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Uncle Grandpa

Thursday 7:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Sep 02, 2013 In Season



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Uncle Grandpa Fan Reviews (134)

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  • This is like a poopy game that AVGN reviewed!

    "That's okay because now I'm twice as very mad" - AVGN

    Okay I know what you are thinking this show is amazing right? Hehehe NO! This show is the reason that eddy stopped watching cartoon network this show should be cancelled soon. Alex Kimble should do a rant on this show. And good users if you like this show I respect your opinion about it. You know like this? All characters from Clarence! They wished they would join their show, but they can't. You know who doesn't like this? All characters from Secret fort mountain awesome and Master Hand and Crazy Hand from Super Smash Bros! They were all mad about show cancelled. ( Secret fort mountain Awesome) Master Hand and Crazy Hand wished they kill all the characters. So nuck Uncle Failpa and nuck Enderman haters. Toy Bonnie from FNAF 2 is 3 billion times better than this.
  • The Absolute Worst

    Give a man a chance to make his own cartoon, you get "Secret Mountain Fort Awesome". Give him a second chance at a cartoon, you get this. The animation is improved... by about 5%. The voice for Uncle Grandpa is IRRITATING and EXCRUCIATING. The Pizza's ego is bigger then the entire universe. The tiger is a mistake, and the dinosaur man is the only sane character around here. What's worst, as of 02/21/2015, the show has been renewed for a third season. WHAT THE HELL CARTOON NETWORK?! ARE YOU THAT DESPERATE FOR RATING THAT YOU HAVE TO YOU THIS ABOMINATION OVER AND OVER AGAIN?!

    If you are a parent reading this review, make sure your child NEVER sees this cartoon in their life. If you are a child or teen, for your safety, AVOID THIS SHOW AT ALL COSTS!
  • Uncle Grandpa is the most disturbing cartoon on TV

    I have never felt the need to write a review of any TV show before but I am rather disgusted with Uncle Grandpa. i was forced to watch a promo for the show the other day while my son was watching another cartoon. Why is it that this gay cartoon has the longest promo of any other cartoon? Why do I feel it necessary to forbid my son to watch it? Because it is blatantly gay and I can only imagine some CN execs are jumping on the gay band wagon and are pushing this agenda. And what is with the name? Is hit a reference to the proverbial gay uncle? It's bad enough that I have to watch what my son watches on other channels but to censor content on CN is absolutely ridiculous!

    No one in the age group for this show's target audience has any idea of their sexuality so why is on? This garbage should be put on at night.
  • Marvin Marvin, your title of #1 worst show has been replaced

    I heard this show was inspired from Secret Mountian Fort Awsome and I dont know what in the world CN was thinking when they decided to do a spinoff of a show that got cancelled after 6 episodes. The jokes are so bland it makes you wanna throw up. I dont even like the characters. An anthromorphic slice of pizza? A poorly cut out tiger? A grandpa slash uncle who acts like he belongs in a mental hospital?! I can do a better job creating characters for shows. Heck, I`ve met preschool kids who created better characters, even ones who drew better ones. The plots make no scence and the graphics are as bad as Superman n64. Plus, the voice acting made me wish I could be deaf for even bothering to watch the show. Whoever said this deserved to get green lit really needs to go out and see what real talent and quality is. How bad was this show? Let me tell you: It makes Marvin Marvin, one of the worst shows of all time according to wikipedia, look like a show that won a dozen oscars. I doubt this show will get to 10 episodes, 5 if lucky. Again, its a mystery how this got green lit. Eww....... I .......
  • I've like this...

    Let's get one thing cleared right now; I am not the intended audience for this show, so I am kinda biased when it comes to what I want to watch. That being said, I'm honestly confused who this show is supposed to be for. When I watch it, I get this impression it's made to be like the MAD cartoon shorts that were on cartoon network a couple of years ago. That show was funny for many reasons, one of them being the humor that you watched and the parody it showed were expected from the show sense that's what the Magazine gave you also. Uncle Grandpa just seems and yet tired at the same time. Is their a plot? No, not really. The only one constant in the show (other then the characters) is that Uncle Grandpa helps kids un odd ways with their issues. Other then that, it's basically a day in the life of crazy.

    This show's nonsensical style can be funny at times, but the colors, the characters and the concept are painful to watch. It's sad that better shows were replaced by this. In fact, it's really scary that a demographic like you-adults is left out of Cartoon Network almost entirely by choosing to fill about 95% of the channel with shows like Amazing World of Gumball, Teen Titans Go! and this show, Uncle Grandpa. Better shows like Regular Show, Steven Universe, Adventure Time are put to the latest period of time on Cartoon Network and then only play one episode a day of one of these while every single other slot is filled with the aforementioned bad shows.

    But I'm here to only talk about this show, and honestly I probably wouldn't notice if it disappeared, but I'll be glad when it's gone. Bring back shows for young-adults (or adults like me) like Star Wars, Young Justice and anything else that was as awesome as that, advertise it better for that market and leave the shows that like this to our intelligence for the hours of not-now and never.
  • Inbreeding is not ok

    This show sucks. Even if I didn't know the title of it, I would still have to say that. I am ashamed that our culture thinks this is ok for children to watch. Next we will have a generation of kids walking around talking like ***s. As if society isn't bad enough already. Everyone involved with this show should be ashamed of themselves. I would rate it lower than 1.0 if I could. It is below abysmal.
  • is this what america has been reduced to?

    Do we really want this kind of influence on our children? Uncle grandpa? Its inbread all in itself. Take it off the air! I have a child and I don't want to have to explain to him what an uncle grandpa is! This is not ok!!!!
  • What??

    At first, I was curious of this new show so I decided to watch an episode... but then I stopped halfway of it. It's just too random, and the humor on there isn't nearly funny at all. It's the basically the same jokes we've all probably heard before. The only good character on there is the tiger, but we barely see it on screen.
  • Stupid

    Nothing funny or cool about it. Its just a grown a$s man who acts childish all the time, hell, its too much embarrasing. Cartoon Network seems to want everything random now, it has gone too far. All these random characters (like other shows) are completely dumb, trying too hard to be funny when its not. The only good show with random characters is Adventure Time, this show? Rtarded. This makes me not want to have kids (lol), since most kids from 2000 are brainwashed thinking todays cartoons are true entertainment when its far from it. Us from 1990s know about real cartoons
  • total garbage

    I only signed up to write this review of how angry this show makes me. It is trying way too hard to be funny, and each joke falls flat each time. I actually feel embarrassed for the writers and producers. Hell, I even feel bad for the voice actors. I have never seen any show try so hard to be funny and fail so miserably. I wake up in the mornings sometimes and take an angry shower because a uncle grandpa was the last thing I watched. How the hell did this ever get approved by CN, or even get past the drawing board? Everything is so damn random, but not any good. I love randomness, but this is pure garbage. I'm upset that this abomination is taking time slots for more deserving programs. Never has a show made me angry, ever. This is the first. Thanks, uncle grandpa.
  • Is this what good shows are being canceled for?

    Seeing the commercials are enough, and that is all...
  • I think I heard an explosion in the distance ... (edited review-original score:2/10)

    "Embrace the weird!"-Uncle Grandpa

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In my original review of this show I was being too hard on it. I mean, I was only starting to do reviews at that time. I originally hated this show for being too weird, but really, that's not a legitimate criticism. This show isn't too good, or too bad.


  • very random, for kids only! very funny!

    I'm 23 with a girlfriend but no kids. I do however have 12 nefues and neases. They watch many cartoons and I sometimes sit down and watch sum of them. I guess u could say they bring out the child in me. I was reading some of the comments made by other people. Especially the negative ones and I gotta say. Please try to use your iner child when looking at this cartoon. Its very random, lots of impossible things going on and lots and lots of unrealistic things like pizza Steve and giant realistic flying tiger.... A rainbow comes out of her but and she flies hahahaha. Don't people remember when they where little and imagine or thought of stuff like this especially It's pure inoccence. Its not diabolical and there isn't subliminal messages. The hole point about this show is facing crazy obsticles. Always confronting them in an opposite way (hence the "good morning" quote) and when things get thought family (uncls/grandpa) or friends well be there to support u. Yes the show does show crazy impossible things. But I do believe we need to give kids some credit. There not stupid. My neasr and nefues know very well that there is no such thing as a realistic flying tiger but its still entertaining to watch her shot a rainbow out her butt and fly away. They are cartoons. Nothing more. Let kids watch something that expends their imagination. And let's not ruin it by trying to put meaning into every little detail. The idea of this cartoon is simple u can always face crazy obsticles and defeat thim with friends and family. N of course.... A pisitive attiude... GOOD MORNING!

  • how i feel

  • It`s just a cartoon

    I think you guys are being to serious about this cartoon .

    I like to think myself as an oldschool dude , being a 90`s child i grew up with shows like Dexter`s Lab, ,Cow and ChIcken and so on .

    I mean, come on... In Johnny Bravo there were a lot of sexual innuendos , Tom and Jerry had slap-stick humor quite violent , and there were a lot of surrealism even in most cartoons those days .

    My parents asked me why do 3 little girls are flying and have laser eyes ( obviously , the Power Puff Girls ) and to them it seemed kind of weird and unusual , but i still loved to watch it because it was something new to me .

    That`s the same thing with UncleGrandpa , it`s some kind of surrealism and randomness being taken to the next level, something haven`t done before . Some may appreaciate it, some don`t , some may call it stupid and that doesn`t make any sense , but that`s just it :


  • Just now Seen This Show Literally

    I am a 28 year old single woman, no kids. I just sat down next to my niece who was watching Uncle Grandpa. I would like to say I am the most open minded person you will ever meet. I study religion all of it, good and evil, I am a baptized Christian with strong beliefs in my Lord and Savior Outside the Church.

    Just feel if I am going to put my opinion out there you should know a little about me. I have a lot of gay friends and feel like to each there own who am I to judge them. I understand all media is suspectable to subliminal messages and making an impression on Anyone who watches it. Now the review..

    I just watched an episode literally ten minutes ago. When my niece turned to it I of course seen the rainbow letters spelling Uncle Grandpa. Kids love rainbows cool.. But Uncle Grandpa?!!!! Sounds like Incestation to me (if that's not a word it should be you understand) Hell No!!!!

    Second point... I don't really care that the tiger is a cut out... But the rainbows coming out of the A** with a cloud at the end resembles Gay Pride Colors and a Dildo sticking out of a tigers A**!!! Are ou Effing Serious?!!! This is what I See!!!

    Next here is an (and the only) nice remark you will get about this show.. the pizza wants to eat pizza you are what you eat you reap what you sow type of subliminal message.. those types of positive messages I did see...... BUT

    There are Many references to the apocalypse Literally in this one episode The kid is talking to "Uncle Grandpa" thru the tv and he told him to draw something... he drew an apocalypse which came thru the tv after he terrorized them inside the tv with it..... they then turned on him (the creatures he drew) and Uncle Grandpa then had him draw erasers and erase the beasties... (oh did I mention the kid who was watching the show an drew the apocalypse was in leather looked like a punk rock kid aka emo in the making and was of teenage age and small intelligence?) then they blew him up before they jumped on the tigers back and flew away

    Another reference to the apocalypse is made Immediately after there is an over muscled woman riding a bike looking for gas then a gas truck drives by and she blah blah FF there is a monster that resembles a monster in revelations... WTF? Ban the bible in school and the belief system but have biblical messages in a "normal"' daytime cartoon...

    Then the show goes back to a new Episode of "Uncle Grandpa" where they are fighting yet another monster one with One Eye Hmmm And he is supposed to fight it with a hammer laser hmmm but its in the rv.

    Give me a break between all the refrence to the homosexuality to the bible to the apocalypse I cant quite decipher the True Meaning of this yet But I already see Way Too Much Right there alone in this one episode alone that it made me come post this I have never in my life wrote a review on a movie since English class are you serious?!!!

    Please REMOVE this Show it is Senseless and carries too many Subliminal Messages that are unclear

    too many adult opinions regarding religion... your forcing the idea of apocalypse on them.......

    your forcing your idea of sexuality on them...... your giving them adult humor in bright colors too much...

    I don't agree and nobody in my family does of Forcing your children to watch this and that... we tell them these channels only (cartoons animal planet history but perhaps with this crap if theres going to be subliminal messages we should only allow them to watch the history and animal channel. This is not the only show I have seen on cartoon network I cant stand I don't like any of yalls shows anymore Matter of fact I remember when your network started I only watched it the first three years and stopped watching it... I still Love cartoons and will watch them but not todays crap.

    Instead of telling her I wanted to watch something else or telling her mom to ban it.... I looked at my niece and I said you shouldn't watch this, one day you will remember this show and what it means will make sense cuz right now you are too young to understand (she is 6) ..... I didn't call it stupid, I didn't even point out why. That was it period she thought real hard you could tell, and put it on Polar Express ten minutes later, Do you see the power of suggestion to a child, I am wondering tho why didn't she ask why? She may be the type to never ask why, or she might approach me before bed and ask me why.... she may wait a week or two to ask me why, either way One of the first questions I asked was why. Why aren't kids questioning our suggestions any more? They just listen esp. if they look up to you and love you. I am putting this here yes a childless person, but this whole network needs to be removed watch all the shows senseless sense of humor most of the characters are literally Dumb Personalities.. it was cool with Patrick on SpongeBob but that's enough!!! Don't attack the show?!! attack who makes it along with many more like it!!! Parents you don't have to Treat your child like they are an Adult But you should Talk to them Like one theres a big difference!! I am sorry this is so long it just Pissed me OFF!!!! Wake Up People!!! Happy Holidays!!!!
  • Many are called, but few are chosen.....

    Just a smidgen of sincere "likes" adrift in an ocean of hate. I pity those who cannot see the sly humor within this show. "What is this mo' fo' show about?!?!?!" The critics are crowing, yet none sing with knowing. 'Tis heart; the lack of it; they sadly keep showing.

    Memo: All 'dislikers' herein must immediately contact their inner child. Those of you who are currently of tender age (that means "still kids") are in extreme danger of living out the remainder of your lives with that stick shoved deep up yer butts!!! You're still young. These obvious mistakes are a normal part of learning - but, unfortunately, since a sense of humor cannot be taught, you are on your own. Good Luck! Older, overly puffed, whiners: Yeah, call that inner-child quick, time to do some catching-up.

    I have no desire to try and spell out why this cartoon is so funny, but I will reveal the basic theme behind all the wackiness

    ready? it's simple! "NEVER GIVE UP!" "PERSEVERE!" "KEEP TRYING!" "WE CAN DO THIS!"

    There you go! So simple, ya jus gotta "KEEP YER CHIN UP!" everyone who enjoyed hating this show. Peer through the fog of hate and you'll see! This cartoon has a deeply positive attitude builder within each episode. All characters (ALL) find some way to salvage the wreckage of the very random and seemingly impossible situation to end up a success - even "Evil Wizard!"

    I bet my son is watching right now. Y'all can take a flyin' leap, I'm gonna join him - GOOD MORNIN'!!!!!!
  • Please kill me...

    Really it's the most dumbest show ever made

    The jokes are boring and it doesn't has sense, not funny at all. I give it a 0/10

    The animation is really crude and ***ed what's suppose to be this??????, it's really on fucking drugs???, it's a god damn fantasy???, NO! it just very rushed shit!, the tiger isn't animated!, it just realistic!, I give it a 0/10

    The characters????, just wtf??? "Uncle grandpa" is really the worst character what i ever seen EVER!, really is a dumb idiot!, "Pizza steve" is not only a jerk but aslo a douchebag, "Giant Realistic Flying Tiger" isn't animated at all, instead, is poorly cut and the rainbow comes out of her ass??? WTF is supposed to be???, "Belly Bag" is just Useless and has a horrible voice, so now "Mr. Gus" is the only character what doesn't make me burn alive, he is less dumb than every character, I give it a 2/10

    The Plots is just dumb and doesn't has any sense, i didin't get it!, I give it a 0/10

    The Voice Acting, Uncle Grandpa's Catchphrase "Good Morning", Good Morning? WTF IS THIS?!?!?!?, It's the worst catchphrase ever The voice acting sucked HARD!, I give it a 0/10

    Final Rating: 1.0/10

    "Rushed Crap That Should Be Cancelled"

  • Can't this affect kids NOT JOKING!

    Can you imagine your kid coming up to you and saying "Good Moring' at night!

    This show is one of Cartoon Networks worst shows ever. The plot are wrong, the characters are incomplete and the main character "Uncle Grandpa" is just bad. Parents should really not let there children watch this show. The plots are not even describable, like pull a cactus out of the ground, then next all of a sudden they are fighting a cactus monster and the lizard show him his tight shorts and he laughs and they kill him,WHAT?! The tiger is just a cut photoshoped picture levitating leaving rainbows in its path. WHY? This show is pure crap. It can't create a fan base because the stupendous personalities of the characters.
  • Not bad, actually.

    This cartoon random. But not the ironically usual kind of random, but the YouTube level of random. Sure, nothing really makes much sense, and it would be difficult to see a plot within some episodes (Let alone summarizing but the show is okay.

    Nothing's perfect, and some peeps have trouble remembering it at times. If you're not easily confused, and you enjoy a helping of random every now and then, Uncle Grandpa is a recommendation.

    Call me a cotton-headed ninimuggts from this review if you want to, but I think this cartoon has a fair chance of getting a decent fanbase.

    Final Score: 6.5/10
  • CN: the resurrection

    In a network where only three series are worth watching, a new and funny series comes along. Uncle Grandpa is great, not only for its surrealistic animation, but because it takes us back to when animation was something to laugh at, not sleep with. With colorful characters, and unique plots, there is no one second you feel like saying: "I've seen this crap before". One of the best CN shows right now.

    2014 Update: Sorry for what I said earlier. I'd watched Uncle Grampa right before writing, and that series makes you high. This is my sober opinion: This series SUCKS. It's boring, repetitive, goes nowhere, comes from nowhere and deserves to be put out of misery. If you thought Annoying Orange was terrible... it was, but this is almost as bad!

  • I'd rather watch Zoids over this piece of junk.

    This show is just gross, lame, boring, vile, disgusting, rotten, ugly, and not funny. Did Secret Mountain Fort Awesome REALLY need a spinoff? I don't think so. The animation is drugged up and ugly, the characters are annoying and not funny, the plot is dumb, and UG saying "Good Morning!" makes me want to grab a gun and shoot him in the face. This show sucks.
  • UPDATE 10/10/14: I raised my score up to a 4 because I feel as though the show is getting a little better.

    Even though I find it a lot better than Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, it's still a bad show to watch. At least this show has some adventures compared to SMFA, which barely has any adventures. It is about Uncle Grandpa going on random adventures. And apparently, he is everyone's uncle and grandpa. That doesn't even make sense! Nothing about this show does! I saw the series premiere on Labor Day and it was terrible as I expected it to be. The episode taught that being fat is awesome and you don't need a shirt. Okay, two things! One, being fat is not awesome and can lead to very serious health problems. Two, you need a shirt to wear or people will think you are weird or a giant douche. Let's start with the characters.

    The titular character is probably the most annoying cartoon character in the world! Everything about him annoys me! His name, his clothes, and especially his voice! He sounds like Slog from Peter previous show! He also has a dick-shaped head and looks very pedophile to lots of people. He wears a Belly Bag on his body who's only purpose is to find anything in there. Even its voice annoys me. Pizza Steve is an egotistical slice of pizza who thinks that everyone likes him when in reality, no one likes him. He also wears sunglasses all the time to look cool, but he fails in looking or being cool. This is the worst character in the show! Giant Realistic Flying Tiger is, well, a giant realistic flying tiger who acts like a teen. She gets around by farting rainbows. I don't understand why they couldn't just call her Tiger or something or animate her. Mr. Gus is a character I can actually tolerate, since he is not a random character like the others I mentioned. In fact, he's the ONLY character I can like and tolerate! The plots are too crazy and don't make any sense at all. They are also rehashes of plots done before. The animation is just like SMFA, terrible. The humor is too crazy to get, only 5-year olds or high people can laugh at them.

    If Cartoon Network thinks that this show is clever or funny at all and renews it for a second season, then they've really gone off the deep end.

    UPDATE 4/3/2014: I just found out today that Cartoon Network renewed Uncle Grandpa for a second season! WHY?! Why did you renew this show for another season?! No one likes this show at all! Just make a series finale where Mr. Gus eats Pizza Steve and kills Uncle Grandpa and takes over the show and calls it "The Mr. Gus Show". Either that or make a spinoff based of the "Xarna" shorts on Uncle Grandpa. If anything, both of those shows will be better than Uncle Grandpa.

    UPDATE 10/10/14: Well, I still don't think it's as good as Steven Universe or Adventure Time or Clarence, but I've seen some episodes of Season 2 and it's actually starting to get better. Some of the jokes in Season 2 start to make more sense. Actually, now that I think about it, Uncle Grandpa could be one of those surreal shows like Pete & Pete where the show has weird stuff going on without explanation at all. Even though Pizza Steve can be an arrogant jerk at times and Uncle Grandpa can still be annoying, I feel as though this show is starting to grow on me now.
  • Bad,but actually...

    By just a sliver of 0.4,Uncle G is better SwayShit and Bullshitdeuce and breadwinners. I agree. I would much rather watch the entire series of Uncle Grandpa then that bread bomb.

    The extra 4 percent equals the difference between the entire breadwinners series compared to 1 Uncle grandpa episode.

    Rating: Not really good,but 4.

    Edited version: I wasn't doing my best writing this review,so more about the show. I don't know much,but gravity falls,Dipper and Mabel have a Grunkle,a nickname for a great uncle. That explains,well sort of,who uncle g is. But that doesn't help out at all.

    Pizza Steve is selfish,Mr. Gus hates his own life and is boringer then Squidward, and belly bag,I don't give a damn. Tiny Miracle,who the fuck is he? These are just how bad characteristics are for bad cartoons.
  • It's just a bad show

    It's just stupid... Mr. Gus is just cool his catch phrase of uncle grandpa is annoying. and his face is scary
  • Bad show but not TOO bad

    The only redeeming point of this show is the animation,the colours reminded me of the 90s art style and the characters move quite fluidly but the character designs totally ruined Mr Gus is a cool character and the only one with the good jokes

    The jokes are terrible,it focuses on catchphrases and they are not even good ones!GOOD MORNING that is so

    Also if that's not enough,the jokes are really corny,here's an example:

    Mr Gus:oh no pizza Steve is talking in third person again

    Uncle Grandpa:there's a THIRD pizza Steve?!

    That is totally dumb and not funny at all.

    The story is bland and stupid and filled in with short gags that are also not uncle grandpa sneaks in to some kids house(cause he's a magical elder,get it)then teaches them some bad life lesson and leaves.

    The characters are ok and tolerable but for Mr Gus which is the only character I grandpa is SUPER annoying and sounds like Barney.

    I DARE say that I like Johnny test and if I don't like a show like this then it's a BIG problem.

    Mostly I do not care about the animation because badly animated shows like 12oz mouse still become very likable.

    This shows that animation does not stop people from liking a show.

    But is it all that bad?No.

    Trust me I seen worse shows in my life like fanboy and chum chum and problem solverz.

    For those of you who gave it a one star,I think that is really biased.

    Sometimes the jokes do manage to get a chuckle out of me.

    It's renewed for a second season i guess that's bad

  • I... am conflicted.

    I previously made a review where I just talked about the characters and a brief summary of their traits, but I didn't give the show a fair chance. For the record, this is one of the weirdest, most wacky cartoons I've ever watched, and it will make your brain hurt if you think too hard about it... but that doesn't automatically mean the show is bad. It's just... really odd. Now I know that the idea of a man who's both the uncle and grandpa to everyone in the world is bamboozling. And if you think that, I don't blame you, it's very bizarre. Ignoring the unfortunate implications, I really don't know how to feel about this show. Uncle Grandpa has a very grating voice, but as a character, he acts somewhat immature. Not the same level as Steven from Steven Universe, but immature nonetheless. Though here, it's more off-putting because he's a grown man. Basically if you like Steven from Steven Universe and can get past Uncle Grandpa's age, you may not mind it too much. The other characters though... I don't have a good feel on at all. Pizza Steve is just vain and selfish, Mister Gus is like Squidward except not always in the constant state of misery and a lot less lively, and the Giant Realistic Flying Tiger... oh god. It's literally a female cut out of a tiger that has dialogue consisting only of roars. Apparently she flies despite having a fear of heights despite how incredibly contradictory that is, and aside from that has pretty much no personality whatsoever. There's also another character I didn't touch on, and that's Belly Bag... a talking fanny pack. This... thing is nothing short of a brainfart. In summation, it's like Doraemon if his voice was even more annoying and had an insignificant role in the show completely otherwise. It does feel like it takes a lot of homage from older cartoons which really don't behave with much if any rhyme or reason to them, and is just being weird just for the sake of trying to lose you in it's insanity and get you to laugh. It's not a bad method to get a joke across, but it's definitely not the best, especially if you're an analytic like me. I also find it odd how so many jokes have do do with disembodied heads... that's weird, but not especially harmful. As for kids entertainment, the show isn't too bad. Likely it will hold their attention, and trust me: There are worse shows like Nick's Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig, and the oh so infamous bad Spongebob. But yeah. This show. It's weird, but you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Give it a shot and then come back with an unbiased view of the show so you at least know if you're thoughts were correct.
  • This show is so bad and trippy that it's actually funny in an ironic manner.

    This show is just too weird to call it bad... X_X
  • I Don't Want Him As My Uncle Or Grandpa

    I did my best to actually watch this and was repulsed by how bad it was. I knew it was going to be terrible from the promos but I chose to watch the premiere to properly review this. In the first episode, he tries to convince a fat kid having a big belly is cool and then the kid uses his belly to defeat night wolves. Seriously, the message to this episode is that being fat is awesome when in real life, being fat can lead to health problems. Is this the message we want to send to kids?

    Uncle Grandpa's voice makes him sound like he has down syndrome. And how can he be everyone in the world's uncle and grandpa? It makes no sense whatever. The only possible way it could happen is if he was Adam's brother and Eve's father.

    I can't believe this was even made. At least Teen Titans Go! has some redeeming qualities, but Uncle Grandpa has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. This has got to be the WORST animated show on Cartoon Network and ties with Incredible Crew on awfulness.

    I just saw a preview for that leg wrestling episode. It was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen in my life. Seeing him squeeze juice using his leg is just disgusting.
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