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Ulysses 31

Season 1 Episode 14

Song Of Danger

Aired Unknown Jan 02, 1982 on
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Episode Summary

Song Of Danger
Yumi plays a song she heard in a dream to Ulysses, Telemachus and Nono. She tells them that in her dream, the music was able to open a sealed coffin. Sherka soon detects a stone coffin next to a wrecked spaceship, and it is brought on board. Yumi recognizes the coffin as the same one from her dream, and uses her flute to open it. Inside is the body of an astronaut holding a circuit card. The card contains a map of the Sirenum solar system, which circles a black sun. Upon hearing from the message on the circuit card that Sirenum is the location of a complete map of Olympus which is guarded by the Sirens, Ulysses takes the Odyssey there. Landing on Sirenum, Ulysses, Telemachus and Yumi come across lots of other wrecked spaceships are all soon captured by space pirates who are also seeking the map of Olympus. They force Ulysses and Nono to face the Sirens and get the map for them while they hold the children hostage. Travelling on a sailing ship across Sirenum sea, Ulysses asks Nono to tie him to the main mast of the ship so that he will not be drawn to the Sirens' voices. Affected by the Sirens, Ulysses breaks free and follows them, and at the same time Telemachus and Yumi escape from the pirates and follow him by raft. They get to the island of the Sirens, rescue Ulysses, and come across a room full of identical coffins guarded by a creature that has turned all of the previous treasure hunters to stone. Yumi uses her flue to play the tune from her dream again, and they escape. Ulysses returns to the pirates and gives them a coffin containing both the map and the creature, which turns all the pirates to stone. Ulysses attempts to read the map, but on contact with the air it burns in his hand and disintegrates to nothing.moreless

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  • This is yet another reason why I love watching Ulysses 31!

    This is such a cool episode that has always been one of my personal favourites.

    When Ulysses comes across a planet (that is home to a band of pirates), they capture him and force him to travel to find the Sirens' treasure and bring it back to them.

    The Sirens are really cool, with their haunting singing and echoing whispers "Come...Join us". To combat this, Ulysses uses ear plugs to try and resist them, but he dives in...

    The treasure of the Sirens is actually the map back to Earth, but is protected by a strange twin horned thing that can turn people to stone, as it did with the band of pirates.

    Unfortunately, the map dissolves when activated.

    The incidental music throughout this is so cool, if only I could find it on CD.moreless

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