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  • A well written, fantastically acted show

    Undeclared was another non-conventional show sprung from the mind of Judd Apatow. Where Freaks and Geeks was an hour long program which forgot to follow the conventional rules of a "dramedy", Undeclared was a half-hour sitcom that failed to follow sitcom conventions.......thank goodness for that.

    In the tradition of the greatest comedies Undeclared failed to fall into cliche. Rather than creating a "fish out of water" story, all the characters that populate Undeclared are abnormal but relatable: the "hot" girls have just as many problems as the "less-attractive", and frats are just as weird as dormies. With no seemingly normal/perfect people, Apatow again challenges the ideas of normalcy and allows the veiwer to revel in the absurdity/quirkiness of the show and of real life.

    To go along with the excellent focus of the show, Undeclared also benefitted from excellent acting by both the stars and guests. As Lloyd, Charlie Hunnam shows comedic chops, rather than the more dramatic acting of his Queer As Folk days. Seth Rogan continued to grow as an actor through the series and the rest of the cast held their own. This was especially apparent when acting against the manic energy of Will Ferrell or the relaxed Adam Sandler and Jonathan Loughran.

    A great show from a great creative mind.