Uncle Croc's Block

ABC (ended 1976)


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Uncle Croc's Block

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Similar to Saturday Night Live, Uncle Croc's Block was a one-hour animated series that parodied children's animated shows. Charles Nelson Reilly starred as Curt Croc, a children's show host who hated his job. Assisting him is Rabbit Ears (Alfie Wise) & his cantankerous director, Basil Bitterbottom (Johnathan Harris).

Three cartoons were featured;

M*U*S*H; A M*A*S*H parody that had sled dogs reside at a hospital cam.

Fraidy Cat; Cat who lived eight of his lives. Whenever he calls a number from 1-8, accidentally, that spirit comes to visit him. But if he says 9, a cloud forms in the shape of a 9, strikes lightning to end Fraidy's life.

Wacky & Packy; A caveman & wooly mammoth who get stuck living in the present day. A reverse version of Valley of The Dinosaurs or Land of the Lost.

However, the ratings were down, being opposite Planet of the Apes on NBC & Isis/Space Nuts on CBS, ABC trimmed it to 30 minutes (Wacky & Packy survived), then canned it all together. This made Filmation mad, they never sold another series to ABC.

The three cartoons survived on a syndicated series, The Groovie Goolies & Friends.

Kenneth Mars

Kenneth Mars

Sideburns / Cold Lips / Colonel Flake / General Upheaval

Alan Oppenheimer

Alan Oppenheimer

Fraidy Cat / Tinker / Dog / Mouse / Hokey

Charles Nelson Reilly

Charles Nelson Reilly

Uncle Croc

Lennie Weinrib

Lennie Weinrib

Tonka / Wizard / Captain Kitt / Sir Walter Cat / Winston

Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris

Basil Bitterbottom

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