Season 1 Episode 1

Ultra Operation No. 1

Aired Unknown Jul 17, 1966 on

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  • Fate results in the meeting of Science Special Search Party officer Hayata and an alien being who form an alliance to fight for peace and justice.

    This review (as well as all future reviews I write for this series) is based on the original Japanese version of "Ultraman". "Ultra Operation Number 1" gets this classic science fiction series off to a great start. It does a great job of establishing the characters and general mood for the series. The special effects may be a bit cheesy by today's CGI standards but they are still impressive. The sequence where fate brings Hayata and Ultraman together is the best part of this episode. The climactic battle with the monster known as Bemular is impressive as well. Overall, "Ultra Operation Number 1" is a great start to a classic science fiction series.
  • A classic

    The beginnings of the story are well told here in episode 1 of Ultraman. When Hyata of the Science Patrol is mortally wounded in a collision with Ultraman, the silver hero feels obligated to save his life in a very 1960's dreamy sequence that was beyond cheesy. Ultraman explains to Hyata why he has given him these abilities and the limitations that come with it. Also featuring the sweet science patrol S-16(?) submarine scene with Hyata firing torpedo after torpedo into our rubber suited opponent Bemular before being forced to use the beta capsule to become Ultraman and save the day.

    All in all, this show is outstanding considering the time frame and dubbing required. One of the coolest heroes of all time.