Ulysses 31

Season 1 Episode 4

Guardian Of The Cosmic Winds

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1981 on

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  • Another one of the best episodes of the series

    When Ulysees stumbles upon the Saturn-like fortress planet of the Guardian Of The Cosmic Winds, the Odyssey is magnetically pulled in.
    Ulysees and the children are held prisoner and used as playthings for the Guardian's daughter's Birthday.

    One of the highlights is when Ulysses lands on a futuristic chess board featuring chess pieces that can kill and a King and Queen that can hypnotise. The action here is excellent and the incidental music rocks. Seeing Ulysses riding a knight with a spear is so cool to watch.

    Another highlight is when he enters a giant pinball machine with grinding gears beneath. It's quite humourous to see him getting buffered about the table, dodging the giant pinballs and avoiding the gears. It an absolute joy to watch this episode.