Ultraman Tiga - Season 1

FOX (ended 2003)


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  • To The Shining Ones (3)
    Ultraman Tiga lies at the bottom of the ocean defeated by the evil Gatanozoa and reverted back into stone. Now GUTS races to find a source of light to restore Tiga to resume the fight. Can they restore Tiga and save the planet before it is plunged into eternal darkness? This is the final episode of Ultraman Tiga series.moreless
  • Master of Darkness (2)
    Picking up where the previous episode left off, Zoiger begin appearing all over the planet attacking all countries and TPC mobilizes to meet the threat. Suddenly, the underwater city begins to rise and an ancient evil Gatanozoa traps Shinjoh and Horii under the ocean as it begins plunging the planet into total darkness. GUTS headquarters is invaded by the darkness and they are forced to flee under the invading evil. Can Daigo and Ultraman Tiga stop the master of darkness?moreless
  • Take Me Higher! (1)
    Take Me Higher! (1)
    Episode 50
    In part one of the final three part trilogy of Ultraman Tiga, a mysterious undersea city appears and GUTS goes to investigate. From the city emerges a terrifying new foe Zoygar and while most of GUTS pursues the monster, Iruma is visited by Yuzare, the hologram from the past. She warns that Zoygar is here to bring darkness and destruction. Unable to match the monsters speed in the air, GUTS retrofits new flying vehicle Snow White and while chasing Zoygar, Rena reveals to Daigo that she knows he is Ultraman Tiga. Can Ultraman Tiga defeat this new foe and save Rena?moreless
  • The Ultra Star
    The Ultra Star
    Episode 49
    A strange man appears around town looking for monsters which leads him to Tsuburaya Production studios. Wanting to meet Eiji Tsuburaya he is told he would have to go back in time. Daigo of GUTS watches as the man makes a time portal and goes back in time to 1965. Following the man, Daigo discovers he is Charija and witnesses him freeing the monster Yanakagi from a lake where it was imprisioned by the original Ultraman years before. Can Ultraman Tiga defeat this monster?moreless
  • Fugitive From the Moon
    Strange things are happening at moon base Garowa and when one of the officers flees and destroys the base GUTS wants to investigate. Returning to earth this officer begins influencing members of TPC and they refuse to allow Iruma to search for her friend Hayata captain of the moon base. Soon it is revealed aliens are replacing members of the TPC and GUTS, Captain Hayata and Ultraman Tiga must work together to stop the twin alien menace.moreless
  • Goodbye to Darkness
    Goodbye to Darkness
    Episode 47
    While on a date in the city Horii witnesses a massive power failure citywide and when GUTS investigates all the workers report a monkey who eats electricity. Soon a monster appears and GUTS believes they have stopped it. Soon they learn the monster was an experiment involving the Evolu cells and when it reappears heading toward a major power facility they must do anything in their power to stop it.moreless
  • Let's Go to Kamakura!
    A down on his luck photographer turns to TPC after he claims to have seen a monster. He tries and tries to get evidence to back up his words but no one believes him. GUTS meanwhile begins investigating and soon realize there is a connection between the monster appearance and the train the photographer was taking pictures of. When the monster fully materializes Ultraman Tiga must stop it and return it from where it came?moreless
  • Life Forever
    Life Forever
    Episode 45
    GUTS detects a new species of plant life and begins investigating when Rena and Shinjoh fall under the influence of the plants pollen. Daigo meets a young woman who claims to come from the people who ruled before humans and he takes her back to headquarters to investigate. There he learns the plant Gijera is here to bring supreme happiness to humanity and as a result it's ultimate destruction. As more people fall under influence of the plant its up to Ultraman Tiga to stop it before all is lost.moreless
  • Inheritance of Darkness
    Picking up where the previous episode left off, Daigo pursues the man revealed as Mazaki who wants to use his spark lense to transform himself into light. Daigo reaches a cave where another Titan statue along with a statue of a monster are in stone and Mazaki manages to transform himself into light and inhabit the titan. Now Daigo must defeat this "Evil Tiga" by recovering his spark lense before he can conquer the world.moreless
  • The Land Shark
    The Land Shark
    Episode 43
    In part one of a special two parter, while GUTS is investigating the appearance of a monsterous shark fin that "swims" underground destroying city's, Daigo receives a message from a man who wants to know his secret. When the shark threatens a amusement park, Daigo transforms into Ultraman and the man reveals he created Geozark to test him and a day will come when he too will have Daigo's powers. After defeating the monster Daigo is defeated himself and his spark lense is stolen. Can he recover it without revealing his secret?moreless
  • The City Where the Little Girl Disappeared
    Yazumi wins a pass to the "Town", a large gaming facility and Rena goes with him. He is determined to meet Karen, a programmer of many of the most top rated games. Rena is kidnapped and Yazumi tries to rescue her but is thrown into a real life video game. When Karen reveals herself to be nothing more than the computer itself, it's up to GUTS and Ultraman Tiga to defeat it before it takes over the worlds computer systems.moreless
  • A Friend From Space
    A Friend From Space
    Episode 41
    Returning from a deep space mission astronauts Inui and Kinosaki bring back a terrifying new presence. Old friends of Shinjoh, their ship crashes and Shinjoh is forced to shoot an alien lifeform only to learn it was Kinosaki transformed. Inui slowly begins to transform to Irudo, an alien race who arrives under the guise of friendship. Can GUTS and Ultraman Tiga defeat this "friend" from space?moreless
  • Dream
    Episode 40
    In a strange episode of Ultraman Tiga, a young architect begins having horrific nightmares as his life begins to spiral out of control. Unexpectedly a monster begins to appear that GUTS can do no actual harm to. When the monster begins another night of terror Ultraman Tiga appears and he also cannot effect the beast. What is the connection between the monster and Inukata the architect and how can GUTS stop something they can't touch?moreless
  • Dear Mr. Ultraman...
    After chasing the monster Garugo away, Daigo receives a strange letter from someone who claims to know who he is. Agreeing to meet the man, Daigo learns he has ESP and because of this gift he knows he is Ultraman Tiga. Can Daigo protect his secret identity when Garugo returns for a rematch?moreless
  • Mirage of a Monster
    Mirage of a Monster
    Episode 38
    A young high ranking TPC officer arrives at GUTS headquarters seeking to discredit the team. Coincidently sightings of a strange monster begin appearing all over the city. Iruma suspects the officer of foul play but the image reveals itself to be a real monster. Now Iruma must act to save face for the GUTS team. Can GUTS and Ultraman Tiga defeat a foe who can teleport and make illusions of itself?moreless
  • Flower
    Episode 37
    Things are extremely quiet for GUTS with no monster appearances or alien threats they decide to take a break. Leaving Daigo behind to monitor events the crew goes to enjoy some theater. While there Commander Iruma is kidnapped by aliens from the planet Manon who threaten to colonize the earth. Can Ultraman Tiga rescue her in time and stop their plot?moreless
  • A Smile Across Space and Time
    A strange storm bring objects from the past. When GUTS investigates a young girl appears from nowhere and Yazumi offers to take care of her. While GUTS attempts to destroy the storm, a monster appears. Goldlas attempts to flee and Ultraman Tiga battles him but is overwhelmed. Yazumi is in charge of assisting to destroy the beast but doing so might cause the death of the girl. Who is she and why is she important and how can GUTS overcome the odds.moreless
  • Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping Beauty
    Episode 35
    TPC brings the body of a mysterious alien to GUTS for analysis when they realize its technology is similar to Deshimonia's. Soon RENA begins seeing the mysterious alien figure while awake and in her dreams as she is slowly possessed. Now Daigo must rescue her and GUTS must stop their plans before the alien converts our atmosphere and make it impossible for humanity to live here.moreless
  • To the Southernmost
    To the Southernmost
    Episode 34
    TPC General Sawai disappears on a secretive mission and GUTS begins investigating. It is revealed that he traveled to a meeting between world leaders on a southern island and when GUTS goes to investigate they find an impeneratable forcefield surrounding the island. Daigo teams up with Security Officer Yoshioka and discover the leaders are being held hostage by a power alien battle machine. Can Ultraman Tiga overcome this threat to the world?moreless
  • The Vampire City
    The Vampire City
    Episode 33
    Mysterious attacks across the city at night bring TPC into investigate. When Munakata and Daigo discover the body of a young woman they bring her back to the base to recover. There she exposes herself as a vampire and attacks Iruma before Munakata can chase her away. He swears revenge and leads GUTS into their lair to defeat the vampires. However, this brings their God Kyuranos into the battle. Can Ultraman Tiga defeat the dark lord?moreless
  • The Defense of Zelda Point
    TPC is conducting secretive experiments with a new form of powerful gas called Zelda. Mysteriously a giant monster appears and begins heading toward Zelda Point where the experiments are taking place. GUTS is ordered to stop the beast at all costs only to fail causing Munakata to be injured. They learn from the chief scientist that th e monster is the beloved pet of his daughter who was killed in an experiment with the gas a year ago. Now it is up to Ultraman Tiga to stop the beast from causing more destruction with the highly explosive gas.moreless
  • GUTS Headquarters Under Attack
    TPC Scientists investigating a strange organism found at the South Pole come down with oxygen poisioning while conducting experiments on it at GUTS Headquarters. Horii offers to investigate the cause and discovers a new lifeform that purifies the air that came from outer space. Soon the organism intergrates itself into the computer to talk only to begin multiplying. It takes over the base trapping the GUTS members inside. Can they overcome this new threat right on their doorstep?moreless
  • The Monster Zoo
    The Monster Zoo
    Episode 30
    While visiting a zoo, Daigo and Rena witness a terrifying monster erupt from the ground and threaten the population. Instead of attacking the monster falls fast asleep and Rena begins questioning if destroying the monster despite the protests of fellow GUTS members and the owner of the farm. When night falls the monster awakens and begins making it's way toward the cows. Can Ultraman stop this beast before it causes destruction without having to destroy it?moreless
  • A Memory of Blue Skies
    While Shinjoh explores space on a mission for GUTS, Daigo agrees to take his place with his sister Mayumi at a rock concert. There he meets lead singer Maya Cruztian who's not all she appears to be. When a freak accident causes Shinjoh to return to earth with a personality not his own he pursues Maya. However, Shinjoh is not alone as another alien has followed intending to eliminate them both. Can Ultraman save them both?moreless
  • One Vanishing Moment
    When the monster Jobarieh rises from the earth and begins terrorizing the countryside, TPC and GUTS initiate a program to hunt down monsters before they can do damage. The decision to do so causes the members of GUTS to question why Earth is repeatedly being targeted by monsters and to question their job in dealing with these threats. When efforts to stop the monster fails Ultraman Tiga must rescue them, but what of the other monsters that lurk in the shadows?moreless
  • I Have Seen Obiko!
    I Have Seen Obiko!
    Episode 27
    An urban legend comes to reality when people in the town of Hikeno begin witnessing the legendary Obiko. GUTS goes into investigate and discovers a noodle peddler is actually more than he appears to be. When Obiko refuses to accept what humans have done to his countryside, it is up to Tiga to stop him from destroying the city.moreless
  • Jungle of the Rainbow Monsters
    A family out for an outing discovers a mysterious rainbow in the sky. When they follow the rainbow they enter a mysterious zone where they become trapped with no means of escape. GUTS becomes alerted to it and races to investigate. Upon entering the zone they witness a barrier similar to one encountered in the Abandoned Amusement Park. Gagi is back and he's not alone when another terrifying creature Shilbagon appears. Can GUTS rescue the family and escape this monsterous zone?moreless
  • The Devil's Judgement
    A strange angelic apparition appears in the sky over the metropolis and GUTS rushes to investigate. Suddenly a profit warns humanity that the angel is here to protect them from the red devil. It names the red devil as Ultraman Tiga. Can GUTS clear Ultraman's name and expose the evil Kilie plot?moreless
  • Monster Search Squad Into Action!
    Litolumalus is one of the ancient monsters who destroyed the civilization that existed before the age of man and when Ultraman appeared. Now it has returned and is threatening to destroy mankind again. GUTS investigates encountering a group of adventureous kids along the way when they find the beast. Can Ultraman Tiga defeat this tough opponent?moreless
  • World of the Dinosaurs
    Shortly after uncovering what appears to be a perfectly preserved dinosaur underground, a UFO appears in the sky declaring man should surrender. Soon the creature revives and begins a rampage surving the "aliens" who declare they will continue the attack until we submit. One of the aliens is captured and it is revealed they and decendants of dinosaurs who ruled the earth millions of years before man. Can Ultraman stop the Naga's plans to stop humanity with their Weaponizer's?moreless
  • The Coming of the Cloud
    After a meteorite crashes into the countryside a strange fog begins rolling in. The local population disappears and GUTS is called into investigate. When they find a surivor they learn something evil is lurking in the fog that has taken control of the people. Can GUTS and Tiga overcome the evil Magnia?moreless
  • Deban's Turn!
    Deban's Turn!
    Episode 21
    A spike in the electromagnetic waves herald the arrival of Enomena. Enomena is pursuing Deban a small monster with a stage troup touring Japan. While pursuing him the monster emits power waves of energy that cause people to go crazy and riot. Only Deban's power can counteract its effect. Can Ultraman defeat the evil Enomena before he destroys Deban?moreless
  • GUTS Into Space (Part 2)
    Tiga struggles against the Gobunyu robots to prevent the destruction of GUTS headquarters barely succeeding. Meanwhile, GUTS attempts to destroy the island in the sky, the source of the robots power has failed. As they race to complete the Maxima Overdrive they learn the reason for the attack. The robots are here to stop them at all cost. Can GUTS defeat the robots and will Tiga be able to stop a more powerful Gobunyu II?moreless
  • GUTS Into Space (Part 1)
    Strange robot creatures are seen stalking the city at night while GUTS member Rena is in space testing a the new Maxima Overdrive system. GUTS attack the robotic menice and seemingly defeat them only to round up the remains to their headquarters where the robots reanimate themselves and attack. Bursting through the wall they assemble into a giant version, can Ultraman Tiga defeat them?moreless
  • Golza Strikes Back!
    Golza Strikes Back!
    Episode 18
    When a series of tremors rock the Mount Kirimon area, the volcano long dormant becomes active. As the TPC race to evacuate the population, GUTS uses their new underground vehicle Weevil to investigate the cause of the rising magma. The result is the monster Golza is back. Can Ultraman defeat Golza who's been gaining strength from the volcano?moreless
  • The Battle Between Red and Blue
    GUTS investigates the disappearance of fighters from around the city at night and reports of a strange figure responsible. They are thrust into the middle of a war between Red and Blue Stendall aliens who seek to destroy each other. Can they stop them from hurting anyone in their quest?
  • Return of the Demon
    Return of the Demon
    Episode 16
    In this series classic, a shrine is robbed by theives little knowing that they have stolen an artifact that keeps an ancient demon imprisioned. GUTS races to the scene as the demon begins to free itself and reassemble. Can Ultraman defeat Sukuna-oni and what is the story behind the ancient samurai who defeated him before?moreless
  • Phantom Speed
    Phantom Speed
    Episode 15
    GUTS detects strange electromagnetic waves again realizing that Gazort is back. Having failed to correct the problem that caused it's appearance in the first place, Gazort is back more powerful than before. Can Ultraman put a stop to this terrifying beast before it consumes everyone in it's path?
  • Fugitive from Beyond
    Two capsules from the stars crash on Earth releasing two fugitives fleeing from the evil Muzan. As GUTS attempts to unravel the whereabouts of one of the fugitives Rushia, Muzan gets closer to carrying out there extermination. Can GUTS rescue her and can Ultraman Tiga stop Muzan?
  • The Human Collection
    GUTS learns that people are disappearing all over the city and the mysterious culprit is a strange Crow Man. When Shinjoh tracks down the Crow Man to his lair to rescue his young friend he is trapped. GUTS rushes into action but are soon overwhelmed by a race of aliens who seek to kidnap humans as slaves. Can Ultraman defeat these terrible beings before they escape with a new stock of slaves?moreless
  • S.O.S. From the Bottom of the Sea
    Underwater earthquakes herald the arrival of a terrible monster created by man's underground radioactivity tests. The monster soon goes on a rampage and it's up to GUTS and Ultraman Tiga to put an end to it.
  • Requiem To Darkness
    Requiem To Darkness
    Episode 11
    Officer Horii investigates some strange life form readings at a resort only to discover there is nothing there. He runs into two old college friends one of whom begins suffering seizures. Suddenly a monster appears and Horii tags the monster only to discover the next morning he tagged none other than his best friend. His friend Yososuke evolves into the monster Evolu. Can Ultraman Tiga stop his reign of terror without hurting the man inside?moreless
  • The Abandoned Amusement Park
    Shinjoh and his sister take a day off from GUTS to relax and enjoy a local amusement park. While they are there a stranger horn emerges from the ground and creates an invisible dome that surrounds the park. Soon tenticles are sucking down the children and the monster Gagi emerges. Can GUTS rescue the children and can Ultraman Tiga defeat this new monster?moreless
  • The Little Girl and the Monster
    Excavators unearth a mysterious time capsule and when a girl appears and opens it by blowing on a flute she wears it summons the monster Makiina to Earth. Who is she and what is her connection to Makiina? GUTS races against time to find the answer and prevent a potential invasion.moreless
  • Halloween Night
    Halloween Night
    Episode 8
    GUTS detects strange electromagnetic waves coming from a small town and head to investigate. There Daigo sees a woman dressed as a witch handing out lollipops to children. Upon noticing the witch not having a reflection he follows her and is captured. The lollipops cause the children to enter a hypnotized state. Can GUTS rescue the children and Daigo and can Ultraman defeat the evil Giranbo?moreless
  • The Man Who Fell Into the World
    Spacestation Delta is forced to defend itself when Engineer Yanase fires on an alien vessel on a collision course. Returning to earth Yanase's vessel is shot down by another alien ship. Captured by the alien captain, GUTS Officer Rena is forced to overcome her hatred of the man who abandoned her as a little girl. That man is Yanase who is being held prisoner. Can she rescue him and can Ultraman overcome the alien captain?moreless
  • Second Contact
    Second Contact
    Episode 6
    A strange cloud appears in the skies above Japan and a group of meteorologists disappear while investigating including GUTS member Horii's mentor. When the cloud reveals itself to contain a monster, Horii attempts to communicate to save the people the monster has imprisoned, including Daigo. The monster Gazort refuses to listen and attack's Horii. Can anything stop the monster's rampage?moreless
  • The Day of the Monster
    A monster washes ashore and begins stinking up the place. GUTS is called into remove the corpse but no sooner then they try the beast revives and beings terrorizing the countryside. Can Ultraman stop the rage of the monster Sealizar?
  • Sayonara, Planet Earth
    When the Jupiter 3 expedition disappears in outer space, GUTS detects the arrival of an unidentified object on Earth. The object reveals itself to be the monster Ligatron who proceeds to attack power supplies throughout Japan. Can GUTS uncover the connection between the disappearance of three astronauts and can Ultraman Tiga defeat this super powered monster?moreless
  • The False Prophet
    The False Prophet
    Episode 3
    Captain Iruma of GUTS appears on a news network to discuss Ultraman Tiga. Shortly after the interview the host is possessed by a being later identified as the Kirie who warns of impending disaster and soon a building is destroyed. Later Captain Iruma is visited by a prophet claiming to represent the beings and warning man to not side with Ultraman Tiga or there will be consequences. Can GUTS and Ultraman stop the Kirie's plan to enslave humanity?moreless
  • The Legend of the stone
    Something is attacking miners deep in the dark caverns of a rock quarry and turning them into stone. GUTS sends in a crack investigation team. Strangely, some miners describe the monster they've seen one way, others in a different way entirely. When the monster finally does arrive to set the record straight, the GUTS team quickly dispatches it. Battlewary and unprepared, the team is taken by surprise when a second monster appears, revealing why earlier descriptions had differed. As the monster closes in, the same titan that had saved the team only days before comes once again to their rescue. In gratitude the GUTS team seeks a fitting name for this hero, finally settling on 'Ultraman Tiga'.moreless
  • Inheritance of Light
    The year is 2049. A space capsule lands on Earth For GUTS.
    It says that monsters will try to destroy Earth. The only way to stop them is to find the pyramid of light in a land called Tiga and awake the giant within it. Daigo and other members of GUTS go and try to find the pyramid of light. The first two Monsters are alive and trying to destroy Earth. They are Melba and Golza. They make it to the pyramid of light and destroy two statues. Daigo becomes Ultraman but, can he beat two foes?moreless