Ulysses 31

Season 1 Episode 9

Cronus, Father Of Time

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1981 on
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Cronus, Father Of Time
The Odyssey is destroyed by Trident fighters, but the remnants of it travel into the Kingdom of Cronus and the effects are reversed. Cronus summons Ulysses and imprisons him and puts Yumi and Telemachus in a time lock. Cronus was actually banished from the realm of the gods, and plans to give Ulysses to Zeus so he can return to Olympus. Ulysses escapes while Telemachus and Yumi fall into several traps. Ulysses must move the clock in the Hall of Universal Time backwards to unage the children and escape Cronus.moreless

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  • What a cool episode. It's exactly why I watch this series.

    When the Odyssey is seemingly destroyed by the God's Tridents, time reverses as they enter the realm of Chronos, Father Of Time. After being trapped in the various rooms of his fortress, Ulysses must find a way to turn time back to before they entered the realm and save his companions from aging.

    It's so cool when Ulysses and the children are trapped in the various time-themed rooms, like the Chamber of Seasons, that just keeps repeating the seasons over and over again, while trapping you. It's also a nice touch when it's revealed that Chronos has two faces. The scene when the Odyssey is destroyed is probably the most impactful scenes of the whole series. An absolute joy to watch time and time again.moreless

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    • Being in Cronus' palace seems to have aged Yumi; she's taller, has longer hair and shows, erm...development in some shots. Neither Ulysses nor Telemachus seem to be thus affected.

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    • Cronus is Zeus's father, in the original Greek mythology.

    • This is one of 4 episodes now on a Region 1 DVD entitled Ulysses 31: The Mysteries Of Time.

    • When this episode was shown by Channel 4 in the UK in the 90s, a short scene of Telemachus pretending to eat one of Nono's nails was removed. It is uncertain whether or not it was removed by the channel themselves or the distributor. Either way, the scene was probably deemed a little irresponsible by someone. Subsequent broadcasts of the episode on Fox Kids UK kept the scene intact.

    • The opening scenes of the Odyssey's destruction are amongst the most dramatic of the series.

    • Sherka indicates that this episode is set on the 6808th day of the 31st Century, which would mean that the series take place in the year 3019 (assuming the 31st Century begins on January 1st 3001), and this episode takes place on Monday, August 23rd 3019.

    • Original French Title: Chronos