Ultra Maniac

(ended 2003)





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  • A great, entertaining show, with colorful characters and some great stories.

    Ultra Maniac follows the adventures of Ayu Tateishi, eighth grader at the Hideo Middle School and her "best" friend, Nina Sakura, a young witch who adores Ayu and tries to do her best helping her. Unfortunately she doesn't succeed every time, resulting in some great comical scenes.
    The animation looks great, and the show offers a lot of character development during its run. Ayu is the most popular girl in school, member of the Tennis club and has a crush on Tesushi Kaji, the best player from the school's Baseball team.
    Nina is a witch who transferred from the magic kingdom. She brought with her a few magical items including a magic computer. As the series progresses, she will develop a crush on Tesushi's friend, Hiroki Tsujiai, a member of the Tennis club.
    The series might seem an innocent high-school romantic comedy, but it's more than that. As the story develops, Nina receives the mission to find the Holy Stones. That's when things change completely and you got another magical girl type anime series.
    This show is very entertaining, and you should check it out if this is your type of thing.