Ultimate Spider-Man

Season 2 Episode 26



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In the second part of the finale, Osborn has become the Goblin again, and has revived the old hellicarrier as the Hellcarrier. Now armed with a large surplus of Goblin serum, he has plans to turn everyone in New York into a Goblin paradise. Now Spiderman has to not only fight the Goblin, but his now goblin serum infused team mates.

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Jul 18, 2014
go to watch cartoons online and look up ultimate sider man they have the first 6 episodes
Nov 10, 2013
It was an ok ep. They've been overusing goblin though. I do like that spidey at least tried to get thru to his goblin infected team thru their past experiences this season. Did like the old helicarrier rising from the river and the comparison to the tri carrier, damn that is insanely big if so. Everything seemed to have wrapped up neatly leading up to whether spidey decides to ditch his team for the avengers. And assuming this show is in the same univers as AA, then i think it's safe to say he is sticking with his team especially if the show is getting a 3rd season. So not really much of a cliffhanger.

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