Season 1 Episode 9

Oh So You Have a Boyfriend

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 08, 2002 on FOX



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    • Ron: Now we're on her radar. Why would you do this?
      Lloyd: I guess I'm just a very mixed up little girl.

    • Lloyd: You don't have a girlfriend, Steven. You slept with a girl. There's a big difference.
      Steven: Yeah but it's different. 'Cause we kind of share a bond, you know. It was awesome because we both lost our virginity together.
      Lloyd: You lost your virginity, Steven. She didn't lose a damn thing.

    • Lucien: So they can actually turn a shampoo bottle into a bong
      Hillary: Yea you can make a bong out of anything Shampoo bottle, an apple...
      Lucien: An apple?

    • Hillary: Hey Lloyd, I was thinking that maybe this transition is kind of difficult for you, you know. You've come from such a far away place, so if you ever need anything, I'm in room 1016, top floor. Cause we like it on top.

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    • Hilary: "That show hasn't been funny since forever!"
      Amy Poehler (Hilary) pokes fun at her own show, Saturday Night Live.