Season 1 Episode 15

Hal and Hillary

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Mar 05, 2002 on FOX
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Marshall finds a new japanese girlfriend on campus and communicates with her through translators. The relationship was formed, in part to make Rachel jealous. The plan works and Marshall discovers Rachel likes him after her and Ron send prank calls to Kicooki using the translators. Steven's attempts at avoiding his father cause Hal to meet RA Hillary. They commence in an affair which sparks Lucien's jealousy. He makes it his mission to get Steven kicked out of the dorm but fails. Lloyd and Steven decide to strike revenge by performing tasks such as barracading Lucien in his room with a pop machine. It is surfaced that Hillary was simply using Hal to get to Steven and the relationship is ended.moreless

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      • (Lucien sees Perry duct taped to the ping-pong table)
        Lucien: What happened?
        Perry: "What happened" what? Oh, I strapped myself here. I have a girl coming by to pleasure me in a few minutes.
        Lucien: Are you serious?
        Perry: No! You moron! Untie me!

      • (About Kikuki)
        Marshall: She doesn't speak any English. She's like all Japanese.
        Ron: She doesn't speak any English? That's unbelievable. Hey, itt's like you found the perfect girl.

      • Rachel: Well I mean it will never last. She's got the boobs of a six year old, and she's like dumb.
        Lloyd: Well, I don't think a dumb girl is necessary wrong for Marshall.
        Ron: Yea and I don't even think she's dumb necessarily. She just seems dumb because she's foreign, like Lloyd.

      • Ron: Dude, Marshall never came home last night.
        Lloyd: Maybe he hooked up last night.
        Ron: Yeah, yeah. Maybe he's dead.

      • Lizzie: My psych professor would say this is typical behavior for a divorced man. He's just seeking affection.
        Lloyd: Ruining your son's life is typical behavior? Your professor's a dope

      • Hillary: I don't like to be the bad guy. I confiscate their bongs for a reason. It's just, Hal, would you do me a favor?
        Hal: Anything.
        Hillary: Dare to believe in yourself.

      • Lucien: (To Hillary) So, if you need any help, I could help you with the human pretzel ice-breaker, you know. It could be fun.

      • Hal: Steven, it's the police! Ha, ha. Just kidding. It's your father. Remember me?

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