Ulysses 31

(ended 1982)





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  • This is one of the best shows ever created. Its full of cheesiness and it's seems old, but this is a excellent program to watch at least once in a lifetime. Recently, I saw this on Fox Kids before it changed to the Jetix channel, and I was laughing alot.

    The story starts when Ulysses is about to leave a spacestation orbiting the planet Troy. He has to return to earth before the next comet passes. If he is not back by then, his wife Penelope will have to remarry. The trip home turns out to be far from routine though. Early on his son Telemachus is kidnapped by worshippers of the mighty Cyclops, a creature made by the ancient god of Poseidon.

    Ulysses and Telemachus' pet robot Nono frees him and two other prisoners called Yumi and Numinor. In the process they kill the Cyclops and angers the gods. Poseidon calls upon Zeus to punish them. He transfers them to the far reaches of space, deletes their databanks and tells them that their only hope of ever seeing earth again is to find the kingdom of Hades. And here their quest begins.