Ultraman: Towards the Future

FOX (ended 1992)


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  • UMA will return..someday...

    After seeing this on television when I was five I always had the impression that this show was one of the more refined, down-to-earth and impressive Ultra series. It was, after all, the first series since the early eighties, and the next Japanese Ultra series (with the exception of Ultra Seven-21...I think), Ultraman Zearth, wouldn\'t be around until the mid-nineties.
    My impression wasn\'t quite right, though, as I discovered over 12 years later.
    But that doesn\'t mean Ultraman Great and UMA don\'t deserve another series. If anything, I think the next time Ultraman is introduced to American audiences it should be through UMA in an Ultraman: Towards the Future spinoff.
    Personally, I believe the wave of the future for special effects in film and on television will have to blend the styles of Hollywood and Tokusatsu, so hopefully the best is yet to come.