Ultraman Tiga

FOX (ended 2003)


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  • Fantastic new Ultraman series that was destroyed by a really poor US dub and viewing schedule.

    Ultraman Tiga was the latest incarnation of the ever popular Japanese cult icon Ultraman series to reach the US shores. Unfortunately, the dubbing for the new series and 4Kids dubbing for the Fox Box did not do this series justice. Since the original Ultraman no one in the US seems to know how to market the series here. There is somthing truly unique about Ultraman that is iconic in Japanese culture that has never had the impact this side of the Pacific. The original Ultraman series did quite well in the US and several attempts to revive it's popularity over here have met with little to no success. The short lived series Ultraman: Toward the Future was the last to be broadcast on US shores around the time Power Rangers popularity was just really starting. Since then Power Rangers has been going strong and despite a few more Ultra shows they never made it over here.

    Ultraman Tiga is considered one of the best of the newer Ultra series. There are a lot of tributes to the original series (including an episode featuring the original Ultraman!) and the action is fierce. In its original uncut and unedited format (thankfully on DVD). Ultraman Tiga shines with decent special effects and some really strong storylines. There are a couple two parters which are well written and all the characters are developed in their own way.

    Ultraman Tiga himself is particularly cool because of his different power modes and each modes unique fighting ability. This series also feature some fantastic monster (kaiju) suit designs with some spectacular battles. All in all it was a great series that after 52 episdoes, that's right 52, has a fantastic and spectacular conclusion. There have since been a number of movies to feature Ultraman Tiga, a few of which are on DVD in the US. Great cast, strong special effects and in particular strong stories made this a great 30th anniversary series that is not to be missed.