Season 1 Episode 9

Oh So You Have a Boyfriend

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 08, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

Steven tells a buddy back home to spread the word; he's lost his virginity to Lizzie. He also assumes this will make her his girlfriend. Lloyd lets him know that that's not exactly how it works. The best plan would be to sleep with her again. Right away!

Marshall tells Steven how excited he is about the first of class in college. He's going to learn so much, he's like a sponge. Unfortunately, he is sorely disappointed when he can't stay awake in his Political Science class, which gets him in trouble with the professor. But Marshall turns his teacher around when he tells him he knows he's bored. If the professor's bored, then the students will be bored. He needs to rethink his approach to the MTV generation.

Lucien is in love with Hillary, the upstairs RA. He's in awe of her RA know-how. But when Lucien introduces her to Lloyd, she immediately falls for him instead. Lucien doesn't have a chance with the aggressive vixen. Ron warns Lloyd not to get involved with an RA; she could use her powers to destroy them.

Steven is deflated when Lizzie tells him about Eric, her boyfriend. Fooling around with anyone, including him, doesn't matter because her and her boyfriend are in love. Steven visits his dad for advice about Lizzie. Hal's no help, "Women are crazy, look at your mother." Dejected, Steven turns to Marshall and Rachel. Rachel thinks Lizzie is crazy, too, but is excited for Steven when Lizzie shows up and invites him to "American Pit." They all agree Lizzie likes Steven and by the awkward touchiness, it's apparent that Marshall is into Rachel.

History Comes Alive in Marshall's Political Science class. Turns out Professor Duggan took Marshall's advice and shows up with wigs and costumes. He impersonates historical people and acts out historical events. He's drama stuns the class.

Lloyd reminds Steven before he goes on his date with Lizzie to have sex with her, "Don't be scared, women don't like it."

Hillary arrives at Lloyd's door looking for help with her RA role playing exercises. He's willing, while Ron heads for the hills.

Steven's awkward advances go abashed by Eric's incessant phone calls wanting phone sex with Lizzie. Lizzie say, "No." When Lizzie goes to the bathroom, the phone rings again. Steven answers it and drives Eric even crazier. Not a good move. When Lizzie finds out, she storms off, cell phone in hand and ready for phone sex.

Ron gets Lucien to break up Hillary and Lloyd under the guise that Lloyd is sick and needs his attention. Lloyd is put off by Hillary's sexual aggression and is relieved when Ron and Lucien arrive. Unfortunately, breaking up this possible interlude leaves Hillary pissed and now Ron's fear is realized—Hillary is on their ass.

Steven apologizes for being weird. He admits he was just disappointed that she had a boyfriend, and that he likes her a lot and happy to be her friend. Lizzie kisses him on the lips and walks away leaving him totally baffled.
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