Ulysses 31

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Ulysses 31

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This animated sci-fi retelling of the Greek poet Homer's epic poem, "The Odyssey", was a French-Japanese co-production originally produced in 1981, with animation from premier Japanese animation studio TMS (Tokyo Movie Shinsha). The series was originally envisaged as being 52 episodes long, but production difficulties cut back the number of episodes to 26. The show was written by the French writing team of Nina Wolmark and Jean Chalopin, before being animated by TMS in Japan. Many of the show's key Japanese staff came from the very popular (in France as well as Japan) anime, Rose Of Versailles (Lady Oscar), although the original director, Tadao Nagahama died after production of the first episode, leaving the remaining directors to carry on in a similar style. Some of the show's mechanical designs were also created by Shoji Kawamori and Studio Nue, the famed creators of Macross. Although the show's worldwide debut was on September 12 1981, on Luxembourg's RTL channel, France's FR 3 (the first 'official' home of the series) was not far behind in showing the series. In the mid-1980's the show was given a very respectable and mature English dub by DIC, courtesy of Jean Chalopin and the cast and crew at Multidub International in Montreal, Canada. In the USA, the show was shown in syndication from September 13 1986 as part of Kideo TV a DIC-produced package of animated series such as The Get-Along Gang, Popples and Rainbow Brite (which Ulysses later replaced). The show was also shown on the UK's BBC and Channel 4 networks. Ironically, for a show co-produced by the Japanese, Ulysses 31 wasn't shown on Japanese television until February 6 1988, when a run of twelve episodes was shown there under the title of Space Legend Ulysses 31.moreless

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