Ulysses 31

(ended 1982)





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  • This is one of the best shows ever created. Its full of cheesiness and it's seems old, but this is a excellent program to watch at least once in a lifetime. Recently, I saw this on Fox Kids before it changed to the Jetix channel, and I was laughing alot.

    The story starts when Ulysses is about to leave a spacestation orbiting the planet Troy. He has to return to earth before the next comet passes. If he is not back by then, his wife Penelope will have to remarry. The trip home turns out to be far from routine though. Early on his son Telemachus is kidnapped by worshippers of the mighty Cyclops, a creature made by the ancient god of Poseidon.

    Ulysses and Telemachus' pet robot Nono frees him and two other prisoners called Yumi and Numinor. In the process they kill the Cyclops and angers the gods. Poseidon calls upon Zeus to punish them. He transfers them to the far reaches of space, deletes their databanks and tells them that their only hope of ever seeing earth again is to find the kingdom of Hades. And here their quest begins.
  • This beautiful anime series offered a unique take on the Homeric legend. Space opera like you've never seen it before.

    Not so long ago, animated shows actually had plots to them, showcased artists' individual styles, and told a story, more so than hawking trendy toys.

    'Ulysses 31' presented one of the classic tales of world literature, Homer's Odyssey, in the new arena of future space travel. It featured the creative mind of Jean Chalopin (who also worked on 'The Hitchhiker' and 'Inspector Gadget') alongside Nina Wolmark, Bernard Deyries and Kazuo Terada, among others. Granted, the epic poem already gave them the framework from which to proceed, but the adaptation brought out a strong character in the person of the lead, and his enemies across the galaxy echoed the dangers of the legendary sea journey. The artwork was highly colorful and dramatic, a mark of progress for its time.

    A solid yet brisk retelling of the Greek epic in a science fiction setting. Worth tracking down for fans of classic writing, quality animation and just plain good stories.
  • Follow the adventures of Ulysses in the 31st Century.

    This classic cartoon first seen in 1981 is based on Greek and Roman mythology. It follows the adventures of Ulysses, his son Telemachus, Yumi and their little robot No-No. There were only 28 episodes altogether.
    It all begins when Ulysses and his crew set out on the ship, the Odyssey and head out to space.

    In the first episode, the crew encounter the giant cyclops, which Ulysses ends up destroying. This in turn angers the Gods who punish him by making all of his crew as lifeless as stone. They also erase the way back to Earth from the Odyssey's memory. This sets up the series, where each episode, Ulysses encounters enemies and sometimes allies. Definately worth buying on DVD and will forever remain one of the best anime cartoons of the 80's. Get in now.