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  • Worst Show I have Ever Seen

    This is honestly the most embarrassing show I have ever seen, the people who made it should be ashamed. Its a fact that their such bad animators they cant even make an animated tiger. I wish they could just cancel the show, but for some reason kids love it.
  • Almost As Bad As Teen Titans Go!

    If you are wondering about the title, yes this show isn't as bad as Teen Titans Go!. The original Teen Titans was my childhood. At least Uncle Grandpa is shit that's it's own thing, but i digress. All it took was one episode for me to see just how stupid this show is. I use to think my mom telling me "TV will rot your brain" was bullshit, but if this is the show you are watching, you are better off giving yourself a lobotomy. The biggest letdown for me is the fact that it features some pretty good voice actors like Tom Kenny and Kevin Micheal Richardson. I know TV voice actors don't have the highest of standards, but a show like this is prostitution for the voice. The dude who voices *sigh* Uncle Grandpa (seriously was that name supposed to be funny?) sucks! It's annoying as shit and offensive to people with Down Syndrome! The only reason i can fathom that this show is so popular is because people like watching how terrible it is. If that was your overall plan Uncle Grandpa congrats! (I wish this site had a rating that went below 0)
  • Oh god

    This is worst thing I ever seen lol. This laugh at it's stupidity.

    It's just bad nothing said but

    cut out tiger, they got cut out tiger in show they stopped animating at point. It's just so bad. LOL XD
  • utterly ridiculous

    I have never felt the need to rate a tv show before in my life. I grew up on weird humor and over the top silliness(plus innuendos and all the other junk). This show trying too hard. To compare it to other shows currently on CN would be pointless because they're all different. But this my nieces and nephews refuse to watch it. And honestly, when 6, 5, and 4 year old refuse to watch a "stupid humor" type of show, there's an issue. There's nothing good about it from what I've seen. It's like the 2003-2007 years of "ZOMG LOOK AT ME I'M SO RANDOM!!!111 WAFFLEZ LoL!!!11 RAWR!!!" bundled into however many minutes an episode. The art and animation is unappealing on a professional level. The kids around my house would rather watch reruns of tom and jerry and Ed, Edd, and Eddy day in and day out. I think that it has run its course, and that the CN needs to find something better. Many adults don't want their children watching it, and it isn't bridging that child-adult viewing gap in any way.
  • Pedo-bear loves UG!

    This show condones and suggests all kinds of criminal behaviour (someone else is my friend's best friend? Let me kidnap this person and remove him from the equation so that I can be the bf again!). The argument that the parents are responsible is true but ignores a very real element of reality. Every parent is not a good one, and the product of bad parenting surrounds us all the time. Putting on the blinders for the sake of winning an argument only makes some of us unwitting advocates of everything from theft to pedophilia. Would a pedophile be ok with a cartoon depicting kids bending over to bounce and smack butts?
  • Gross and stupid

    Just because it is random, doesn't make it funny. Nothing in the show looks visually appealing.
  • weird show to be honest

    i like this show i don't think weird is a real crime and this show crossover was funny i enjoyed it
  • I think I heard an explosion in the distance... (original score:2/10)

    "Embrace the weird! "-Uncle Grandpa

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In my original review of this show I was being too hard on it. I mean, I was only starting to do reviews at that time. I originally hated this show for being too weird, but really, that's not a legitimate criticism. This show isn't too good, or too bad. The general consensus is that this show is a abominable hellspawn of hell.


  • Unappealing

    Maybe if they used a different design and different colours it would be more pleasing to the eye. Right now the show is just, well, ugly. I understand that it might be funny to younger viewers,and some people may like it. In my opinion, this show is just an attempt of gaining a younger audience. Happy Watching!
  • UG get outa here!!!

    It's stupid and sucks! And the characters doesn't make any sense like Pizza Steve, Belly Bag, and c'mon and the cut out picture of a real life tiger!!!!!! Really!!!!! What were they thinking!!! Like c'mon Cartoon Network now a days are like totally garbage!!!! Well there's 3 shows that I only like are regular show, pokemon and sonic boom, and the rest sucks!!! That's why I gave up CN and I rather stick with Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Disney XD, and other channels.
  • a future childhood classic

    I cant really find a legit reason to hate uncle grandpa (besides his appearance and art style , but that isn't reason for conviction especially considering ren and stimpy being an actual show). on the contrary to ones expectation, this show is really innocent , and oddly enough it TEACHES kids to accept their weirdness or personal flaw and to convert it into a strength ! Many people may disagree with this , but i think we need to consider that this show was not targeted for adults, but rather kids who aren't tied to the emotions of a certain protagonist .

    i kinda had to THROW AWAY my BIAS watching it and writing this so i could understand why this show is hated so much.

    One of the quotes in the show is actually " Wars don't decide who's right , they decide who's left" , and if you don't think that's a valuable lesson that the future generation needs to learn, i think you need to review recent events related to our current conflict as a nation.

    I think we need to realize that this show wasn't made for us,the adults who stand their grounds on opinion , but for them , the kids who appreciate a lesson from an equally innocent character and... now, compared to the childhood shows like" ren and stimpy "or "invader zim" i think its fair to say that this show isnt doing nearly as much harm as we think it's doing , even more so i think considering the random antics and explosive enforcement of imagination this show is great for kids expressing themselves.

    when's the last time adventure time or regular show provided a really relatable story and lesson?( that's probably why its not on as often as gumball or uncle grandpa )

    have a good morning.

  • It is horrible

    This show doesn't teach anyone anything, only horrible bad things. Like how to break the law and dancing with strippers are ok. It's for children and don't tell me it's not because you put it on when children are watching tv. Every episode I watched of it I didn't once see anythig good with it. My personal opinion is I your going to keep it out it on for adult swim not where kids will watch it.
  • A positive review for Uncle Grandpa

    Even though I'm not an Uncle Grandpa fan, I still understand its position for an audience of young kids. Yes, while shows such as Adventure Time and Steven Universe may appeal to both children and adults--thus always introducing some deeper and more subtle message often relating to personal and challenging subjects--people should still recognize the importance that Uncle Grandpa holds toward young viewers. From a generalized understanding of the people who shame Uncle Grandpa, it seems that many of these same people instead shower other cartoons with praise. But, just because you love some shows and hate others, does that really justify the constant barrage of attacks on a cartoon? As Uncle Grandpa is intended for kids, we must realize that, sometimes, cartoons simply want to convey surface-level entertainment, full of instant gratification of laughter, impossible situations, and quirky presentations. In the same sense, this is what Spongebob Squarepants has always been. Spongebob Squarepants has always been filled with nonsense, but, while we may have once adored it as children, now dismiss it in our later years. Why must there be a deeper message in everything children watch? Sure, while everything Adventure Time and Steven Universe give viewers is refreshing for a cartoon series, is that any reason to attack another series, which, needless to say, is adored by many fans of a younger crowd? To me, the overwhelming amount of negative reception Uncle Grandpa receives is similarly justified as a person not enjoying TV dramas and then actively dismissing them while hoping for them to end.

    As a side note, it is pretty important to be aware that the Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa crossover episode was an idea first introduced by Rebecca Sugar, the creator of Steven Universe, and has been anticipated by them as one of their favorite episodes to date while being fully proud of what they and the creators of Uncle Grandpa have created.
  • Why? Why Cartoon Network?

    What are the owners at Cartoon Network doing? What kind of drugs are they doing to warrant cartoons like this. I thought Regular Show and Amazing World of Gumball were bad. But Uncle Grandpa is worse than both of them combined!

    Firstly, the characters are annoying, none of them are likable in the slightest. From what little of this I've seen, and what I saw gave me plenty of reasons to hate this show, Uncle Grandpa is supposed to be the uncle and grandpa of everyone on earth. How the hell does that work! Is he like a spiritual being who just considers all humans his relatives? Well that's stupid because he drives around in a freakin' van with a paper cutout tiger who farts rainbows, some monotone lizard thing, and, uggggh! a slice of pizza whose a Mike "The Situation" Wannabe. God I hate all these characters!

    The plots are terrible! Uncle Grandpa is supposed to help the kids who are in trouble, but he's so stupid and immature, that he gives them bad, and sometimes rather gross, advice, leading them to get in even more trouble. And we're supposed to look up to this guy? CN, would it kill you try and make a show that doesn't catter the lowest forms of society?

    Gross humor (And I use humor loosely), annoying characters, horrid morals, Uncle Grandpa is a perfect example of a horrible cartoon. Pleeeease everybody! DON"T WATCH this shit! This show is an absolute disgrace! Hopefully, we can all say 'Goodbye!' and 'Good Riddence!' to this show soon.

    There is so much wrong with this ABYSMAL excuse for a show that it's almost impossible to sum it all up in a few paragraphs so let's start with some keywords: boring, asinine, bitchy, slow, ***ed, uninspiring, pathetic, depressing, distressing, embarrassing, and of course, COMPLETE SHIT. I feel like this show was made only to literally piss me off. Other shows are bad you know, Annoying Orange, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Teen Titans Go (on some occasions), hell even the dumb reality shows on VH-1. But this sorry ass piece of work is one of the main reasons that I have limited faith in humanity sometimes. Here we go:

    For one, this show is missing the most important thing about a good tv show.............. PLOT, UNDERSTANDING, AND REASON FOR EXISTENCE.

    The show is extremely mediocre at best. I absolutely hate how people actually LIKE this show . The show makes no sense whatsoever. But let's get to one of the real reasons why I hate this show, THE CHARACTERS. Pizza Steve represents almost everything wrong with side characters, he's completely useless and only serves to promote cannibalism and ignorance. Belly Bag needs to stop talking cause no one cares what he says or why he says it. Giant Realistic Flying Tiger............. WHAT? Mr Gus and Aunt Grandma are the only two things on this show that doesn't immediately make me vomit, which isn't saying much. And the main problem with Uncle Grandpa is Uncle Grandpa. He is the most ***ed, loudest, unreasonable, inconceivably annoying protagonist ever in TV history. He is creepy, never shuts up, constantly thinks that "Good Morning" is a good catchphrase (WHAT THE FUCK???), he frustrates me and the world of logic and understanding to no end, he represents the complete opposite of a good protagonist, he has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, he makes me want to slam my head against cinderblock, he sucks so bad that I wish he was real just so I can endlessly torture this bitch. I hate him.

    Another reason why I hate Uncle Grandpa is not just the show itself, but the amount of confidence Cartoon Network actually put in this pathetic waste of life. Cartoon Network was my childhood, when I'm older I'll never stop watching it because besides sugar it made my childhood all the sweeter. Even though I will always love CN, it's absolute shit sometimes because these idiots can't make better decisions. Who in their right mind would hire the guy responsible for making Secret Mountain Fort Awesome AGAIN? Last time I checked, SMFA even by CN standards, was the worst cartoon show ever made at the time. It sucked so much that like smart people they cancelled it immediately. So CN I ask you, WHY IN THE FLYING FUCK WOULD YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS HIRE PETE BROWNGARDT AGAIN TO MAKE ANOTHER SHOW?!?!?

    I wish I could say more but I don't wanna suffer from a brain aneurysm trying to explain the rage and disappointment I feel about this GARBAGE. I could write an ENTIRE BOOK on how unbelievably bad this show is. This show is bad BEYOND COMPREHENSION. I would love to not watch this, but seeing as how one of the main channels I'm on is CN, his stupid, annoying face is EVERYWHERE ON THAT CHANNEL!!! I beg CN to cancel this like smart people. I absolutely HATE this show. This L-shaped headed bitch! Fuck this bitch. I hate anything that Uncle Grandpa has to do with, Uncle Grandpa is the WORST FUCKING TV SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN, EVER!! It's not because it's on CN, because if your on CN, obviously, you can't find any better work. So I must be right. I have to be right.


  • Just awful

    And now they're going to cross over with SU? Better be a joke/throw away episode. I'd sooner gargle tar and rubbing alcohol before seeing such a good show even referencing such a pile of trash. Uncle Grandpa needs to get canceled already!
  • This show is complete shit and should go in the trash.

    This show is really fucked up. Peter Browngardt should be fired immediatly, so he does not come up with abominations like Uncle Grandpa. I'm going to review EVERYTHING this shit has to offer:

    The Characters: oh god, keep those ***gots away from me! Uncle Grandpa is an annoying piece of shit that sounds like the most pathetic character in a tv show. He always TRIES to be funny, but fails miserably, like all those turds like him. And why is his catchphrase "GOOD MORNING"? It should be GOOD FUCKING CANCEL MY CRAPPY SHOW MORNING!! Pizza Steve is just a fucking douchebag that always says something like "I'm the best!" or tries to be cool. Instead he just pisses me off every time. Belly Bag is another annoying character that is a fool in every way. He should be banished to hell with Uncle Grandpa and the rest of the stupid fuckers in this show.

    I think the only character that isn't stupid like the others is Mister Gus but he is another sad weirdo.

    Humor: TOTAL SHIT!!!!

    Animation: please, it's just like Fanboy & Chum Chum only worse!

    Background: Horrendeous! The sky is blue, not yellow! The rest is poorly drawn and makes you feel you're on Cocaine!

    That concludes my review of this ABOMINATION that I think should have never been created in the first place. Peter can do what he wants, just as long AS HE CANCELS THIS GRIM PIECE OF SHIT!

    And btw: CN isn't going that far by airing shows like Adventure Time and Ninjago. What happened to Dexter's lab or Courage the Cowardly Dog? I want those shows back, Cartoon Network, and maybe you might start to get good scores. I want the old shows back on. Please. But for now, PLEASE CANCEL UNCLE FUCKPA AND FIRE PETER BROWNGARDT, THAT IMBECILLE THAT ISN'T A GOOD CREATOR, INSTEAD IS A GOOD LSD SMOKER!!!
  • Es diferente

    Es algo nuevo y original
  • Can't this affect kids NOT JOKING!

    Can you imagine your kid coming up to you and saying "Good Moring' at night!

    This show is one of Cartoon Networks worst shows ever. The plot are wrong, the characters are incomplete and the main character "Uncle Grandpa" is just bad. Parents should really not let there children watch this show. The plots are not even describable, like pull a cactus out of the ground, then next all of a sudden they are fighting a cactus monster and the lizard show him his tight shorts and he laughs and they kill him,WHAT?! The tiger is just a cut photoshoped picture levitating leaving rainbows in its path. WHY? This show is pure crap. It can't create a fan base because the stupendous personalities of the characters.
  • This is like a poopy game that AVGN reviewed!

    "That's okay because now I'm twice as very mad" - AVGN

    Okay I know what you are thinking this show is amazing right? Hehehe NO! This show is the reason that eddy stopped watching cartoon network this show should be cancelled soon. Alex Kimble should do a rant on this show. And good users if you like this show I respect your opinion about it. You know like this? All characters from Clarence! They wished they would join their show, but they can't. You know who doesn't like this? All characters from Secret fort mountain awesome and Master Hand and Crazy Hand from Super Smash Bros! They were all mad about show cancelled. ( Secret fort mountain Awesome) Master Hand and Crazy Hand wished they kill all the characters. So nuck Uncle Failpa and nuck Enderman haters. Toy Bonnie from FNAF 2 is 3 billion times better than this.
  • The Absolute Worst

    Give a man a chance to make his own cartoon, you get "Secret Mountain Fort Awesome". Give him a second chance at a cartoon, you get this. The animation is improved... by about 5%. The voice for Uncle Grandpa is IRRITATING and EXCRUCIATING. The Pizza's ego is bigger then the entire universe. The tiger is a mistake, and the dinosaur man is the only sane character around here. What's worst, as of 02/21/2015, the show has been renewed for a third season. WHAT THE HELL CARTOON NETWORK?! ARE YOU THAT DESPERATE FOR RATING THAT YOU HAVE TO YOU THIS ABOMINATION OVER AND OVER AGAIN?!

    If you are a parent reading this review, make sure your child NEVER sees this cartoon in their life. If you are a child or teen, for your safety, AVOID THIS SHOW AT ALL COSTS!
  • Uncle Grandpa is the most disturbing cartoon on TV

    I have never felt the need to write a review of any TV show before but I am rather disgusted with Uncle Grandpa. i was forced to watch a promo for the show the other day while my son was watching another cartoon. Why is it that this gay cartoon has the longest promo of any other cartoon? Why do I feel it necessary to forbid my son to watch it? Because it is blatantly gay and I can only imagine some CN execs are jumping on the gay band wagon and are pushing this agenda. And what is with the name? Is hit a reference to the proverbial gay uncle? It's bad enough that I have to watch what my son watches on other channels but to censor content on CN is absolutely ridiculous!

    No one in the age group for this show's target audience has any idea of their sexuality so why is on? This garbage should be put on at night.
  • Marvin Marvin, your title of #1 worst show has been replaced

    I heard this show was inspired from Secret Mountian Fort Awsome and I dont know what in the world CN was thinking when they decided to do a spinoff of a show that got cancelled after 6 episodes. The jokes are so bland it makes you wanna throw up. I dont even like the characters. An anthromorphic slice of pizza? A poorly cut out tiger? A grandpa slash uncle who acts like he belongs in a mental hospital?! I can do a better job creating characters for shows. Heck, I`ve met preschool kids who created better characters, even ones who drew better ones. The plots make no scence and the graphics are as bad as Superman n64. Plus, the voice acting made me wish I could be deaf for even bothering to watch the show. Whoever said this deserved to get green lit really needs to go out and see what real talent and quality is. How bad was this show? Let me tell you: It makes Marvin Marvin, one of the worst shows of all time according to wikipedia, look like a show that won a dozen oscars. I doubt this show will get to 10 episodes, 5 if lucky. Again, its a mystery how this got green lit. Eww....... I .......
  • I've like this...

    Let's get one thing cleared right now; I am not the intended audience for this show, so I am kinda biased when it comes to what I want to watch. That being said, I'm honestly confused who this show is supposed to be for. When I watch it, I get this impression it's made to be like the MAD cartoon shorts that were on cartoon network a couple of years ago. That show was funny for many reasons, one of them being the humor that you watched and the parody it showed were expected from the show sense that's what the Magazine gave you also. Uncle Grandpa just seems and yet tired at the same time. Is their a plot? No, not really. The only one constant in the show (other then the characters) is that Uncle Grandpa helps kids un odd ways with their issues. Other then that, it's basically a day in the life of crazy.

    This show's nonsensical style can be funny at times, but the colors, the characters and the concept are painful to watch. It's sad that better shows were replaced by this. In fact, it's really scary that a demographic like you-adults is left out of Cartoon Network almost entirely by choosing to fill about 95% of the channel with shows like Amazing World of Gumball, Teen Titans Go! and this show, Uncle Grandpa. Better shows like Regular Show, Steven Universe, Adventure Time are put to the latest period of time on Cartoon Network and then only play one episode a day of one of these while every single other slot is filled with the aforementioned bad shows.

    But I'm here to only talk about this show, and honestly I probably wouldn't notice if it disappeared, but I'll be glad when it's gone. Bring back shows for young-adults (or adults like me) like Star Wars, Young Justice and anything else that was as awesome as that, advertise it better for that market and leave the shows that like this to our intelligence for the hours of not-now and never.
  • Inbreeding is not ok

    This show sucks. Even if I didn't know the title of it, I would still have to say that. I am ashamed that our culture thinks this is ok for children to watch. Next we will have a generation of kids walking around talking like ***s. As if society isn't bad enough already. Everyone involved with this show should be ashamed of themselves. I would rate it lower than 1.0 if I could. It is below abysmal.
  • is this what america has been reduced to?

    Do we really want this kind of influence on our children? Uncle grandpa? Its inbread all in itself. Take it off the air! I have a child and I don't want to have to explain to him what an uncle grandpa is! This is not ok!!!!
  • What??

    At first, I was curious of this new show so I decided to watch an episode... but then I stopped halfway of it. It's just too random, and the humor on there isn't nearly funny at all. It's the basically the same jokes we've all probably heard before. The only good character on there is the tiger, but we barely see it on screen.
  • Stupid

    Nothing funny or cool about it. Its just a grown a$s man who acts childish all the time, hell, its too much embarrasing. Cartoon Network seems to want everything random now, it has gone too far. All these random characters (like other shows) are completely dumb, trying too hard to be funny when its not. The only good show with random characters is Adventure Time, this show? Rtarded. This makes me not want to have kids (lol), since most kids from 2000 are brainwashed thinking todays cartoons are true entertainment when its far from it. Us from 1990s know about real cartoons
  • total garbage

    I only signed up to write this review of how angry this show makes me. It is trying way too hard to be funny, and each joke falls flat each time. I actually feel embarrassed for the writers and producers. Hell, I even feel bad for the voice actors. I have never seen any show try so hard to be funny and fail so miserably. I wake up in the mornings sometimes and take an angry shower because a uncle grandpa was the last thing I watched. How the hell did this ever get approved by CN, or even get past the drawing board? Everything is so damn random, but not any good. I love randomness, but this is pure garbage. I'm upset that this abomination is taking time slots for more deserving programs. Never has a show made me angry, ever. This is the first. Thanks, uncle grandpa.
  • Is this what good shows are being canceled for?

    Seeing the commercials are enough, and that is all...
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