Ulysses 31 - Season 1

(ended 1982)




Episode Guide


  • Nono - I Make Noise
    Nono - I Make Noise
    Episode 27
    On a bright and sunny day, with butterflies and bees in the air, Nono frolics about outside a house, performs acrobatic stunts on some frying pans left outside before collapsing ungraciously. A jumbo jet flies ahead, and Nono collapses on his back while looking at the mighty jet.
  • The Kingdom Of Hades
    After travelling through the realm of Olympus for many months now, Sherka confirms with Ulysses that they are travelling towards the galactic glaciers, the location of the Kingdom of Hades. As they approach, the Odyssey is surrounded by a swarm of giant moths that absorb the ship's energy. To stop them from being attracted to the ship, Ulysses orders all the lights turned off. The ship soon collides with a frozen wasteland, and Sherka is taken offline. Outside, they meet Orpheus, who requests that Ulysses take him to the Kingdom of Hades so that he may be reunited with his love, Eurydice, who was taken by Charon aboard his doomed spaceship. Ulysses agrees, and they leave in a shuttle. On the way there, they spot the Odyssey being dragged into the Kingdom of Hades across the river Styx to death. Seeking to save his companions from the kingdom of death, Ulysses pilots his shuttle through to the city of Hades, avoiding the three-headed interceptor satellite Cerberus. The shuttle is destroyed, but not before the escape capsule can be launched. Ulysses and the others enter the city of Hades and Orpheus tells them that their companions have been taken to the Palace of Hades. They have to avoid the backwards-facing dead citizens of Hades, otherwise they too will become citizens of the city of the dead. Reaching the palace, Orpheus follows Eurydice up the staircase of Hades and disappears with her into the dark sky. Ulysses spots his companions also ascending the staircase. He sends Telemachus and Yumi towards the palace, while he follows the rest of the crew up the staircase. There, Ulysses is finally judged, and is confronted by Hades, who tells him that he must leave his companions with him in order to return to the Earth. Ulysses refuses Hades' request, and the god of death tells Ulysses that he will condemn him and the children to be citizens of Hades forever...moreless
  • The Lotus Eaters
    The Lotus Eaters
    Episode 25
    Moving past the last planet of a solar system, Sherka detects that the planet shows signs of intelligent life and large deposits of beryl, a naturally occurring silicate comprised of aluminium and beryllium, giving the planet an emerald hue. Entering an area dense with meteors, the Odyssey comes under attack by meteors that have been rearranged into Tridents. The main iris of the Odyssey is damaged when one of the Tridents collides with it. For protection and a place to fix the Odyssey, Ulysses orders the ship to the emerald planet. To repair the iris, Ulysses decides to use the emeralds on the planet to fashion a new lens. He encounters a winged race who tell him that crystals in their cave close to a volcano will be much more suitable for the repairs. As he mines, there is a minor tremor, and flowers sprout forth from the ground. The winged people immediately take seeds from the flowers and eat them. As the quakes increase in intensity, Ulysses seems not to care, and even disregards Nono's warnings. With Ulysses still not having returned from the geologically unstable planet, Telemachus and Yumi go down to bring him back. They are told by a winged boy named Lota not to eat the lotus seeds as they will make them "dreamy", and lose their memory. The plants only grow in the volcanic lava, and so most of the people stay close to the plants, blissfully unaware that they are in constant danger. Lota tells them that he doesn't eat the seeds anymore as he has discovered the secret of the volcano and that once someone eats too many seeds, they disappear. They find Ulysses inside the cave, and Lota goes to rescue his people before it erupts. As the volcano erupts, Ulysses uses the Odyssey's new lens to stop the lava from flowing. As Lota and Telemachus rescue more people, Lot show Telemachus the mechanical digger which plants the seeds, behind which is an image of Zeus. Ulysses seals the volcano, and Lota's people are free from the hold of the lotus flowers.moreless
  • Strange Meeting
    Strange Meeting
    Episode 24
    Mining for raw materials on a crystalline asteroid, Telemachus, Yumi and Nono accidentally fall down a shaft and come across a statue of the gods surrounded by pillars. Telemachus falls down one of the pillars and disappears. Ulysses is told by the statue that his son has angered the gods by entering the Palace of Time, and that he must travel 5000 years back in the past to get him back. Ulysses is told that he must find his ancestor, the original Ulysses, and return him to his throne before he and his son can return to the 31st Century. Meanwhile, in ancient Greece, Telemachus 31 is captured by soldiers who mistake him for Telemachus 1. The 108 suitors compete with themselves over who will marry Penelope and become the king of Ithaca, while Ulysses 1 is still away. When Telemachus 31 is to be put in prison, Penelope, thinking that he is her own son, yields to the nobleman Antinous' request and tells them that whoever is able to string a special bow and shoot an arrow through twelve crossed axes for her will become her husband and the new king of Ithaca. Telemachus 1 rescues Telemachus 31, and together they escape the prison guards, but Antinous catches up with them. They are saved by a mysterious hooded stranger who is able to fight all the guards with just a cane. He introduces himself as Ulysses 1, and Telemachus 1 tells him of what has transpired in his absence. Soon, Ulysses 31 catches up with them, to the bemusement of Ulysses 1. Ulysses 31 explains to Ulysses 1 that the gods have given them both the same fate, and that unless Ulysses 1 regains his throne, Ulysses 31 will be lost in time forever. Unfortunately, Ulysses 1's arm was injured in his battle with the guards and he will be unable to perform Penelope's task, but Ulysses 31 agrees to help him win the challenge. The next day, both Telemachus' remove all the weapons from Ulysses 1's home, and soon Penelope's challenge begins. One by one, all the suitors fail to string the bow, until a hooded beggar manages to not only string it, but shoot an arrow through the twelve axes as requested. He then reveals himself to be Ulysses 31, and Ulysses 1 enters after him. Unable to fight him en masse, the suitors believe Ulysses 31 to be a god due to his futuristic weapons. With history on its correct course, Ulysses, Telemachus, Yumi and Nono return to the 31st Century, with no memory of what happened.moreless
  • Calypso
    Episode 23
    The Odyssey receives a distress signal from a crystalline planet, which is under attack by Tridents. The planet's ruler, Queen Calypso, pleads for their help, but Yumi senses that it is a trap, and Sherka agrees with her. Regardless, Ulysses decides to help Calypso against the armies of Poseidon, and takes a shuttle to fight the Tridents. Afterwards, Calypso tells Ulysses that the Tridents have fractured their crystal sun, and that her planet will soon freeze over. Ulysses uses the Odyssey's master repair robot to fix the crystal sun, while Calypso secretly takes orders from Zeus to get rid of Ulysses and his friends. She tells Ulysses that their sun absorbs knowledge and that when he has finished repairing it, their people will have calculated the route back to Earth for him. Before Ulysses can begin, the small crystalline sun collapses to the ground, and Ulysses pushes Calypso out of the way. He is then kept prisoner by her guards, while she orders that he be kept in prison rather than executed. Now falling in love with Ulysses, Calypso is ordered by Zeus to finish her obligation quickly, or face the gods' wrath. Calypso frees Ulysses, and she tells him that she must destroy him in order to save her people. She is unable to fight him due to her feelings, and Zeus begins to destroy her planet. The Odyssey comes under attack by Tridents, while Ulysses defends Calypso from Zeus' crystalline creatures. Calypso is mortally wounded, and crumbles to dust in Ulysses' hands. As Calypso's planet is destroyed, Ulysses returns to the Odyssey, and their journey through Olympus goes on.moreless
  • The City Of Cortex
    The City Of Cortex
    Episode 22
    The Odyssey is drawn off course by an unknown force, and after Ulysses attempts to fly the ship by manual control, Sherka informs him that machines only obey machines. Ulysses and the children are strapped to their seats by Sherka while she continues to obey the unknown controller. Soon, a voice introduces himself as Cortex, chief of the Planet of Machines, and tells them that he wants to keep the Odyssey. Once on the planet, the robot inhabitants begin stripping the Odyssey of its robotic components, including Nono, who catches the attention of a golden female counterpart of his named Nanette. She wants to take him to Cortex, while Ulysses and the children are also removed from the Odyssey. Nanette tells Nono that her people must keep Cortex running otherwise the consequences will be terrible. She tells Nono to forget his human friends, who are kept as exhibits for the machines to look at. Nono rescues Ulysses and the children, and Nanette tells them that Cortex will punish them. Ulysses asks Nanette to take them to Cortex, and after Nono persuades her to, they meet up with the giant computer. They spot the Odyssey being dismantled yet further, and a race begins to save the ship before the central iris is dismantled. Cortex refuses to hand back the Odyssey, and as he explains it is because the gods do wish Ulysses to return to Earth, the sign of the Trident flashes upon his surface. Cortex explains that the gods are his masters and Ulysses as Ulysses is about to enter the computer to find his weak point, Nanette warns him that a human would not survive. Betrayed, Cortex attacked them all, and it is Nono who is able to disconnect Cortex's power supply, as Nanette says farewell to him. Once Cortex is disconnected, Nono realizes that it was the giant computer himself that kept all the other machines, including Nanette, running. The planet begins to self-destruct, as Nono, Ulysses and the children return to the safety of the Odyssey.moreless
  • Rebellion On Lemnos
    Rebellion On Lemnos
    Episode 21
    Passing a ringed planet that looks just like Saturn, the Odyssey receives distress signals from a disabled ship. Ulysses and the children rescue the pilot, and she tells them her name Hypsipyle is and she wishes to go to the base at Istria. She wants help in freeing the women of Lemnos, after all the men imprisoned them since they rebelled against their male masters. On Lemnos, it is the women who do all the work, and work in the factories producing Tridents for the Sharkmen. As punishment for her disobedience, the Lemnos Council of Four imprisoned Hypsipyle's father, the king of Lemnos. As Ulysses escorts Hypsipyle to Istria, she tells him that her father may know the location of the Kingdom of Hades. At Istria, they find the entire base has been destroyed by Tridents, so they then head off to Lemnos itself. There, they find the factories empty, with all the women still imprisoned. They free the women, but on board the Odyssey Yumi senses that they are in danger, and so she and Telemachus follow Ulysses. The Council of Four plead with the women to go back to work and finish the Tridents before the Sharkmen arrive. On Lemnos, the children encounter a third group, the dwarves, who are also compelled to work by the men, and are captured. Hypsipyle manages to free her father, King Thoas, while the women and the men engage in a stand-off. Hypsipyle, along with her father tell both parties to trick the Sharkmen into entering the Trident factory, which they will then jettison. As they begin to get rid of the factory, Ulysses is told that Telemachus and Yumi are still inside, and so he and Hypsipyle go back in to rescue them and quickly encounter the Sharkmen. King Thoas battles the Sharkmen's commander and is mortally wounded. Before he dies, Thoas tells Ulysses that the Kingdom of Hades lies beyond the Desert of the Tarters. Ulysses battles the commander, and everyone manages to escape from the factory just before it is jettisoned. As Ulysses and the children return to the Odyssey, the people of Lemnos are united in celebration of their freedom.moreless
  • The Magician In Black
    The Odyssey comes under attack by Tridents as Telemachus is piloting a shuttlecraft. Telemachus spots a planet with a giant hole in its side, and Ulysses takes the Odyssey into the planet's hole to protect it from the Tridents. As they enter the hole, they notice that the Tridents are unable to follow them, exploding when they try. Soon, all the damage incurred by the Odyssey repairs itself, and a voice introducing himself as the Magician in Black tells them that he was responsible. Ulysses and the children are transported to his palace, and there they meet the Magician, who tells them that he is more powerful than the gods. To prove it, Ulysses asks him to free his companions. The Magician agrees, for an undisclosed price, and soon they are reunited with their revived friends. Later, the Magician holds a feast for Ulysses and his companions. Numinor notices that his servants are also Zotrians, and the Magician explains to Ulysses that they are his slaves. The Magician then reminds Ulysses that he agreed to give something in return for his companions' revival, and asks him to choose the three best men to act as prey for the Magician in a hunt. He tells them that if anyone escapes they are free to go, otherwise they become his slaves. Ulysses puts himself forward, as do Numinor and Telemachus, and the Magician lets Ulysses choose a terrain for the virtual reality hunt. Ulysses chooses the Earth, and after they get a head start, the Magician attempts to hunt them down. In the meantime, the rest of the Odyssey's companions are imprisoned by the Magician. Thanks to Nono's help, they all escape and enter the virtual reality Earth in time to save Telemachus from the Magician. Outmaneuvered, the Magician in Black allows Ulysses and the companions to leave his realm. However, he is soon killed by his android assistant, working for the gods. With his magic now destroyed, the companions once more become frozen in the Odyssey.moreless
  • The Hidden Truth
    The Hidden Truth
    Episode 19
    The Odyssey passes close to a spaceship that is sending out a distress call. The ship is brought on board the Odyssey, and its lone occupant, a woman named Galatea tells Ulysses that she is from the planet Nereoplois. Sherka finally translates the distress call and they find that it actually came from a man named Nereus. Soon, the Odyssey is surrounded by thousands of Tridents, while Sharkmen disembark from Galatea's ship and take Ulysses and the children prisoner. Ulysses is taken to a prison cell along with another man who tells him that they will be taken to Squalopolis, the new name for Nereopolis. The children are kept separate due to their immunity from the Sharkmen's mind control brooches. Ulysses' cellmate tells him that Galatea was the daughter of the former King Nereus. Ulysses informs him that Nereus is still alive as he detected his message. In Squalopolis, Telemachus and Yumi are taken away to fight in tomorrow's games for a public holiday. With the help of his cellmate, Ulysses escapes from the Sharkmen before he too is made a helpless slave. Ulysses comes across a bar full of people not wearing the mind control devices, but they don't see any hope without King Nereus. Then, an old man stands up and announces himself to be Nereus. No one believes him, and so he and Ulysses talk in private. Meanwhile, Telemachus makes friends with Glycon, the son of Nereus and tells of his sister Galatea. Ulysses talks to the old man and figuring out that he was also his cellmate in another form, is told that only he can convince the people that their king is still alive. The next day, Telemachus and Glycon fight each other and pretend to kill each other, while Ulysses and Nereus attempt to tell the people that their former King is still alive. Telemachus and Glycon head for the mind control centre, and rescue their arrested parents. While Yumi and Nono distract the android Duke, the new ruler of Squalopolis, Ulysses, Nereus and their children destroy all the mind control devices and free the people of Nereopolis. With Poseidon's forces defeated, Galatea escorts Ulysses and the children back to the Odyssey.moreless
  • At The Heart Of The Universe
    Sherka detects galactic ice across the path of the Odyssey, but its structure is not the same as that previously encountered when they entered Olympus. Ulysses takes a shuttle to investigate the ice flow further when Yumi senses that he should go there. The Odyssey follows carefully behind, and they are confronted by two pillars of light. In-between them is Mercurious, grandson of the gods. He tells Ulysses that he has chosen him to assist him in his quest for power, and in return he will tell Ulysses how to get back to Earth. He shows Ulysses the giant, Atlas, who holds up the entire universe on his shoulders and tells Ulysses to retrieve the Eye of Heaven, a jewel in the centre of Atlas' forehead that grants ultimate knowledge. Ulysses agrees to get the jewel, and after Mercurious tells him that to look into it will be deadly, he and Nono together carefully climb up Atlas' sleeping body to retrieve it. Yumi senses that Atlas' heart has begun to beat again, and goes to Ulysses to assist him. As Ulysses prises the jewel away from Atlas' forehead, the giant awakes and tells Ulysses to look into the jewel. Ulysses gets Nono to look into it and he sees the Earth. Ulysses looks and is told that the jewel is the precise balancing point of the universe, without which Atlas will not have the strength to hold the universe up. Ulysses attempts to place the jewel back, but is attacked by Mercurious. Atlas captures Mercurious and Ulysses is able to replace the Eye of Heaven and return to the Odyssey, while Atlas once again upholds the universe.moreless
  • Lost In The Labyrinth
    Ulysses meets up with Aegeus, whose son Theseus has disappeared. The Oracle tells him that only Ulysses can find his son. Theseus has been captured by the King Minos of Crete, who will not allow him to marry his daughter Ariadne. As punishment, Minos has Theseus thrown into the Labyrinth. Ariadne vows to follow Theseus into the Labyrinth, and so Minos sends his forces to prevent her from doing so. Ulysses explains to the children that has been told by Aegeus that when he finds Theseus he will find the route back to Earth. As he does so, Ariadne's ship, chased by four others passes by the Odyssey. Yumi senses that Ariadne is in danger and they take the ship on board. She tells them that she is trying to save Theseus, and they tell her they are looking for him too as they believe that he knows the way back to Earth. She tells them that he is in the Labyrinth and at the mercy of the Minotaur, a creature dwelling inside it. Arriving at the Labyrinth space complex, Ulysses, Yumi and Ariadne enter, monitored by Telemachus in the Odyssey. Ariadne uses a set of tracer pearls to make sure that they don't get lost inside. However, once deep inside, all the walls of the Labyrinth reconfigure themselves, changing the shape of the maze, causing Ulysses and the others to truly be lost. As Minos' forces enter the Labyrinth to retrieve Ariadne, Telemachus decides to follow them. Meanwhile, Ulysses' group finds Theseus, but soon come under attack by the Minotaur. As Telemachus evades Minos' guards, Theseus is able to stab the creature with his sword. He asks Theseus how to get back to Earth, but he has no idea. It is then that Ulysses realizes that it was the Minotaur himself who knew the way back, and he has killed him. With the death of the Minotaur, the Labyrinth rearranges itself again, and Telemachus is reunited with his father.moreless
  • The Magic Spells Of Circe
    Near the zone of the Kingdom of Hades, Ulysses and the children are rendered unconscious, and the Odyssey is taken into another dimension. Their companions are taken from their chamber and placed on the Odyssey's bridge. An Earth-like planet is detected, and the now-awakened Ulysses uses a shuttle to investigate. As he does so, his companions are manipulated into piloting the Odyssey to the planet, known as Aim, by Circe the enchantress. She turns the Odyssey's crew into swine so as to be her slaves. Ulysses encounters a space commander named Hermes who tells him that his crew were taken by Circe, who wants to build a giant tower of knowledge. When she has all the knowledge of the universe, she will be able to stand up to the gods. Hermes shows Ulysses how to get to the tower, and once there he and Nono encounter Circe's librarian, also named Hermes. Ulysses finally finds Circe, who refuses to return Ulysses companions to normal. When she finds out who he is, she tells him that he can help her ambitions as he is the only man to have defied the gods. She promises to free his companions and the other space travellers and give them a map of all Olympus in order to defeat the gods. All she asks in return is that Ulysses stays with her. He agrees, and Circe uses her magic to restore all the space travellers including Ulysses' companions to no normal. However, her librarian Hermes tells her that if she gives the Odyssey's crew the map to Olympus, the gods will punish her. Hermes gets the other space travellers to ascend the tower, and there at the top he prepares to attack them. Ulysses is about to fight him when Circe appears and gives him the map of Olympus. Hermes catches it and throws it off the tower, and Circe destroys him. Soon, the tower itself is destroyed by the gods, and as the Odyssey leaves the planet's orbit, the companions come under the gods spell once more and are frozen. Circe ascends the stairway of the gods to face their judgement.moreless
  • Before The Flood
    Before The Flood
    Episode 15
    Exploring a planet remarkably similar to the Earth of 200 million years ago, with the continents different from the present, Ulysses and the children quickly come under attack by giant mutant vultures. Forced to land, they seek refuge in a cave and discover an advanced underground city. There, they come across a strange group of large egg-shaped structures, while Sherka warns Ulysses that there are about to be immense seismic disturbances on the planet. Counting nine eggs, one for each planet in Earth's solar system, Ulysses opens the third egg, representing Earth. A winged woman named Sauria emerges and tells Ulysses that they are on Earth and that her people were all put in suspended animation to protect themselves from a huge flood covering the Earth, when the gods lived on Earth and her people were their slaves. The gods left without them, and used the mutants vultures named Keconopters to protect their spaceships before they left. In secret, Sauria's people built the Ark, containing one pair of every animal species on the planet. Before the flood came, her people were under siege by the Keconopters, and so they put themselves to sleep to let the flood deal with the birds. The Keconopters break into the city and Ulysses has Sauria awaken her people, while he deals with the vultures. As the battle continues, the planet's quakes increase in their intensity, and the Saurians evacuate themselves to the Ark. The tidal wave destroys the Keconopters, and everyone is safe on board the Ark. Using Sherka's monitors, they all observes how the planet's form is gradually changing and ultimately observe the whole time curve of the Earth, from the past, to the present and to the future. Still not knowing whether or not the planet was in fact Earth, Ulysses and the child take their leave and head back to the Odyssey.moreless
  • Song Of Danger
    Song Of Danger
    Episode 14
    Yumi plays a song she heard in a dream to Ulysses, Telemachus and Nono. She tells them that in her dream, the music was able to open a sealed coffin. Sherka soon detects a stone coffin next to a wrecked spaceship, and it is brought on board. Yumi recognizes the coffin as the same one from her dream, and uses her flute to open it. Inside is the body of an astronaut holding a circuit card. The card contains a map of the Sirenum solar system, which circles a black sun. Upon hearing from the message on the circuit card that Sirenum is the location of a complete map of Olympus which is guarded by the Sirens, Ulysses takes the Odyssey there. Landing on Sirenum, Ulysses, Telemachus and Yumi come across lots of other wrecked spaceships are all soon captured by space pirates who are also seeking the map of Olympus. They force Ulysses and Nono to face the Sirens and get the map for them while they hold the children hostage. Travelling on a sailing ship across Sirenum sea, Ulysses asks Nono to tie him to the main mast of the ship so that he will not be drawn to the Sirens' voices. Affected by the Sirens, Ulysses breaks free and follows them, and at the same time Telemachus and Yumi escape from the pirates and follow him by raft. They get to the island of the Sirens, rescue Ulysses, and come across a room full of identical coffins guarded by a creature that has turned all of the previous treasure hunters to stone. Yumi uses her flue to play the tune from her dream again, and they escape. Ulysses returns to the pirates and gives them a coffin containing both the map and the creature, which turns all the pirates to stone. Ulysses attempts to read the map, but on contact with the air it burns in his hand and disintegrates to nothing.moreless
  • Phantoms From The Swamp
    Yumi senses the presence of her home planet Zotra, and soon a meteor is detected heading straight toward the Odyssey. Ulysses pilots the ship to safety, and Yumi persuades him to follow its course. The meteor crash-lands onto a nearby swamp-planet, and Ulysses and Yumi take a shuttle there to investigate. As they walk through the swamp they are confronted by a group of mud creatures with cameras in their heads. As they take pictures of Ulysses and Yumi, they gradually begin to take on their features and form. Soon, Ulysses' shuttle returns to the Odyssey, and Ulysses and Yumi tell Telemachus to quickly take over the controls of the Odyssey and leave the planet as fast as possible. Meanwhile, stranded on the swamp world, the real Ulysses and Yumi hold off the mud creatures as they continue to duplicate their appearances and abilities, finding the mark of the Trident on one of the cameras. Suspecting that all is not right with Ulysses and Yumi, Telemachus and Nono secretly make use of the Odyssey's radio and discover that the Ulysses and Yumi on board are really mud creatures from the swamp planet, and that the real ones are still stranded there. Telemachus sends a shuttle to pick his father and Yumi up, but quickly comes under attack by the fake Ulysses and Yumi, who quickly begin to take on Telemachus and Nono's forms. Ulysses and Yumi board the shuttle and return to the Odyssey, where Ulysses confuses the creatures' cameras by using the Odyssey's monitors, destroying them and saving his son and Nono.moreless
  • Trapped Between Fire And Ice
    Sherka finds remnants of an Earth spaceship from the year 2001 and finds that the ship is a escape cruiser from the main vessel, and the crew investigates. The captain of the ship is in suspension, and awakens to tell how he stayed safe when the cruiser traveled close to the extreme planets Charbybdis and Scylla. Telemachus finds no pictures of the captain on the ship, finds out that this is a trap by the gods. He and Yumi try to bring Ulysses's ship out of the two planet's orbit. The captain is actually an android who must be defeated in Ulysses and his crew hope to escape.moreless
  • The Seat Of Forgetfulness
    Ulysses travels a remote-controlled Trident, which is a trap by the gods. They are sucked into another dimension, which appears to be the stairway of the gods on Mount Olympus. Ulysses finds himself on a game board, playthings of the gods. Ulysses, Telemachus, and Yumi have to fight undead armies. Ulysses is zapped into a forgetful state where he will soon forget his mission unless he fights to remembers.moreless
  • Temple Of The Lestrigones
    The Odyssey comes across a planet ruled by the evil Antipodes, who keeps a menagerie of miniaturized pets. Antipodes detects and shrinks down the Odyssey using his powerful prism, and the ship crashes down into the sea, close to his island. Ulysses undertakes a little reconnaissance using one of the shuttles, but ends up being trapped in an oyster and encased in a pearl. Losing track of Ulysses, Telemachus takes another shuttle to his father's last known location and encounters lots of other miniaturized shipwrecks on the seabed. Telemachus' shuttle is scooped up, along with the shipwrecks by fishermen working for Antipodes. The pearl containing Ulysses is taken to Antipodes, and Ulysses manages to get his shuttle free. Discovering how to use the crystal to return themselves to normal size, Ulysses and Telemachus avoid Antipodes and his cat and manage to shrink him down as well as restoring themselves. They take the prism with them and enlarge the Odyssey back to its original size, while the tyrant Antipodes ends up as part of his own collection and the prism ends up being accidentally destroyed by Nono.moreless
  • Cronus, Father Of Time
    The Odyssey is destroyed by Trident fighters, but the remnants of it travel into the Kingdom of Cronus and the effects are reversed. Cronus summons Ulysses and imprisons him and puts Yumi and Telemachus in a time lock. Cronus was actually banished from the realm of the gods, and plans to give Ulysses to Zeus so he can return to Olympus. Ulysses escapes while Telemachus and Yumi fall into several traps. Ulysses must move the clock in the Hall of Universal Time backwards to unage the children and escape Cronus.moreless
  • Chronos, Father of Time
  • Secret Of The Sphinx
    The Odyssey is pulled into a nearby space complex of pyramids that resembles a sphinx. The Sphinx challenges Ulysses to a contest, and if he loses, he will belong to his daughter Herminie. Ulysses is free to go if he is the victor, but Herminie wants him no matter what happens. Ulysses wins the contest by answering the Sphinx's riddles correctly, but Herminie is luring Telemachus and Yumi into the forbidden domain to trap Ulysses. Ulysses must also fight Herminie's devious challenge if he wishes to escape with his friends.moreless
  • Mutiny On Board
    Mutiny On Board
    Episode 7
    The Odyssey travels through an electromagnetic storm, and the crew is reanimated to life. However, they are rogue and attack Ulysses and his friends! The crew takes over the ship. However, it is the gods who are really behind this; Yumi speaks telepathically to Numinor and snaps him out of the trance. Numinor tells that the Odyssey is to be taken to the Reefs of Space to kill Ulysses. Ulysses and Telemachus get control of the ship, and they free the crew and Numinor from the gods' power.moreless
  • Flowers Of Fear
    Flowers Of Fear
    Episode 6
    The Odyssey's crew detects a planet with advanced technology but no signs of life on it. Ulysses and Telemachus travel to the reanimation hospital on the planet to revitalize the petrified crew members. Ulysses and Telemachus come across a message that the gods sent down deadly flowers that zapped away the planet's life. Yumi and Nono, traveling to the planet to find Ulysses and Telemachus, become under attack by the flowers. Ulysses and Telemachus must engage in battle with the flowers to save them.moreless
  • The Eternal Punishment
    On a desert planet, a man named Sisyphus clears debris for a gods' filtering station. The Odyssey arrives at the planet, and Ulysses investigates. Sisyphus was banished to the deserts for seeking knowledge, and Zeus told him that if he found a replacement, he could leave. Sisyphus knocks out Ulysses when he arrives and steals his shuttle. Sisyphus tries to trick Yumi and Telemachus that Ulysses was sucked into the pit, and Telemachus goes in to look for him. Sisyphus saves Yumi from debris and Telemachus rescues Ulysses. Sisyphus tells Zeus that he refuses to fight anyone who comes by to escape, including Ulysses.moreless
  • Guardian Of The Cosmic Winds
    Aeolia, master of cosmic winds, is given to the Odssey as her birthday present against her will. The Odyssey is then drawn towards Aeolus's planet. If Ulysses wants to go back to Earth and save his children, Ulysses must win a deadly game against the four cosmic winds. Aeolia rescues Telemachus and Yumi from Aeolus's clutches and tell them Ulysses's goal is actually universal destruction, and he is unaware of it. Telemachus destroys the cosmic winds with the destructive power. Aeolus, feeling remorseful, lets the crew and Ulysses go, but with no superpower of the stone to return to Earth.moreless
  • The Black Sphere
    The Black Sphere
    Episode 3
    The blind Heratos and Atena try to contact the Odyssey while on their asteroid. The gods promise to restore Heratos's sight if he leads Ulysses to the graveyard of wrecks and hulks. When Ulysses arrives, he tricks Ulysses into finding the mystical black sphere in the graveyard where Atena's ship crashed. After tricking Ulysses, he realizes what he has done and goes to save Ulysses and his crew from the evil of the graveyard.moreless
  • The Lost Planet
    The Lost Planet
    Episode 2
    As Telemachus use the virtual reality tech on the ship, Yumi senses here home planet. Numinor is even revived by the planet's energy. The planet is really a resort moon, but Ulysses takes everyone down to the moon. However, a sorceress lives there and sends a hydra to attack them. Telemachus defeats it, and the sorceress tells of how the youth of the moon were evacutated when the moon spun out of its orbit. The sorceress frees the adults she enslaved when the children were taken away when Ulysses reasons with her.moreless
  • Vengeance Of The Gods
    The explorer Ulysses prepares to return to Earth during a period of political unrest before his wife Penelope seeks a new spouse. While traveling, Ulysses's son Telemachus is whisked away to an unknown planet. Ulysses battles the Cyclops disciples in order to escape and free the prisoners. Telemachus's toy robot Nono blinds Cyclops, and the god Poseidon as well as Zeus get their vengeance on Ulysses from returning to Earth. Ulysses must keep his crew safe and find a way to return to Earth.moreless