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  • A unique 6-part mini-series, showing vampires from a very different perspective.

    This was a unique series which deals with vampires from a completely scientific point of view, rather than the usual supernatural one. Vampires are a mutation of humans not creatures of myth.

    One of the things I found interesting was that the series never uses the word vampire, instead calling them Code 5's.

    As for the vampires, we get glimpses into their world and how they operate. How they 'reproduce', how they get money, what their beliefs are. Ironically they mean us no harm... but the disturbing part is it is because we are their food supply. They're even trying to save us, researching blood disorders and anything that could contaminate their food.

    Jack is a fascinating character though we only meet him in the pilot and briefly at the end of the series. A dirty cop who has managed to fool his best friend and partner of 10 years and his fiance. As a vampire he's excellent, from him we get a first-hand version of events.

    Very interesting was Kirsty. Michael can't tell her the truth about what Jack was and what happened to him and when he resigns from the police and starts working for the very people who were hunting Jack, Kirsty doesn't know what to think. Seeking answers, she keeps pushing Michael who realises that, with his new profession, it is dangerous for Kirsty to be around him. It doesn't help that he's in love with her. When she doesn't get answers from Michael, she goes to a reporter which is a threat not only to Michael's people but to the vampires themselves. Realising that Kirsty could be used to get to him, Michael becomes increasingly suspicious of Kirsty, at one point even believing she's been turned. She provides an outsider's view of what Michael is doing.

    Opposite from Kirsty is Frances who is in love with Michael, not that he realises it. Michael distances himself from Kirsty to protect her but Frances he allows contact with. She actually knows far more about what is going on than Kirsty, but not exactly what Michael is doing. For the first time, Frances finds herself Michael's confident.

    This was a fascinating series, great characters, interesting fresh look at an old myth and just very cool. Six episodes is just shameful, I enjoyed it immensely.