Ulysses 31

Season 1 Episode 2

The Lost Planet

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 1981 on

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  • Yumi senses her home of Zotra when the Odyssey passes near an unknown planet, and the power from it awakens Numinor. The planet turns out to be a resort moon, on which a once kindly sorceress has turned bitter and evil. A great second episode...

    This review contains spoilers.

    As the second episode of the series, 'The Lost Planet' a very good follow-up to the Pilot (well, the second Pilot, see my review of the previous ep for notes on the unbroadcast 1981 version of the Pilot). Either way, 'The Lost Planet' has an interesting story, with some good action sequences, and quite a scary vibe to it at times.

    It does seem a little too soon after the first episode to awaken Numinor, but I can forgive that, as it makes for a good story (and I'm pretty certain that when the series was run here in the United Kingdom by BBC One, they ran the episodes wildly out of sequence anyway, as was the norm for imported shows in those days).

    As I mentioned previously, the episode does have quite a scary edge to it for a children's cartoon, first regarding the eeriness of the people turned to stone, yet with their shadows still running, and then the evil sorceress, with flaming hair and terrifying look. The battle between Ulysses and the robotic hydra is a highlight of the episode.
    As mentioned in my review for the first episode, I was a massive fan of '(He-Man and the) Masters of the Universe' growing up (and still am!). Maybe it was the name "sorceress" putting the connection into my head, but I realised that, as good as it was on it's own merits, we never had anything on this kind of level in the squeaky-clean Filmation He-Man series, which ran around the same time as Ulysses (mid-1980s here in the U.K.). The closest we came to something along the lines of this ep was with the possessed Sorceress (of Grayskull) in the second season's "To Save Skeletor", but in terms of atmosphere and child-friendly scares (if you catch my meaning), shows such as 'Ulysses' definitely had the edge over the over-monitored toddler-friendly U.S. offerings (such as 'He-Man'; not saying that it didn't have it's definite good points).

    Anyway, back on track, it turns out that the sorceress of the Lost Planet had turned bad and embittered after she thought all of the children had left her. Actually, I did feel this ultimate explanation could have been made a bit clearer (if I have trouble cottoning on to it at 11:30 at night, I'd imagine my younger self likewise wouldn't quite have got it).

    In all, there's still better in the U31 series, but for second episode, building on the scenario set up in 'Vengeance of the Gods', this story serves it's purpose well. Some good action scenes and animation, and the closing scene, with Yumi sadly watching as Numinor drifts back into his sleep as the Odyssey leaves the moon's rotation, is actually quite powerful, considering this is a 30 years old kid's cartoon.
    I like episodes where there's a "proper" baddie to fight and overcome (in this one, it turns out to be misguided beliefs from the sorceress), but even so I found this to be a very enjoyable tale. I give 'The Lost Planet' a decent 9 out of 10.
  • Yet another fantastic episode of Ulysees 31

    After finding one of Zotra's satellites, Yumi believes that it is the actual Zotra and pursuades Ulysees to go down and investigate. After seeing all the Zotrians turned to stone, but their shadows still moving, Ulysees learns of a witch that used to live here and loved the Zotrian children.

    Because all is not what it seems, Ulysees battles the witch's flying unicorn and follows it back to her cave, where she has turned evil, due to the lack of children. Ulysees then has to battle a large hydra. When the witch sees Telemachus and Yumi, the witch immediately changes back to good and hugs them.

    This is not one of my very favourite episodes, but it really is a good one and is well written and animated. The hydra battle is definately one of the highlights of the episode and I highly recommend you watch this one.