Ulysses 31

Season 1 Episode 12

Trapped Between Fire And Ice

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 1981 on

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  • "What is it to be Ulysees? Fire or ice?"

    This episode is extremely spooky at the beginning, when Ulysees and the children inspect an abandoned ship that is aparently sending out distress calls.

    The only member of the crew is on life support, but is actually a droid made by the Gods.
    After he comes to life, he sneaks aboard Ulysses ship, while he is drawn into the twin planets Charybdis, burning hot, and the Scylla, ice cold.

    This has some really, really good action sequences during Ulysses' endless cycle between the sister planets. The highlight is when he climbs up a cable from Telemachus' ship as they escape from the infinity of the sister planets, and when he fights the God's droid and blasts it into the planets. Fantastic!