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  • what a game

    Unan1mous - In this show, they take 9 people and lock them in a hidden place, known as the bunker. With no sun light, no outside contact, and not being able to know what time it is. With these problems they then must plan out who will take the 1 million dollar prize. But only one get the prize thats the problem. The prize then goes down at ever second as the prize money drops 1 dollar a second. Causing the total money sum to drop at ever turn they cant pick a person to get the money. Overall i a weird show that didnt work overwell
  • When I watched this show a little peice of my brain died.

    My mom insisted that we watch the first episode of this
    instead of south park, I have only one thing to say... This was the worst show ever. Reality T.V. is really going down hill if all they can think of is a show where people have to decide who gets money. In actuality this is the basis of most reality shows, except this one takes all the entertainment away and just cuts to the pointless chase. Not to mention that most of the contestants seeem like actors. Nobody would get in an argument about the sinful life of gays that fast. I quote an episode of the simpsons to express my point, "Thank you for calling Fox, if you are pitching a reality show please stay on the line. You're half-baked ideas are all we've got." - Recorded Message when Homer called Fox
  • what the hell was that!?

    It's just not good. not good at all.
    The test subject thing is just not good.
    Super corny produced with sureal futuristic vibes that just feels fake.
    Unforgivably bad host. I wanna hurt him eferytime his smugg face apears.
    The ultra christian vs the gay pride parade dude just feels old and forced. Finding anything good to say about this show.
    The guy lying about having cancer is kind of fun though.
    But that frickin' it.
    I think the Fox bosses was hung-over when they decided on a producer, stage manager, and pretty much all other importand jobs of this production.
    it's just not a good show. Poor... everything.
    Shape up Fox
  • It's Unanimous. I Hate The Show

    This was the worst idea ever for a show. You get 9 poor chumps in a house, wher you cannot leave until you give someone $1,500,000. And you have to vote on it, and it has to be unanimous. If you cannot reach a decision over a period of time, the money will go down, until it reaches $0. And that is if you do not reach a unanimous vote during the entire game. This show is abuse to the contestants. And how bad is the host's glasses and goatee. I'm not gay, but it's hideous. I've seen him on kid shows like "ZooVenture" and "Endurance", and there was none of that. I was hoping for the show's sake that the pot goes to $0, but it didn't. I hope this show does not get renewed. If so, the votes on the show better not be unanimous.
  • this show is awesome

    I have never had a show that I couldn\'t stop watching like this one. I was watching American Idol and after I just got sucked into it. I love the half reality half drama thing they put into the show. A great storyline also. Why hasn\'t anybody come up with this adea before? I like how people on the show have to comprimise on who gets the money and can\'t be greedy. This show should definately come back to FOX in the fall. Usally ther is not much on Wednesdays but Unan1mous makes Wednesday tv a lot better for me. Go Unan1mous.
  • An unbelievebly bad guilty pleasure.

    I feel so bad for watching this show.

    Where to begin? For one, I was rooting for the guy that lied about having testicular cancer to win, just so he could admit he lied and the bunker would go crazy.

    For another thing, if this show wasn't such a guilty pleasure for me, it would get a 1/10 because I think that this show idea is inhumane and I have to laugh that people were stupid enough to volunteer for this.

    Finally, I love how they went from 1,500,000 dollars to 400,000 dollars for the winner.

    However, this show is a guilty pleasure of mine, so I'll give it a 7/10.

  • The concept is pretty interesting, but the execution is laughable.

    One night when my mother was getting her daily fix of American Idol, she saw an ad for Unan1mous and thought that it looked interesting. She told me about it and I decided to watch it with her. What a mistake.

    Unanimous is a show in which a bunch of people are locked in a bunker and have to agree on which of them gets a big cash prize. Sounds interesting, right? Well, it sucks.

    The show is so over the top that it seems like the creators were trying to make the show funny, because that's precisely what it is: a joke. The people in the bunker are pretty damn stupid and they all seem a bit psychotic.

    The guy with whom they communicate to learn about what is going on is a real dork who acts very dramatic in order to try and arouse some suspense, but it is a failed attempt.

    Unanimous is a very stupid show. It is far too dramatic and the people on the show are all idiots. This show is just plain bad. Don't watch it. For the love of God, just change the channel.
  • Its very fun to watch.

    I really like this show because of how hard it is to reach a “unamous” decision. I don’t think that is spelt right but I don’t have the time to change it so, I guess your gonna have to sorta deal with my grammer errors in this particular review.

    I like this show because it’s also fun to see how a person making two different deals with two different people half the time don’t even turn out to go through with either of the things they promised! I really do think it’s an entertaining and amusing and funny show. That’s all I have to say. Thank you, goodnight, and oh bye the way I’ll be here all week!
  • Not the best show but not the worst show.

    Its just this has been done so many times before that now its just boring. If nothing else is on ill watch this show. I like the techology and electronics like the huge TV. I didnt like how the money went down a $1 every second. Well overall the show is ok but its just a copy of alot of other shows.
  • Bulls***

    This show is tryin to be like Deal or no Deal in terms of the suspence over money. No!!! please bring back who wants to be a millionaire Bring this F***** buls*** off the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so sick of this wannabe show C'mon Fox you can do a hell of a lot better than this piece of crap!
  • This show was Horrible, But I still Watched it??? Why????

    Every Episode was worse after the second, but I think that the first one was the worst. I really wouldn\'t want my most personal secret Revealed, I felt really sorry for Richard. Seriously that game was horrible I really don\'t know why Adam would do it again. and If there is a second season you can count me out of watching. I think that the money went to the wrong person. I think that Jonathan was most deserving even though the stuff He did. The movie they played of his sister in one episode was really nice. He is such a generous person at times. But he seemed to drop his testicular Cancer story Pretty Quick though.
  • This show is awesome!

    This show is awesome and very influential. It's influential because I like that it teaches us that we have to trust each other no matter what. It teaches us that we have to se our differences and greed aside and actually help someone out. It also teaches that bickering will never solve anything. This is a great show especially when there's tension between the players. But somethimes, I cry when they fight because I hate seeing people fighting. It's also nice to see someone who actually deserves the money to win it like Tarah. This is a good show. I hope they make a lot more seasons of it.
  • With some help this could be an awesome show, but the way it is just stinks IMO!

    Okay, so we all knew within the first five minutes who was going to win, so why on earth watch the last 25 minutes other than to see the one person who didn\'t want to go unanimous struggle with his decision. This show has the potential to be awesome, but at the same time, how are they supposed to make a \"new\" version of a reality show that isn\'t already being done somehow... If they trap them and make it fun and challenging with actual challenges and stuff, it would be like Big Brother, the remoteness of it all brings Survivor into play, so they have to find something to fix this, because if left as is, it will truly take the award for worst reality show tv ever... even though for some reason or another, I couldn\'t stop watching it because I just knew Richard would snap and hurt someone.... I really need to find a fun hobby or something! ;)
  • I think I lost brain cells watching this

    This show is just another testiment to why reality television needs to be stricken from the air or at least relegated to the Reality Channel. There is nothing redeeming in this show, it only demeans its participants and it means nothing to the outside world. I am upset I actually left this on the tv when I walked away to cook because I in no way want to support it. Nine people in a room who all want the money, what kind of outcome did the producers expect. I hope this is a one time thing and they pull it and bury it. Please bring back real TV not reality TV.
  • Unan1mous is really good and cool and I like it but it is sad some times.

    Unan1mous is a really good show but I rate it not a 10 because the characters (some of them anyways) are morons and so darn rude, it gives people sad feelings and emotional breakdowns, and sometimes it is uninteresting (sometimes) and is also sometimes hard to get. Other than the above, Unan1mous is a really good show and is a clever but cunning idea for a reality/game show. Occasionally it makes me very upset, but it is good. I wonder if the game show will be cancelled after these contestants? Or will they find new contestants? Find out soon cause I don't know.....
  • I rly like this show.

    Many reality shows I don’t like but this one I like a lot! It was very well thought out and all the twists and turns to it. It does look hard to play though cause well getting a bunch of complete strangers to come together and decide who should get the money they all want.

    I'm not surprised how long it is taking for them to make a decision cause everybody wants the money and some ppl won't stop till they get it. Others just think it should go to who it deserves. And the others lie and cheat there way to get it.

    If I was ever on this show I wouldn't be able to take the pressure.

  • What are they doing to these people?

    Unan1mous is one crazy show. Everyone has to make one decision on WHO will get the prize money, and the longer they can't decide, the less money they get. 1,500,000 dollars is enough to make someone go insane.

    What might happen to these people?

    What will happen to the money?

    And to make things much, much worse, Steve didn't leave with the money! He didn't! And you know what?! He deserves it. The guy really deserves it.

    There is a liar in that group of nine. *sticks out tongue*

    But still...

    I admit it's an amusing show to watch! XD
  • This show has the potential to be really good

    I must admit that this show has a lot of potential to be a great show, as far as reality is concerned. I love how they have totally isolated them away from everything...no daylight, no clocks, nothing to do. Unlike Big Brother, this show really does mess with you. I loved how they freaked them out with personal secrets. I love how the money drips away, and I really loved how that one guy lost 1.5 million dollars by just one vote. That was great. It would suck to be him during that moment, but it made great TV. I think FOX is on to something with this show.
  • Unan1mously great!

    Forget about all the bad reviews that you read or heard! Unan1mous it's the best Reality Show ever.. With a simple premisse and lots of twists, FOX's new RS it's just great! Since Tyra Banks and her "America's Next Top Model" we haven't saw so much "fierciest" moments on reality tv... The Minister "Holy" Woman is crazy! She thinks the she owns the world! I laughted so much when she said that the bible is the "Basic Intructions Before Leave Earth"! LOL... I am serious! I never see a bunker so incredible in my entire life! It's very futuristic and the vote is made in a way very interressing with some balls... It's great!
  • How many of the cast are really actors?

    Since the 1st episode, the shows have really gone downhill. The host sucks.
    After viewing a few more episodes, one can\\\\\\\'t help but wonder how \\\\\\\"REAL\\\\\\\" this show is.
    Nobody is going to go \\\\\\\"crazy\\\\\\\" after 1 day inside this bunker. Not to mention you might win a mil and a half. Not to mention they all looked around like help! when they said you people are stuck here. Yeh that\\\\\\\'s real.
    You\\\\\\\'re having fits? You\\\\\\\'re crying? Cmon!
    How\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d they get on the show in the first place?
    And what\\\\\\\'s his name, the crazy dude? Yeh that\\\\\\\'s REAL! Why on earth would anyone be screaming at everyone else, not even a day inside the bunker. Nonsense. Sorry FOX, but the first episode had us going \\\\\\\"Hmm, could be interesting ...\\\\\\\" But now, we are wondering how many people on the show are really actors? Hello?? And the things they say, and their witty timing leave us wondering how they can be anything but actors. Thumbs down. BIG BROTHER this ain\\\\\\\'t.
  • Okay, so you take 9 contestants, lock them in this bunker and tell them you will give them 1.5 million dollars, if they are unanimously chosen to receive the money, but the longer they take the less money they can make

    Okay, First off this show is very creative, and I give it its props for that. However Let's get real for a second, If you think anyone in their right mind, and I stress right mind, will be giving someone else 1.5 million dollars, you are out of your mind. If I was on that show, I don't care how much less money they offer, I would never give away money to someone else. If it got down to 50 cents, I would not give them my vote. First, you now have fame from being on the show, so the money can come back, if you manage wisely, look at all the reality stars. Put some homeless people on the show, who have lost everything, heck just put a sane vindicitve person on that show, it would never end, and if it did it would be because the producers said so. Give somebody 1.5 million dollars, please get outta here with that.
  • This is a great show

    Every Epsode of this show so far has been a Hit!

    I can't WAIT to see how it ends....

    The one thing that could make this show better, is to get the psyco off the show

    All in all, this has been the best fox show i have ever watched (no joke)
  • I give this show a 10 for comedy!

    OK, I love reality shows and I'm really serious with them! But this show is different to me because it's so funny, but not ment to be. I mean this because all these people become drama queens/kings and make a fool of themselves! They are so dramatic over everything. All the time they think they are in it together, then one person screws up or lied and once they found out, it's pretty much the whole world ending. I find this show interusting though. Locking someone up in a bunker can really make someone crazy.

    Anyway, let me get to the point. This is a different kind of show and I'm starting to like it. It's unique but good. The host is awesome, the contestants are from all different areas, incomes, races, origin and they all have different reasons why they want the money (but who really needs a reason?). I really hope they make more seasons to this.
  • This show would have a 10 but the red-head host is too dull.

    This show is the most intense, dramatic show on Tv and you have to keep tuning in to find out what you wanna find out! I originally watched this show to write a parody, because I enjoy writing funny things, but it turned out to be one of my favorite shows! I absolutely hate Kelly the priest, and I wish someone would kick her asphault! She told that gay guy that he was gonna burn in hell, now that's not right! I'm not gay, but I know gay people, and that one guy was right, if he were to go there, Kelly would be down there right next to him! And Adam, the man faking his disease, I don't like him either! When it comes to Steve, I hope he wins the money, but not for at least a few more weeks, this show is great!
  • people get locked under ground and have to vote who gets 1.5 million $. The catch is it has to be....unanimous. corny!!!

    Im amazed that its not completely a waste of time like many shows on fox, but it aint good. I have a feeling this show isn't going to last long.

    As I watched it I kind of just hoped they'd never reach a vote so that they would stay under ground forever. hehehehehe
  • Right. It's a complete waste of time. Please read on. Also, this thing won't let me rate it a zero. So I just want to say I really give this a big fat ZERO. 0 out of 10.

    Wow! What kind of a show is this?!? I don't know. Even if a guy was living under a rock, he/she would think this is pretty f**ked up! (Sorry for the language. I'm not that kind of person. Sorry again.) I've only watched this show once. I think it was the first or second. At first, I thought "Oh, another reality TV show." Then as I was watching, I noticed that this wasn't one of your usual reality television, this is one of your Fox "reality show"!!! Zing! =] Well, I kept watching, and thought, "now this is interesting... The camera movements are GREAT! They must've done a LOT of retakes and edits to get this right. Next, oh! What do you know? The set is pretty futuristic! Metal spheres coming out of the floor, the "host's" face coming on the TV screen w/ some special effects... so on and so fourth. Another great thing, is that the so called "actors/atresses" know what is going to happen in their little "interviews" before it happens. Coincidence? I think NOT! Why is it that when the "host" is counting the votes, the first 7 are for "Steve" and the last one, is not? Funny, I was just predicting this to be! Did you notice that the host said that every "second" the prize money will go down, I don't know if those underground kidnappers learned how to count, but the rate that the money was going down was faster than a second. So why don't you go back to kindergarten and learn to tell time! I have millions of these things, but before I go, I want to say, if the "contestants" *cough* *actors* are locked away in an underground, futuristic bunker, Why aren't they're loved ones calling the police, or better yet the FBI! the CIA! THE ARMY!!! I don't know. I think it's a complete waste of time. Bye! You can hate me all you want. Oh right. TV.com, please change the genre to *ahem* retarded. Thank you and bye!
    -P.S. As I have stated earlier, I give this a 0/10 not 1.1-
  • A step out of reality tv show boundaries. This show deals with one matter only.. game theory. Given a set of unwavering truths how will they decide how to give out the cash. It is for the intellectual.. a play on the mind.

    I will say that given the decreasing funds and the desire to keep all players playing that it will be interesting to watch the lab rats and how they deal with everything.

    Much better than Survivor/Big Brother/ etc with all their game manipulations for tv ratings. This one just presents it cold.. and we enjoy watching the drama.
  • Like most shows on Fox........

    Okay we are watching some idiots in a Bunker trying to decide who gets 1 million bucks..... But wait theres more [caps lock] the ####### prize goes down the longer it takes[end caps lock] stupid stupid stupid. stupid stupid stupid stupid. The only high point is how stupid these people act over the money.
  • Fairly well done.

    It seems as if it would be hard to be able to produce, cut, edit, and air only a half hour reality show with a concept like this. And FOX seems to have pulled it off fairly well.

    Besides being a fictional, sci fi rip-off of Big Brother, where the contestants are stuck in an area, constantly watched by cameras, and with no contact to the outside world, this show is pulled off fairly well.

    The contestants seem to be interesting. There's conflict, players, liars, and people who just truly care, which always make the show more interesting.

    Besides the fact that JD Roth sounds very robotic, and is, well, not good at hosting, I'll continue watching.
  • Not too impressed

    Not too impressed with the show. It seems like just another reality show that will fail and be cancelled.

    Seems like something similar to the movie 12 Angry Men, but obviously will not be as good. It all depends on the tasks and how people will be voted out.

    Overall, I think the show will flop as it won't be interesting enough with no real direction or consistent factor in eliminating contestants.
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