Season 1 Episode 6

Persona Non Grata

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 1998 on Channel 4

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  • Sorry to miss the rest

    After watching this last episode is was saddened about the problem of watching the rest. Season 1 was not great, but a lot better then i expected. I bought season 1 on DVD because it was cheap and i got curious. This series is however a lot better then i expected it to be. Over the episodes it has come to this cliffhannger, and there it is. it is about to take off into a new level, however, the problem is that the series was scrapped.

    The crew isn't that globally known, but like any level of drama that comes from the UK. This is top notcch and Channel 4 did a decent job. The characters 'look' real. This is hard to state as the series is on a level of the X-files, and it makes it hard to take the drama serious, but the storuyline is still well written, and that gives of mixing, but interesting vibes. My only problem is that Harker and Davenport are too much on the fronline of the lens, and even though they play well, the cast around them is at times a little more neglegted, which is a shame, because they too played really well.

    Alas, this episode ended a series, and just when it was starting to get interesting.