FOX (ended 2006)


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  • When I watched this show a little peice of my brain died.

    My mom insisted that we watch the first episode of this
    instead of south park, I have only one thing to say... This was the worst show ever. Reality T.V. is really going down hill if all they can think of is a show where people have to decide who gets money. In actuality this is the basis of most reality shows, except this one takes all the entertainment away and just cuts to the pointless chase. Not to mention that most of the contestants seeem like actors. Nobody would get in an argument about the sinful life of gays that fast. I quote an episode of the simpsons to express my point, "Thank you for calling Fox, if you are pitching a reality show please stay on the line. You're half-baked ideas are all we've got." - Recorded Message when Homer called Fox