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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Netflix Premiered Mar 06, 2015 In Season


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AIRED ON 3/6/2015

Season 1 : Episode 13

Show Summary

It centers on a woman who starts her life over in New York after she escapes from a doomsday cult and the adventures she encounters along the way.


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  • Sara Chase

    Sara Chase

    Cyndee Pokorny

    Carol Kane

    Carol Kane

    Lillian Kaushtupper

    Ellie Kemper

    Ellie Kemper

    Kimmy Schmidt

    Jane Krakowski

    Jane Krakowski

    Jacqueline Voorhees

    Lauren Adams

    Lauren Adams

    Gretchen Chalker

    Sol Miranda

    Sol Miranda

    Donna Maria Nuñez

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    • Netflix is on a roll

      I watched the whole seasons in 2 nights. Could not stop.

      Putting all cast strongly on women plus the very stereotypical gay, fat, black, jobless man (that is basically the end of the main male cast) created a very different comedy with almost family guy type jokes all placed in a world of women.

      All the (few) side male characters are either nasty pricks or extremely stupid, but I guess we had it coming.

      Anyhow my most favorite character besides the main character so brilliantly portrayed by Ellie was the landlady by Carol Kane.

      The Titus character was a bit to overdone with stereotypes but still somehow fit into the whole scheme.moreless
    • Favorite New Comedy by far

      While I don't watch too many comedies anymore (I can only really think of maybe 5) this is by far my favorite new comedy, and probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite comedy overall already.

      With the exception of the terrible characters Tina Fey & the other lawyer played, each & every character they put into the season seemed to fit and were interesting.

      Gold medal performances to Tituss Burgess as Titus Andromedon, Jon Hamm as RRWGW and of course Ellie Kemper as Kimmy Schmidt.

      My only disappointment in it might be, I wanted to see more of Kimmy learning the world around her now. That seemed to get glossed over too much for my liking. But the show was so entertaining it didn't even impact its final mark from me.moreless
    • Damn, I am in love with Kimmy!

      It is for me the best Comedy series right now. The first one for a while which made me laugh loudly.

      "Spidermen got defeated by their greatest enemies: Gravity and Floor" (not exact)

      Even though it exaggerates reality a lot, it is very rubbing stupidity gently in our faces ;)

      I can recommend "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" for a rainy saturday!
    • But females are strong as hell!

      Good show, still getting their groove and kinda felt a lot of the characters just (dis)appeared a bit roughly but really enjoyed it, watched the full season in one day.
    • They alive, damn it!

      I had no intention, but I watched all 13 eps in one go. Then started watching 30 rock again! SUPERB! Trademark Tina Fey, with a dash of Liz Lemon, but Kimmy Schmidt is truly a one-off. I love the guest stars and the early 90's exclamations that Kimmy makes,Kaitlin's tagline for her review is spot on! Looking forward to more of Kimmy and Titus!

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