Season 1 Episode 1

Prototype (Pilot)

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Sep 25, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

Steven Karp is a young man going off to college for the first time. He wasn't very popular in high school, so he's looking forward to wiping the slate clean and starting over in college. The day he gets to school, he is dispatched by his handsome roommate, Lloyd to go invite girls to the party they're having on their dorm floor that night. Steven tries not to let on that he's never had much experience with girls or hosting parties before. He and his other suitemates, Marshall and Ron, set off to wrangle up the ladies. Much to their surprise, the girls show up. Steven is enjoying the party until his father, Hal, shows up to tell him that he and his mother are getting a divorce. Rachel and Lizzie, the guys' female neighbors, are also at the party. Lizzie is determined to have fun in spite of her jealous back-home boyfriend, Eric, while Rachel is thinking about leaving school entirely. Steven is crying alone in his room when Lizzie walks in. He covers and says that he's just really overwhelmed by the first day of school. Lizzie commiserates and suggests that they inaugurate their first day of freedom by having sex. Steven is stunned, but not unwilling. Hal, meanwhile, ends up getting drunk at the party with Steven's new roommates. He warns everyone about the perils of marriage before he passes out. The next morning, Steven wakes up to Hal's hairy foot instead of Lizzie. Lizzie worries to Rachel that she made a mistake cheating on her boyfriend. Hal leaves, his face covered in graffiti and confident in his son's successful future at college.
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