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Uncle Grandpa

Thursday 7:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Sep 02, 2013 In Season



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Uncle Grandpa

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Originally produced as a short for The Cartoonstitute, Uncle Grandpa is now a full length animated series about a magical uncle and grandpa to everyone in the world.

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AIRED ON 4/23/2016

Season 2 : Episode 75

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    Fan Reviews (166)

    • Gay shit

    • Can't this affect kids NOT JOKING!

      Can you imagine your kid coming up to you and saying "Good Moring' at night!

      This show is one of Cartoon Networks worst shows ever. The plot are wrong, the characters are incomplete and the main character "Uncle Grandpa" is just bad. Parents should really not let there children watch this show. The plots are not even describable, like pull a cactus out of the ground, then next all of a sudden they are fighting a cactus monster and the lizard show him his tight shorts and he laughs and they kill him,WHAT?! The tiger is just a cut photoshoped picture levitating leaving rainbows in its path. WHY? This show is pure crap. It can't create a fan base because the stupendous personalities of the characters.moreless
    • Uncle Gaypa

      Cartoon Network has gone to hell. This show is so ***ed and it sucks dead meat. This shit is awful. It is about a weird guy named Uncle Grandpa who has stupid adventures with his friends Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger. Pizza Steve is an ugly ass jerk, GRFT is OK, and Mr. Gus is the only likable character on the show. This garbage is not worth it. Oh, and Uncle Grandpa, he is a ***ed inbred pedophile. Kill this show with fire!!!! Take it off CN! Plz! Godawful crap.moreless

      There is so much wrong with this ABYSMAL excuse for a show that it's almost impossible to sum it all up in a few paragraphs so let's start with some keywords: boring, asinine, bitchy, slow, ***ed, uninspiring, pathetic, depressing, distressing, embarrassing, and of course, COMPLETE SHIT. I feel like this show was made only to literally piss me off. Other shows are bad you know, Annoying Orange, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Teen Titans Go (on some occasions), hell even the dumb reality shows on VH-1. But this sorry ass piece of work is one of the main reasons why I have limited faith in humanity sometimes. Here we go:

      For one, this show is missing the most important thing about a good tv show.............. PLOT, UNDERSTANDING, REASON FOR EXISTENCE, and pretty much ALMOST ANYTHING in general.

      The show is extremely mediocre at best. I absolutely hate how people actually LIKE this show. The show makes no sense whatsoever. After watching the first 3 minutes, I wanted it to end just as it started and saw no desire to go any further. Then there's the humor. The humor on this show SUUCKS!!! It's not funny, it's boring! It has no flow! I find it ridiculously impossible to laugh, smile, hell, even think happy thoughts when this garbage is in my presence. The jokes, humor, comedy, everything on this show seems so FORCED. It's like they can't come up with anything original or likeable and relies HEAVILY on visual gags and slapstick humor. Wow, a SIMPLE EMBARRASSMENT. It takes FOREVER for an actual plot to show up because this show is drowning in horrible jokes, characters, and animation. Honestly, you can't seem to figure out what the fuck is going on in one episode. And by the time you do figure out what's happening, the episode is over, so that's almost 10 minutes of your life that you're NEVER getting back. It seems like each episode is even worse than the last. The creators couldn't think up of anything aesthetically pleasing and instead flood each episode with the most INCOMPREHENSIBLE SHIT IMAGINABLE, lacking any creativity or impact. This show takes no skill to create. The animation is lazy, it looks like shit that's like left over from another cartoon, and it's complete, visual torture. The show tries to invent a cool and original catchphrase by making the main character spit out " Good Morning!" over and over again and it's FUCKING AWFUL. (And I swear to God that the writers were just thinking of the dumbest shit ever and came up with "Good Morning!", then they wrote it on the script, and called it a day) The soundtrack is ear splitting, I couldn't stand hearing anything on this show anymore, it makes me want to shove a needle in my ear. You know, who the fuck greenlights shows like these, cause it's damn near unwatchable.

      But let's get to one of the real reasons why I hate this show, THE CHARACTERS. Pizza Steve represents almost everything wrong with side characters, he's completely useless and only serves to promote cannibalism and ignorance. Belly Bag is no fun to watch, he's just like the majority of the idiotic cast and needs to stop talking cause no one cares about what he says or why he says it. Giant Realistic Flying Tiger............. WHAT? Mr Gus serves as the only character on the show with common sense, and it frustrates me that he is the butt of almost every joke. Basically Mr. Gus is the only thing on this show that doesn't immediately make me vomit, which isn't saying much. And the main problem with Uncle Grandpa is Uncle Grandpa. He is the most ***ed, ignorant, incompetent, loudest, unreasonable, condescending, frustrating, inconceivably annoying protagonist ever in TV history. He apparently is supposed to be this "magical being" where he is Uncle and Grandpa to everyone in the world which doesn't really make sense at all. The show attempts to justify that just because he says "Embrace the weird" that we are all supposed to just drop all sense of thought and like it. He is creepy, never shuts up, looks HORRIBLE, constantly thinks that "Good Morning" is a good catchphrase, he is a disgrace to all cartoon characters, he frustrates me and the world of logic and understanding to no end, he represents the complete opposite of a good protagonist, he has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, and is overall A DOWNRIGHT ABOMINATION OF A CHARACTER!!! He makes me want to slam my head against cinderblock, he sucks so bad that I wish he was real just so I can endlessly torture this bitch. I hate him. This show has been hyped up for a couple of months, and it's TERRIBLE to see what the fuck they've been doing all this time.

      Another reason why I hate Uncle Grandpa is not just the show itself, but the amount of confidence Cartoon Network actually put in this pathetic waste of life. Before the show premiered, CN hyped it up big time. It was on every tagline, commercial, YOU NAME IT. Fooled every dumb motherfucker on the planet into thinking that it was going to be monumental and one on of the best cartoons ever made. You know, for a show this terrible, CN seems to love endorsing the hell out of this dude. They gave the biggest sneak peeks ever prior to the show's airing. They enjoy showing his stupid, God-awful face everywhere praying some idiot would give the show a chance. I beg of you, PLEASE DON'T. I find it completely DISGUSTING that people actually would compare this assbag to more superior shows. No, I don't hate this show because it's "too weird" (trust me, I've seen weirder). I hate that this show is a GIGANTIC FAIL. And this show comes with a FANBASE!!!!! What the hell?!? CN is desperate to keep this show on, for what, FOR WHAT?? THIS SHOW BLOWS!!! AND THEY KEEP IT ON SO THAT IT COULD BLOW!!! Ya'll couldn't have been a little honest for your whole piece of shit show, AND YA'LL HAVE THE AUDACITY TO ANNOUNCE IT FOR A FIFTH SEASON?!?!?!?!?!?? More than twice the airing time of some of the best cartoons out there? Are ya'll kidding me?!? This is criminal. Cartoon Network was my childhood, when I'm older I'll never stop watching it because (besides sugar) it made my childhood all the sweeter. Even though I will always love CN, it's absolute shit sometimes because these idiots can't make better decisions. Who in their right mind would hire the guy responsible for making Secret Mountain Fort Awesome AGAIN? Last time I checked, SMFA even by CN standards, was the worst cartoon show ever made at the time. It sucked so much that like smart people they cancelled it immediately. So CN I ask you, WHY IN THE FLYING FUCK WOULD YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS HIRE PETE BROWNGARDT AGAIN TO MAKE ANOTHER SHOW?!?!? Pete Browngardt must have tripped some serious balls so that CN could let him make another show. As the creator, he is pathetic, he is juvenile, he makes The Garbage Pail Kids look like Shakesphere.

      I wish I could say more but I don't wanna suffer from a brain aneurysm trying to explain the rage and disappointment I feel about this GARBAGE. I could write an ENTIRE BOOK on how unbelievably bad this show is. This show is bad BEYOND COMPREHENSION. I would love to not watch this, but seeing as how one of the main channels I'm on is CN, his stupid, annoying face is EVERYWHERE ON THAT CHANNEL!!! I beg CN to cancel this like smart people. I absolutely HATE this show. I hate anything that Uncle Grandpa has to do with, Uncle Grandpa is the WORST FUCKING TV SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN, EVER!! It's not because it's on CN, because if your on CN, obviously, you can't find any better work. So I must be right. I have to be right.


      Quick side note: I had to remove a couple lines because they sounded ***ed.

    • Another god awful shit from CN

      Does anyone just doing Quality control ?

      Good 50% shows should not pass it.


      How much do you think this show has percentage in here,Czech,on CSFD ?


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