Ulysses 31

Season 1 Episode 9

Cronus, Father Of Time

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1981 on

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  • What a cool episode. It's exactly why I watch this series.

    When the Odyssey is seemingly destroyed by the God's Tridents, time reverses as they enter the realm of Chronos, Father Of Time. After being trapped in the various rooms of his fortress, Ulysses must find a way to turn time back to before they entered the realm and save his companions from aging.

    It's so cool when Ulysses and the children are trapped in the various time-themed rooms, like the Chamber of Seasons, that just keeps repeating the seasons over and over again, while trapping you. It's also a nice touch when it's revealed that Chronos has two faces. The scene when the Odyssey is destroyed is probably the most impactful scenes of the whole series. An absolute joy to watch time and time again.
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