-Wolf

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 10 - 4/14/13

    The team travel to the moon to save J. Jonah Jameson's son and discover a menacing secret.

  • House Arrest

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 9 - 4/7/13

    The team discover that Shield made a "few" upgrades to Aunt May's house and are trapped inside when Nova accidentally triggers the lock-down protocol.

  • Carnage

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 8 - 3/31/13

    When the Green Goblin returns to turn Spider-Man into a weapon, Carnage interferes by attacking both of them. This forces the two enemies into joining together to stop Carnage.

  • Spidah-Man!

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 7 - 3/24/13

    Spider-Man accepts an invitation from the city of Boston to become their official hero.

  • Sinister Six

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 6 - 2/17/13

    Six villains (five he knows and a new one) trap Spider-man alone.

  • Hawkeye

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 5 - 2/10/13

    Spider-Man and the Avenger Hawkeye are forced to team up to fight the Beetle.

  • Kraven the Hunter

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 4 - 2/3/13

    When White Tiger starts acting strange and unfocused, the team tries to find out why and discovers that an enemy of White Tiger's father wants to take her powers.

  • Rhino

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 3 - 1/27/13

    Spider-Man must protect Flash Thompson from Rhino's attacks.

  • Electro

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 2 - 1/21/13

    When Electro taps into and steals the city's power, Spidey and the team need to stop him.

  • The Lizard

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 1 - 1/21/13

    Doctor Octopus is back and Spidey's attempts to stop him are hampered by Dr. Curt Connors' transformation into the Lizard.

  • The Rise of the Goblin

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 26 - 10/28/12

    Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. join forces to protect Harry Osborn, but Green Goblin and Venom partner up to defeat them.

  • Revealed

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 25 - 10/28/12

    Dr. Octopus and Norman Osborn join forces to form the Green Goblin.

  • Attack of the Beetle

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 24 - 10/14/12

    Aunt May goes on a date with Phil Coulson, Peter's principal and S.H.I.E.L.D. supervisor, and the Beetle returns to continue his evil deeds.

  • Not a Toy

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 23 - 10/7/12

    Spider-Man loses Captain America's precious shield and, when the two try to track it down, they discover that Doctor Doom has gotten his hands on the old soldier's shield and doesn't intend to just give it back.

  • The Iron Octopus

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 22 - 9/30/12

    Doctor Octopus takes over Iron Man's suits of armor and launches attacks on OsCorp and S.H.I.E.L.D.

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