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Last May, NBC picked up six new comedies. Three premiered in the fall, and two were set to premiere at a specific spot midseason. That leaves the one regular midseason replacement, Undateable. But, Community was also saved for midseason, so it took over at the first comedy cancelation.

But, is Undateable going to even air? NBC hasn't mentioned the show since the upfronts, eight months ago. Here are some possibilities I consider when wondering about the future of this show.

It Will Take Over for Sean Saves the World
Sean Saves the World
was only given five additional episodes, not a full season. This means that it will likely end in mid-to-late March, leaving room for another show, such as Undateable.

It Will Be Aired in the Summer
Think of last season's Save Me. There were spots that NBC could have put it into the schedule, but didn't. Repeats could be aired Thursday at 9:00, along with a couple of new Parks and Recreation episodes a couple of times.

It Will Be Completely Canceled and Never Seen
NBC could look at the show, not like it, and cancel it, like they did with last season's Next Caller. Here's the thing though, Next Caller was cancelled in October; right now it's January.

Personally, I'm guessing that NBC will go with the summer-airing. Probably air episodes back-to-back for a few weeks, pretend it has a chance. You know, what they did with Save Me last summer.

What do you think will happen to Undateable?
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Jun 28, 2014
It is dead already. Boring and cliche.
Jan 19, 2014
I've never heard of it but I like Chris from Whitney so I'd give it a chance.
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