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Ulysses 31

Season 1 Episode 15

Before The Flood

Aired Unknown Jan 16, 1982 on
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Before The Flood
Exploring a planet remarkably similar to the Earth of 200 million years ago, with the continents different from the present, Ulysses and the children quickly come under attack by giant mutant vultures. Forced to land, they seek refuge in a cave and discover an advanced underground city. There, they come across a strange group of large egg-shaped structures, while Sherka warns Ulysses that there are about to be immense seismic disturbances on the planet. Counting nine eggs, one for each planet in Earth's solar system, Ulysses opens the third egg, representing Earth. A winged woman named Sauria emerges and tells Ulysses that they are on Earth and that her people were all put in suspended animation to protect themselves from a huge flood covering the Earth, when the gods lived on Earth and her people were their slaves. The gods left without them, and used the mutants vultures named Keconopters to protect their spaceships before they left. In secret, Sauria's people built the Ark, containing one pair of every animal species on the planet. Before the flood came, her people were under siege by the Keconopters, and so they put themselves to sleep to let the flood deal with the birds. The Keconopters break into the city and Ulysses has Sauria awaken her people, while he deals with the vultures. As the battle continues, the planet's quakes increase in their intensity, and the Saurians evacuate themselves to the Ark. The tidal wave destroys the Keconopters, and everyone is safe on board the Ark. Using Sherka's monitors, they all observes how the planet's form is gradually changing and ultimately observe the whole time curve of the Earth, from the past, to the present and to the future. Still not knowing whether or not the planet was in fact Earth, Ulysses and the child take their leave and head back to the Odyssey.moreless

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  • Exactly why I watch this series!

    When Ulysses comes across a planet that looks like Earth, but is still in the Ice Age, he goes down in a shuttle to check it out. What he finds is that it is actually Earth from the past, and also finds winged people that are in hybernation.

    When a woman wakes up, she tells Ulysses about what has gone on etc. They are attacked by the Keekenopters, vulture-like birds that fire lasers from their beaks.

    The base that they are in is actually a large ship, and as the ice breaks, it begins to sail.

    It is one of my favourite episodes, which is very well animated, written and has lots of action. Especially when the Keekenopters attack and Ulysses and the children are surrounded by them. Check it out now.moreless

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