Unbeatable Banzuke

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Unbeatable Banzuke

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Competitors from all over the world come to compete in this strange array of physical challenges in Unbeatable Banzuke. The challengers will undergo some of the most wild and most bizarre challenges seen on TV with more than a dozen stand alone challenges.

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AIRED ON 12/29/2007

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  • Unbeatable Banzuke is a "crazy" Japanese game show. It comprises of challenging obstacle courses varying in a wide range from doing hand stands to riding bikes.

    From the first moment I tuned in to Unbeatable Banzuke I was immediately hooked! G4TV did an excellent job with acquiring, translating, and subtitling these episodes. Unbeatable Banzuke normally airs multiple times every day on G4TV. There isn't a current episode list/guide anywhere. However, I have seen almost every single episode, so I plan on doing some episode submissions and reviews as soon as I can get my status level up a bit more.

    If you like off the wall game shows, then you will definitely want to watch Unbeatable Banzuke! It is very similar to G4TV's popular Ninja Warrior TV series, so if you like it then you will almost for sure like Unbeatable Banzuke. One of my favorite parts about the show is the announcers. The Japanese know who to emote very well when they narrate (see anime), so they know how to hook people to the show very well.moreless
  • Honestly if I could watch this all day I would!

    I think it gives us a good idea of what a good gameshow should be, communal cheering, out of this world obsticles and all around entertainment. This show and Ninja Warrior have made me look for Japanese gameshows b/c they are so entertaining! I'm so glad that American television has "wised up" to how entertining this type of gameshow can be, althought the American versions are still not as good. If I ever go to Japan I'd like to be part of the studio audience b/c I think it would be fun to watch this kind of stuff live! The games are fun and silly just like life should be and the announcers are annimated and not afraid to make a fool of themselves as well, all around good fun :).moreless
  • It's awesome!

    From the makers of Ninja Warrior on G4, comes an all new show about strange obstacles that competitors come from all over to defeat the obstacle and get their names put on the Banzuke, which means "list of champions". I have only watched one episode, but after that, I told TiVo TM to put Unbeatable Banzuke on my Season Pass! It is strangely addicting and very entertaining. Every obstacle like "Like A Pierro 3" to "Muscle Man", every obstacle will keep you on the edge of your seat and begging G4 to make more! I hope you enjoy it! It's awesome!moreless
  • Do you think you can conquer the giant foam dominoes? Well, do you?

    This game show takes the Japanese love of bravery and combines it with weird comic stunts on a giant obstacle course, for a surprisingly gripping contest. You will quickly be able to pick favorites as one person after another takes an unlucky steps and goes plummeting onto the safety pads. It's like some demented summer camp crossed with "The Price is Right." Contestants come from real-life environments-- they are normal people with jobs and homes. The show gives all types of people the chance to make themselves into athletes. You never know who's going to succeed-- it could be the older engineer as much as the young student. This show is less campy than some of its precedents, and yet it has a brisk and addictive atmosphere. It is the best of the Japanese game shows to be exported to U.S. airwaves in a while.moreless
  • One of my favorite challenging Japanese game shows.

    Kinniku Banzuke is a very interesting Japanese game show that offers various difficult challenges to it's contestants. Even though it originally aired in Japan between 1995-2002, the recent broadcast in America makes it a fresh new show for the many of us who have never seen it before. I have already been a fan of Sasuke (Ninja Warrior) and when I found out it was a spin-off from this show, I had to check it out and it immediately became one of my favorite game shows to watch.

    The various challenges are all very different compared to the competitions we see here in America and many of them seem almost impossible to complete. Whether it be an obscure obstacle course that contestants must get through walking entirely on their hands or crossing on a bicycle or unicycle, to balancing on platforms and doing 200+ sit ups in a short given period of time, this show provides entertainment in seeing if anyone is capable of defeating any of the challenges. Also many of the contestants are interesting and have their own gimmicks adding more "flare" to the show.moreless

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