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Ulysses 31

Season 1 Episode 6

Flowers Of Fear

Aired Unknown Oct 24, 1981 on
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Episode Summary

Flowers Of Fear
The Odyssey's crew detects a planet with advanced technology but no signs of life on it. Ulysses and Telemachus travel to the reanimation hospital on the planet to revitalize the petrified crew members. Ulysses and Telemachus come across a message that the gods sent down deadly flowers that zapped away the planet's life. Yumi and Nono, traveling to the planet to find Ulysses and Telemachus, become under attack by the flowers. Ulysses and Telemachus must engage in battle with the flowers to save them.moreless

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  • Flowers of Evil

    This episode does "Day of the Trifids" this is another of my favorate episodes because it's bascally just a suspense thriller. I'll admit those Robot Flowers are really creepy they sort of have snake like characteristics from movement, the unsettling rattling sound as well as eyes on each of the buds. The whole episode is on bulid up in suspense where at first we have a real sense of isolation making it all the more unsettling. It's ironic that it would be a hospital planet their in, it's the perfect arena since hospital can be quite creepy places when lonely (one thriller I can think of that has this is the underated Session 9) you can say were already in suspense because we know that something bad must of happened there, were just hoping the protagonists can catch on to this in time before it's too late. And then we have the subplot which is essental to the suspense where Yumi as usual exersises emotional reckless desperation to revive her brother goes to that planet to use one of the machines. It's that classic sittuation where the protagonist is in one place, all attention is on one thing but unsuspecting another thing is happening. I'm like thinking cmon look outside Yumi. But also the fact that her brother could die from the machine itself if pulled out too soon raises the stakes even more. We know she's in even more deep doo doo from that. I found myself hoping the Telemicus and Ulysses will save her on time, but from how worse things get you never know.

    It's a shame they couldn't of used a creepy score in this episode to give it sort of a John Carpenter like suspense but oh well this is one of the shows best episodes.moreless
  • "Amazing! The planet is one giant hospital"

    This episode slightly disturbed me when I first saw it. After finding an abandoned "hospital planet" with the technology to revive Ulysses' companions, he investigates.

    What he doesn't know is that the Gods have place a curse on it, in the form of deadly seeds that sense lifeforces. Once sensed, they grow very quickly and kill.

    These giant flowers are quite creepy when they get fully grown, after Yumi takes her brother to revive him.

    It's a fantastic episode, if slightly spooky, with brilliant chase scenes when Ulysees is running through the corridors followed by these weird metal flowers that have lasers. Check it out ASAP!moreless

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