Season 1 Episode 10

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 15, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

Steve gets booted out of class when there's a problem with his tuition funds. Rachel decides she has a crush on Jimmy, Lloyd's drama classmate. Lloyd promises to set them up. Steve finds his dad is having financial problems, since he lost his job, and "forgot" to pay his tuition. Lloyd talks to Jimmy, but is weirded out by his constant actor impersonations. Marshall gets a job at the cafeteria, and when he finds out Steve needs a job, he offers to get him one there too, but Steve declines. Steve goes to his counselor to look for other job options, but he says that there are no on-campus jobs left. He said the only job left is the "worst job on campus." It turns out to be in the cafeteria with Marshall. Marshall shows Steve that they get lots of free food... by eating leftovers of others (of course Steve is disgusted). Rachel gets weirded out by Jimmy's impersonations, but tries to remain open-minded. They kiss. He starts doing more impersonations, so Rachel kisses him to shut him up. Steve starts working at the cafeteria. When he has a run in with the boss, he quits. When he gets to his dorm, he hears from his dad, who has great news: he got a job. He also wants to take Steve and his roommates to dinner. It turns out that Hal is working at the restaurant that he has the kids meet him at. Rachel tries to talk to Jimmy, but he won't let her talk since he wants to watch Biography. Steve is totally humiliated by his dad's new job and tries to compensate by telling them all what an important sales job he had before. Lizzie talks to Steve about his dad's new job, and reassures him, pointing out that Hal looks like he's having fun. Rachel finally gets through to Jimmy, but he calls her shallow. She tells him that she has a boyfriend (to get out of the relationship without hurting his feelings). They decide to remain friends. The kids thank Hal for dinner, and Hal apologizes to Steve for the job "surprise." Hal then gives Steve a wad of cash to help pay for tuition and text books. Lloyd makes fun of Rachel since she didn't take his advice about Jimmy. Steve decides to work at the cafeteria again to help his dad earn enough money. Steve takes a bite of some leftover food, and Marshall warns him against it and shows him a disgusting rash on his arm (and tells him his back is worse). Close on Jimmy doing more impersonations.
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