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  • Kudos Apatow. Well played, sir.


    I think my onomatopoeia is off a little on that one. Picture me kicking my self in the ass as I make the realization that I'm an idiot for not watching this show seven years ago.

    It's hilarious. It's fantastic. It's awesome. It's like a majestically unique little butterfly. It's just so freaking beautiful, you know? But it was crushed. Crushed by an apathetic populous and a network that was obviously incapable of seeing Apatow's genius. I mean, dude has gone on to gross over a billion dollars at the box office and probably a couple more in DVD sales.


    Seriously though, I've only watched five episodes and I'm in love. I want to have Undeclared's child. I don't care about the impossibilities of a man birthing a television show's child because I can't think of a more lovely way to say "I love you."

    Alright, maybe that's a little creepy but this show really is freaking hilarious. I'm usually a pretentious sort of prick when it comes to scores (Unless we're talking about the gentleman's club then I'm just a hard one. That was wrong and I apologize.) but I can't in good conscious give this show less than a 10 out of 10 so I'm giving it a handsome 19 outta 10.
  • What was FOX thinking when it canceled this GEM?

    This show is hilarious, touching, greatly acted and written. Sadly, we only have 17 episodes of it on the DVD because of the show's cancellation. The cast is one the best assembled. Almost every single character from this show has gone on to do amazing things with their careers in television, movies and music. The show revolved around a 'gang' of 6 friends - 4 males and 2 females - who all live on the same floor during their freshman year of college. The guest stars in this show include Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller, all in episodes that will have you laughing out loud. A magnificent show that should have never been canceled. Another superb decision by FOX. I guess they thought people would rather watch the garbage they currently put on television, such as 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' or 'Moment of Truth.'
  • It's not quite Freaks and Geeks, but it's funny, heartbreaking well written and well casted, and achingly real. Unsurprisingly, it was canceled after one season.

    Undeclared was created and produced by Judd Appatow, now known as the movie comedy superstar behind The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, SuperBad and others. However, after Undeclared was canceled after 17 episodes, it was just another show that went down the drain for Appatow. Two previous critically acclaimed shows he worked on, The Ben Stiller Show and Freaks and Geeks were also cancelled after a single season. Undeclared isn't quite as good as Freaks and Geeks, but it's close. Jay Baruchel (Knocked Up) plays Steven Karp, a high school nerd, who after a sudden growth spurt wants to start all over in college, but his increasingly needy father Hal, who recently divorced his wife (the perfectly cast Loudon Wainwright III) may interfere. Meanwhile, he meets Ron (Seth Rogen, as in Freaks & Geeks, he's funny, but decidedly funnier in movies), quirky Marshall, and British smooth talker Lloyd. He soon falls for Lizzie, although her crazy stalker boyfriend (the stellar Jason Segel, another F&G alum) may pose a problem. Unlike most sitcoms, the show is realistic, in story and dialogue. The main reason it's lesser than F&G, is that its characters, while memorable, aren't the amazing cast that was on F&G. Still, it's a perfect college counterpart for what may be the best high school show ever. Undeclared is funny, touching and real. It's gone now but it will not be forgotten. DVD set is great.
  • This show brought us college life from almost every point imaginable. From the geeky virgin (Steven), to the lothario (Lloyd) and even the parents (Hal).

    Undeclared was/is probably the best look at college life that I've seen on TV yet. Anyone who has attended university will be able to see themselves in at least one character of this short lived much loved series. Maybe that's why this show failed, it was aimed at a bit of a niche market. I'm sure that there were those who never attend a post secondary institute who loved this show but for the most part the show was aimed at those who had gone through the pain of university. The having to start new friendships, the first time with roomates, pressures to join the right groups. These are all things we experience in life but in college your bombarded with these events so quickly that it leaves you questioning yourself and your motives. This show captured all of that and still made you laugh out loud. Maybe it was because I was in college when this show debuted on the Fox network or maybe it was because I identified completely with Ron but this show showed me/us that we weren't alone in are travels down the educationary highway.

    Judd Apatow was a genius and it's a little sad that he's only being acknowledged now. I wonder if the 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Anchorman and Superbad had come out first and then Undeclared would the show still be on the air? I think so. But like many great shows that were cancelled too soon, hello Sportsnight, I can always relive those moments on DVD.
  • Everything that seems so promising in the first two episodes is completely sucked out by the third, leaving Undeclared just another by-the-numbers lifeless sitcom.

    Sorry, diehard fans- but I feel a lot of you are in denial. After viewing 6 episodes I can take no more. Undeclared is unworthy and Fox was right to cancel it. The first two episodes are smart, witty, and full of very entertaining moments. By the third episode you can tell that fox executives got their hands on another show with great potential and turned it into a routine mediocre sitcom. One of the shows biggest mistakes was removing the floor RA early in the shows run. This character offered slap stick humor on the side, which if they had left him on, could have become much more developed and possibly become one of the best character’s on the show. Another major mistake came in the decision to keep the Liz character’s boyfriend as a constant threat for a lot longer. Their telephone conversations were downright hilarious. Where the show really fails is where is in not properly portraying an accurate depiction of the college experience. The characters really are not a bunch of lame-o's, so why don't they go to parties? What kind of dumbass's would have Adam Sandler visit and not throw a raging floor party kegger? Whatever. Show disappoints. Judd Apatow should stick with film.
  • Undeclared is about a bunch of outcasts from highschool who meet in collage and want to start fresh. This series is about a wacky group of friends who want to be accepted during their collage years and what they will do to be accepted

    Undeclared was a comical series about the college experience created by Judd Apatow. Though sadly it was cancelled after one season which I believe is the biggest mistake in history. This season showed the comical side to college life and how it can be fun. The charactes are people who you expect to meet in college. They show the ups and downs of the college experience but in the end their intentions are good. These friends look out for each other and this shows the companionship between them and what college life could be. This series I believe should be brought back no matter what anyone thinks of it.
  • A well written, fantastically acted show

    Undeclared was another non-conventional show sprung from the mind of Judd Apatow. Where Freaks and Geeks was an hour long program which forgot to follow the conventional rules of a "dramedy", Undeclared was a half-hour sitcom that failed to follow sitcom conventions.......thank goodness for that.

    In the tradition of the greatest comedies Undeclared failed to fall into cliche. Rather than creating a "fish out of water" story, all the characters that populate Undeclared are abnormal but relatable: the "hot" girls have just as many problems as the "less-attractive", and frats are just as weird as dormies. With no seemingly normal/perfect people, Apatow again challenges the ideas of normalcy and allows the veiwer to revel in the absurdity/quirkiness of the show and of real life.

    To go along with the excellent focus of the show, Undeclared also benefitted from excellent acting by both the stars and guests. As Lloyd, Charlie Hunnam shows comedic chops, rather than the more dramatic acting of his Queer As Folk days. Seth Rogan continued to grow as an actor through the series and the rest of the cast held their own. This was especially apparent when acting against the manic energy of Will Ferrell or the relaxed Adam Sandler and Jonathan Loughran.

    A great show from a great creative mind.
  • Judd apatow's second series, and like its predecessor 'freaks and geeks' it was cancelled well ahead of its time.

    The story of a rag tag mixed group of college losers, focusing on the nerdy steven carp as he attempts to leave high school behind and start fresh at college. Brillaintly written male stupidity, hilarious oddball characters - marshall and ron espicially, and 17 classic episodes - notably 'truth or dare' make this a brilliant, intelligent and criminally underappreciated comedy. For any 'freaks'fans, the show will be interesting as apatow reuses members of his freaks and geeks cast in undeclared. Most prominently seth rogan as ron, and busy phillips and jason segal as recurring characters. Forget that this series was cancelled, most classic series are (i.e firefly), so give it a chance and enjoy the comedic bliss of undeclared.
  • An underappreciated gem.

    I didn't see this show when it originally aired, infact, I'd never even heard of it no thanks to Fox and it's crappy promoting tactics. (non 5,000 promos for House and Tru Calling I saw during the 2003 and 2004 MLB playoffs) I picked up the show after reading some solid DVD reviews and much like those reviews I recommend this show to all of my friends. A very funny look at college life. Strong writing, strong performances from a cast that all seem to click real well together. In the end, all ingredients for an unappreciated show.
  • college life as seen throuhh the eyes of steven karp

    this show is one of my favourite shows,i caught this show on late night tv in england and immediatly liked it. funny and moving i recommend the show to anyone. the characters and story lines are great. i recently bought the dvd and have watched it lots of times, a really funny show.
  • words cannot express my love for this show....

    I never watch television anymore, and for good reason. Stuff like The Real World and Newlyweds are too phony and boring to belong on television. I mean, I don't understand why a great show like Undeclared would only last one season, but That 70s show is already on its 6th.

    Being sixteen and all, there is a lot of crap that i have to go through everyday, and Undeclared is such a good show that it
    brings out some of the things i think about and make them funny. I wouldn't go so far as calling it touching, but it is a fun show and is incredibly realistic compared to everything i've seen on TV in the past.

    Judd Apatow thought of college life, got it right, and then got cancelled. It's depressing to see that good times never last...

  • Undeclared is a comedic look at the lives of college roommates and the struggles that they face in college. Although it only lasted a season it was a cult favorite.

    Undecalred is one of those shows that relates to every college student on so many levels. While I was in college this show recieved a cult like following. We loved every aspect of the show due to the trueness of the situations that happened.
    Undelcared also was able to show the true side of college. From filling up every conatiner that they had with free keg beer and trying to finish it, to a roommate that puts a scrunchy on the door to signal that he is in there with a lady. My suggestion is that every college student must see this show and use it as a survival guide for college.
  • An amazing show.

    Just like Judd Apatow's other show, Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared is amazing and should never have been cancelled. The show is very well written, and each of the characters are realistic and well portrayed by the actors who play them. It is well worth purchasing the DVD's.

    Also, Freaks and Geeks fans will love that most of the F&G actors have guest or recurring roles on the show, one of which (Seth Rogen) even having a starring role. If you liked Freaks and Geeks, you'll love Undeclared.
  • Undeclared started in 2001 and when the pilot aired, I immediatley loved the show. The cast has amazing chemistry, theres great characters, story lines, solid scripts, Overall just a well made show.


    BUT damn Fox pretty much killed it by switching its air time, so that no one will ever know when it is on, how do you expect to get good ratings when you move the show to different days every week? From what I heared it was doing good in ratings wise but knowing how greedy Fox is, they expect the show to have ratings like the OC or desperate housewives...ugghh. So I guess Fox would rather have some nanny take care of a bunch of brats or have some psychotic british chef or all the other crap that they've been airing rather than a show that was a classic in the makings.
  • The. Best.

    I just got finished watching a couple of episodes of this show and it's definitely a new favorite sitcom. It's a show about freshmen in college. I'm not familiar with individual characters yet but overall the show is very funny and well-written. It's unlike most FOX comedies. It doesn't depend on crude humor, slapstick, and the characters being cruel to one another. The characters are very human and EVERYONE can relate on some level, as well as to the situations, and that's where much of the humor comems from.

    I don't know what happened to this show to make it fail, but it's a true pity that it didn't last longer than it did because television needs more sitcoms like this on the airwaves.

  • Steven heads off for his first day of college where he meets Lloyd a theater major who enlightens Steven in the ways of women. They share a suite with Marshall a music major,ron a business major and then theres is Lizzie and Rachel the girls across the

    it was another great show that nobody watch but every one heard of it simlpy funny great in every way please if you have not seen this show pick up the dvd aug.16.05 this show could have been the next friends (like fox said it was before it got cancel)
  • Over too soon...

    Undeclared was an awesome comedy. Every single episode made me crack up! It had an incredibly talented cast, and was over way too soon. It really reminded me of my own college days. I was lucky enough to see the cast give a talk at the Director's Guild in Los Angeles. They were all really friendly and had loves of good things to say about their fellow cast mates. We also got to see two episodes that hadn't aired yet on tv, so that was really cool. I will definitely be getting this once it comes out on DVD next month. Very happy it's being released!