Uncle Grandpa

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Uncle Grandpa

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Originally produced as a short for The Cartoonstitute, Uncle Grandpa is now a full length animated series about a magical uncle and grandpa to everyone in the world.

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AIRED ON 1/22/2015

Season 2 : Episode 23

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Fan Reviews (127)

  • Stupid

    Nothing funny or cool about it. Its just a grown a$s man who acts childish all the time, hell, its too much embarrasing. Cartoon Network seems to want everything random now, it has gone too far. All these random characters (like other shows) are completely dumb, trying too hard to be funny when its not. The only good show with random characters is Adventure Time, this show? Rtarded. This makes me not want to have kids (lol), since most kids from 2000 are brainwashed thinking todays cartoons are true entertainment when its far from it. Us from 1990s know about real cartoonsmoreless
  • total garbage

    I only signed up to write this review of how angry this show makes me. It is trying way too hard to be funny, and each joke falls flat each time. I actually feel embarrassed for the writers and producers. Hell, I even feel bad for the voice actors. I have never seen any show try so hard to be funny and fail so miserably. I wake up in the mornings sometimes and take an angry shower because a uncle grandpa was the last thing I watched. How the hell did this ever get approved by CN, or even get past the drawing board? Everything is so damn random, but not any good. I love randomness, but this is pure garbage. I'm upset that this abomination is taking time slots for more deserving programs. Never has a show made me angry, ever. This is the first. Thanks, uncle grandpa.moreless
  • Is this what good shows are being canceled for?

    Seeing the commercials are enough, and that is all...
  • I think I heard an explosion in the distance ... (edited review-original score:2/10)

    "Embrace the weird!"-Uncle Grandpa

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In my original review of this show I was being too hard on it. I mean, I was only starting to do reviews at that time. I originally hated this show for being too weird, but really, that's not a legitimate criticism. This show isn't too good, or too bad.


  • very random, for kids only! very funny!

    I'm 23 with a girlfriend but no kids. I do however have 12 nefues and neases. They watch many cartoons and I sometimes sit down and watch sum of them. I guess u could say they bring out the child in me. I was reading some of the comments made by other people. Especially the negative ones and I gotta say. Please try to use your iner child when looking at this cartoon. Its very random, lots of impossible things going on and lots and lots of unrealistic things like pizza Steve and giant realistic flying tiger.... A rainbow comes out of her but and she flies hahahaha. Don't people remember when they where little and imagine or thought of stuff like this especially It's pure inoccence. Its not diabolical and there isn't subliminal messages. The hole point about this show is facing crazy obsticles. Always confronting them in an opposite way (hence the "good morning" quote) and when things get thought family (uncls/grandpa) or friends well be there to support u. Yes the show does show crazy impossible things. But I do believe we need to give kids some credit. There not stupid. My neasr and nefues know very well that there is no such thing as a realistic flying tiger but its still entertaining to watch her shot a rainbow out her butt and fly away. They are cartoons. Nothing more. Let kids watch something that expends their imagination. And let's not ruin it by trying to put meaning into every little detail. The idea of this cartoon is simple u can always face crazy obsticles and defeat thim with friends and family. N of course.... A pisitive attiude... GOOD MORNING!


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